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MMRG letter sent to DCI Andy Redwood in 2011 re Madeleine McCann Case Review Mm11

MMRG letter sent to DCI Andy Redwood in 2011 re Madeleine McCann Case Review Regist10

MMRG letter sent to DCI Andy Redwood in 2011 re Madeleine McCann Case Review

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MMRG letter sent to DCI Andy Redwood in 2011 re Madeleine McCann Case Review Empty MMRG letter sent to DCI Andy Redwood in 2011 re Madeleine McCann Case Review

Post by Jill Havern on 05.05.19 11:07

28 July 2011

DCI Redwood, SIO Madeleine McCann Case review
Dear Mr Redwood,

I am (information redacted)
I wrote to you on 3rd June, but do not know if the letter and its contents ever reached you, as the enquiry had only recently been set up, and I was unable to discover the correct address.

Forgive me therefore if I repeat some of the contents of that letter.

I do not envy you your task. In the present climate of uncertainty and mistrust, amidst resignation of Senior Officers, revelations about the malign influence of News International in the world of policing and of politics, and their undoubted role in keeping the McCann story on a straight line, selected for and dictated to them by Clarence Mitchell, who has tentacles in both camps, it must be difficult to know in whom you can confide.

I have been following the Madeleine case for many years, and have posted on some of the ‘McCann - sceptic’ forums. I post under the name (redacted)

You will know that there is considerable body of opinion which questions the various versions of events given by the McCanns, their spokesman and their friends. As a time served police officer I naturally find myself in the ‘sceptic’ camp on almost any subject, and observe that the SIO in Portugal was also disbelieving of the ‘official’ story.

Their initial reports of jemmied or forced shutters, their statement that they could open the metal roller shutters from the outside, their stated belief that the children had been sedated, but doing nothing to rouse them despite both Kate and her friend being trained anaesthetists, and so on, make the reported events of the first evening difficult to unravel, or even to believe, and we look in vain for evidence of an “abduction”, other than Kate’s insistence that she “knew”.

The subsequent alerting by the internationally renowned British Police ‘cadaver’ and ‘blood’ dogs, operated by Martin Grimes, and the McCann’s immediate attempted justifications for the alerts in terms of rotting meat, soiled nappies, rotting sea-bass and so on, are again most difficult to explain, as are the departures from the police statements in Mrs McCann’s recent book. As time goes on and more people do background work other facts have emerged, about the hire car to which the dogs alerted, for example.

I enclose a booklet entitled “What really happened to Madeleine McCann - 60 reasons which suggest that she was not abducted”. This was withdrawn from sale and circulation following a threat of legal action by Carter-Ruck. I am sending you a copy from my own supply purchased and exported long before that action, and it is not therefore subject to any such restrictions. In any event as SIO you may consider you have a duty to consider all material.

Although it was written a long time ago most of it is still relevant. The recent publication of “madeleine” by Kate McCann has actually increased the force of several of the points raised, as her subsequent justification, or attempts at further explanation take us even further from what is credible.
On the back of the booklet you will find details of the author, Mr Tony Bennett, a retired solicitor. He is secretary of the Madeleine Foundation, whose web site contains several interesting and hard hitting articles related to the affair. I am confident that he would assist in any way. His contact details are to be found inside the front cover.

I also enclose a copy of the recent profile prepared by Pat Brown, an internationally known criminal profiler. It is a most interesting way of approaching the subject, and refreshing in its detachment and objectivity. Carter-Ruck have objected to its distribution.

It will be interesting to see whether Carter-Ruck or News International will attempt to contact you or indeed to threaten you.

Wishing you the best of luck in your task,

Yours sincerely



I enclose two copies of each document, one for the file the other as a “working copy”

What really happened to Madeleine McCann.
60 Reasons which suggest she was not abducted.”

What really happened to Madeleine McCann.
10 Reasons which suggest she was not abducted.”

50 facts the Press are not telling you”

Your questions answered about Gonçalo Amaral”

All the above by Mr Tony Bennett

Profile of the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann” by Criminal Profiler Pat Brown. This was originally available on Amazon in the form of a ‘Kindle” e-book, but has subsequently been taken down by Amazon, after threats by Carter-Ruck. It is widely available elsewhere on the net.


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