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A letter written by a CMOMM member to his MP and other organisations Mm11

A letter written by a CMOMM member to his MP and other organisations Regist10

A letter written by a CMOMM member to his MP and other organisations

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A letter written by a CMOMM member to his MP and other organisations Empty A letter written by a CMOMM member to his MP and other organisations

Post by Jill Havern on 04.05.19 21:38

Here is a letter written by one of our members, to his MP and other organisations, and has given me permission to reproduce it on the forum.

This is what CMOMM is all about! thumbsup 

Dear Sirs

I urge you to watch the video links and read the information in the following letter to educate yourself with the material and I believe that you will be amazed at what you didn’t know beforehand.  I would also like to take this opportunity to politely request that you act on this information by raising questions and issues with what’s going on with this expensive charade that we as tax payers deserve to know the full story behind Operation Grange.  I do not want to hear any of the comments as illustrated by responses already received from other MP’s such as “your contents have been noted” or “I trust the independence of the Police” as I will  show that there is very serious doubt that an honest and independent investigation is going on.  The time for trust and words has long gone and I politely demand that you act in accordance with your position of representative of your electorate (the British public).
I write to you today to ask you for action in one of the country’s most infamous missing children case.  I am of course talking about the Madeleine McCann case which is still force fed to us through what seems to be a complicit and inept media.  To date the following people and entities have been sent thoroughly detailed letters and emails by myself and others stating evidence, facts, sources  and asking important questions which demand answers on behalf of not only Madeleine but the British public as a whole:
1.       Operation Grange / Scotland Yard
2.       The Metropolitan Police Service / Sir Bernhard Hogan Howe
3.       Leicestershire Police
4.       Independent Police Complaints Commission
5.       HM Inspectorate of Constabularies
6.       MOPAC – Mayors Office for Policing and Crime
7.       Sophie Linden – Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime for Greater London
8.       The mainstream media outlets / Newspapers
9.       Independent Press Standards Organisation
10.    People’s local MP such as Christopher Pincher, Scott Mann and Royston Smith
11.    Opposition leaders such as Jeremy Corbyn
12.    Prime Ministers such as David Cameron and Theresa May
13.    Home secretaries such as Theresa May again
14.    Missing People charity
It is quite an extensive list of authorities and people who have the power to act on information received and to answer questions from the people to whom they are ultimately accountable to (the public), but excluding Freedom Of Information requests about the case (of which not all have been answered) there is a blanket of silence and willing inaction from ALL of these avenues of questioning, no response or action given at all in many of the attempts to obtain justice for Madeleine which warrants the question of just what is so important that every single one of the above avenues of investigation ALL need to keep quiet about, and WHO is issuing such commands??
I will now give you some examples of letters and emails sent to these people and entities.  There are examples of emails and messages that have been sent to the above of which are available on request should you wish to see them in their entirety.
Email sent to the press sent 7th July 2016 – To newspapers like The Sun, Daily Mail and The Mirror etc:  Detailing a few of the main facts about the case and what the media are not telling the British public and asking why not.
Not a single response to this email from ANY of the mainstream news outlets on the list yet they are constantly permitted or instructed to print blatant lies about the case and pro-McCann propaganda on a regular basis unquestioned.
The IPSO who supposedly regulates the press refuse to adhere to their Code of Practice regarding this case and have been documented as doing so.  It can be proven that at least Clause 1 – Accuracy has been breached over 30 times in recent years by just 4 of the mainstream publications.  Complaints about this most common breach involves the press printed unsubstantiated, fact and evidence less claims that Madeleine was abducted are persistently upheld even though it is proven that it is in direct contravention to their Code of Practice.  It is also no surprise that the founding members of this “Independent Organisation” are the same people who tell the lies to the public namely the press!
A message was sent to the Missing People charity on February 26th 2016 questioning the appointment of Kate McCann as one of their Ambassador’s, along with supporting facts, evidence and questions.
Not a single response to this correspondence to date.
Many people have sent letters and emails to their local MP and to my knowledge the vast majority of them have used one of or a combination of the following perceived excuses to not bother doing anything or asking any relevant questions of which their electorate are requesting of them:
1.       I trust the independence and ability of our Police forces in the UK.
2.       It’s a Police matter only.
3.       It’s not for politicians to intervene in this matter.
4.       If politicians were to be able to influence these decisions who knows where that might end.
5.       I have never been privy to all the evidence so I put my trust in those that have.
6.       The contents of your letter/email have been noted.
7.       No response at all.
Number ‘s 4&5 are a direct quote from MP Royston Smith who following his reply was sent numerous responses with evidence that he admitted had not seen but also evidence of political involvement from within hours of the reported disappearance and maintained to this day therefore negating his reason for not wanting to do anything.  Several messages were sent to Royston Smith on the 6th August 2016 with documented evidence detailing the British Government and political assistance, influence and interference in this case, most notably by Gordon Brown, Theresa May and Clarence Mitchell.
No reply has been received yet from Royston Smith regarding the emails sent to him after his comment in his reply.
To my knowledge only Scott Mann MP for North Cornwall has happily agreed to forward his electorates questions onto the Home Office for answers, none of which have been received back to date.
Letter sent to Sophie Linden - Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime for Greater London on the 13th July 2016.
This letter detailed over 15 pages of evidence, facts and questions etc which all point to the relevant investigative parties failing/refusing to do their jobs.
Including the emails which are mentioned in the letter, of which the first initial one was sent on the 2nd May 2016, that is over 3 months now without a single reply or acknowledgement of receipt of any of the letters or emails sent to MOPAC or DMPC.
Letters were also sent to Operation Grange, Scotland Yard – DCI Mick Duthie, Sir Bernhard Hogan Howe, HMIC and the IPCC during the first week of May 2016 detailing many pages of evidence, facts, questions, signs of a cover up and whitewash etc.  The HMIC directed communications to Sophie Linden DMPC.  The IPCC has all but washed it’s hands of wanting any involvement in the case on the grounds of that the people who are raising complaints of possible malpractice in the Madeleine McCann case are not directly involved or affected by it, which could imply that potential Police corruption in this case is acceptable.  Again not a single response has been received by anyone at Scotland Yard or The MPS.
Emails have been sent to Theresa May and David Cameron.  Whilst it appears that David Cameron did acknowledge receipt of letters received, he has since left office.  The current Prime Minister Theresa May has been contacted for a response on the 21st July 2016 and on the 8th August 2016:
Opposition and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has also been contacted for a response on the 8th July 2016:
To date there has been NO reply from either of these party leaders.
The following link is a transcript from a television programme aired in early May 2016 in Portugal, involving people linked to the Madeleine McCann case and it makes several assertions and direct accusations of a whitewash and cover up of Operation Grange – the British Police investigation.
I will list some of the more interesting quotes from this Portuguese media item.
·         It has been a series of blunders, even from the point of view.  A few years later they were searching the sewers to see if the girl was still there.
·         Now they want to pursue a thesis of abduction, which is something.  They want to talk with three people, it should be said that of these three I can almost guess who they are going to try pin the blame on for the abduction - on the one that died.
·         There is a curious fact, the only suspect that was an arguido, Robert Murat, who right or wrong was considered initially as the main suspect, the English discarded him immediately.
·         Now, the English have never brought anything new to the investigation, absolutely nothing at all.
·         This is gearing up for one thing, the English, Scotland Yard will end up arranging a report that says that they have eliminated for good the possibility of the child dying in that house, in that night - and I'm not saying that it was homicide, negligent or not - and that what happened was an abduction.
·         Because this investigation since it started, from the English side, and from the point the dogs came to Portugal, the dogs that detected cadaver scent which lead to a different line of investigation, those English (officers) were replaced because it was of no interest (unhelpful), the thesis wasn't the one the UK wanted and what they want is a thesis that says: 'No, what happened was an abduction and the McCann couple is once and for all exonerated". 
·         I believe that there is clearly an attempt to exonerate the couple, the English want to remove any suspicion from the McCann couple. In my opinion, it was never their main goal to find Madeleine McCann. The main objective of the English authorities was to exonerate the parents of Madeleine McCann.
There was another Portuguese TV broadcast involving Goncalo Amaral (the scapegoat for the British Establishment and the McCann’s ) aired on the 23rd April 2016 which included some very interesting thoughts:
1) Regarding the possibility of Madeleine’s accidental death Mr Amaral states “even the Scotland Yard investigation and so on, never explored that line of investigation, and now they’ve reached a dead end”.  Given Sir Hogan-Howe’s recent admission of  “1 line of enquiry left then that’s probably the end”  this seems to be wholly correct.  Seeming confirmation that Operation Grange  HAS NOT investigated the parents which is where ALL the evidence points!                                                                       
2) “they decided to constitute even more arguidos, and now we have an ocean of arguidos.  Before we had a few drops and now we have an ocean where virtually nothing can be seen, a way to bury, to obscure”.  This can be summed up with Operation Grange creating fake suspects as a way to divert attention from the McCann’s. 3) “I can tell you that one of the officers, a former British Police Officer, that was present when the preliminary reports were known, what he said about the results was that back in England they would have already been arrested”.                                                        
4) “Now the issue here is that line of investigation is not allowed to be pursued”.  “They don’t allow it ostensibly in your opinion”? “Clearly not, they don’t allow it”. “But whom, the Portuguese Government, the Judiciary Police, the direction of the Judiciary Police”?  “It’s not the Portuguese Government  nor the Judiciary Police, it’s the British Police.  At this moment, Scotland Yard is doing the investigation in one direction”.                                                                                                                                  5) When asked if he thought the case is going to be archived because of a lack of willingness to actually let the case be solved Goncalo Amaral said this “I have no doubts whatsoever, what was done by Scotland Yard is practically at an end.  What they wanted to do was basically to, and I had said this before, as to in a certain way to give credence to the couple and remove all suspicions that existed concerning the couple.  They did a reconstitution here in Portugal, not with the couple but with actors; they constituted a series of arguidos that have nothing to do with the case, just for the sake of constituting arguidos, they followed a number of false leads.  Now they have reached an end..... And it will be archived.  In the end the process was re-opened almost only and by Scotland Yard”.  Sounds to me like a massively expensive PR exercise to divert attention from the parents.  We’ve seen them seemingly fabricate evidence in the form of “Tannerman” by DCI Redwood and now we’ve heard first hand that they’re apparently fabricating fake suspects that will ultimately lead nowhere but towards the end result of clearing the parents with no evidence whatsoever.   Is this what has cost the British public  £12,000,000+?                                                                   
6) “We were working in close cooperation with the British Police, they were always with us until the day when the couple left.  Then they all left.  I wondered at the time what exactly they were doing here the, because one thing is to assist in an investigation and the investigation wasn’t concluded when the couple left Portugal in September 2007, and they all left in the following day, ‘goodbye, see you again, let’s talk on the phone, exchange emails’.  We were left alone when we had already reached these conclusions along with the British Police input”.  Here we have evidence that the British Police were sent over under the disguise of assisting with the investigation when all along it appears they were simply there to shepherd the McCann’s and to ensure they were not arrested etc.  Just coincidence is it that the days following the McCann’s being declared official suspects, they leave Portugal altogether and the British Police just so happen to follow suit!
And within the last month or so we have seen evidence of more corruption from within the Met as at least 16 new IPCC investigations into historical child sex abuse claims involving investigations by officers from The MPS.  Wherein the following quote is stated “"They all concern allegations of suppressing evidence, hindering or halting investigations, or covering up alleged offences because of the involvement of prominent individuals or police officers."
See for yourself here:
Furthermore the ‘Gold Group’ which the Government will not disclose information about was formed early on during the initial investigation, but which at least contains Leicestershire Police Chief Constable Matt Baggot (confirmed via statement) are according to the official opening statement for Operation Grange “providing continual direction to the investigative remit” and will oversee Operation Grange.  The same opening statement that states unequivocally that it’s investigating “as if the abduction occurred in the UK”.  The same opening statement that states it’s “purpose is to help the family”. 
By now the picture should be quite clear.  Many people, agencies and establishment figures are seemingly going to extraordinary lengths to keep this case and subject matter suppressed and the burning questions are surely... WHAT are they hiding and WHY??
Let’s look now at some things which you will not find out in the open which you may or may not have been aware of:
1)       The incriminating indications/alerts given by 2 British CSI dogs specialised in detecting human corpses (Enhanced Victim Recovery Dog) and human blood.  The EVRD dog was always sent in first and found multiple indications of the past presence of a human corpse in the McCann’s apartment such as behind a recently pushed back sofa in the living room, in the wardrobe area in the parent’s bedroom, on the parent’s bedroom veranda, in the flowerbed outside apartment 5a.  Indications/alerts were also given to items of clothing belonging to one of the McCann children, on Kate McCann’s clothes (the same clothes she was seen wearing on the morning after the reported disappearance), in the McCann’s hired car in the boot area, on the car key fob and on Madeleine’s soft toy cuddlecat.  The blood dog was sent in independently and also gave indications/alerts in some of the matching locations to that of the EVRD dog.  Traces of DNA/Blood was recovered from the walls, underneath tiles in the living room and from the boot area of the hire car.  The initial forensic report from John Lowe stated that 15/19 alleles recovered from the hire car matched Madeleine’s DNA profile.  Miraculously this report was interfered with at some point by persons unknown because the final report was altered to show 15/37 alleles which coincidentally put the McCann’s outside of the % range which meant that they could have been charged in the UK.  The other samples retrieved could not be ruled out as coming from Madeleine but the samples showed severe deterioration due to being destroyed by cleaning agents such as bleach, indicating that the apartment had been forensically cleaned beforehand.  It is vital to show that these alerts were NOT false positive alerts as the entire Ocean Club complex was inspected and 9 other vehicles were inspected along with the McCann’s locations and vehicle.  The CSI dogs ONLY alerted to items, possessions and locations belonging to and associated with the McCann’s.
2)       It is confirmed fact that no-one had died in apartment 5a before the McCann’s took residence.
3)       Multiple statement contradictions, anomalies and outright lies during testimony interviews.
4)       Obvious body language and speech afflictions from all members, pointing towards obviously deceitful behaviour.
5)       Assembling or having a team sent to them of “top” PR agencies, legal personnel, extradition lawyers and receiving unprecedented consulate and political assistance within hours and maintained to this day.
6)       Mobile phone data and pings which show up some highly suspicious activity.
7)       The deletion of mobile phone records by both Kate and Gerry McCann from the week leading up to Madeleine’s reported disappearance.
8)       Parents seemingly knowing not to bother searching.  Gerry relaxing watching football and laughing rather than listen to a progress of a ransom demand exchange.  Kate describing the trip to a potential sighting as “going too fast” in a Police car.  An analogy to their reactions to any sighting is ‘whenever a sighting of Madeleine was made to the left, the McCann’s would go to the right’. 
9)       Their reaction to the EVRD dog’s findings was one of denial and unsure of how to explain it rather than a natural reaction of sadness and sorrow upon hearing their daughter could be deceased.  This is clearly indicative of being complicit.  They were not even concerned as to who had possibly died in the apartment.
10)   When asked by a reporter live on TV “take us through the emotional experience you go through when someone says I’m definite I’ve seen Madeleine” the picture below shows Gerry McCann’s natural and instinctive reaction.  It is one of smirking, almost finding it funny.  He acknowledges he shouldn’t be doing it by the gritting of the teeth, ducking and turning of his head while he composes himself to how he should have been if he was a natural grieving father.  It is called “duping delight” and it stems from the belief that one has ‘pulled the wool over someone’s eyes and they do not know it’.  Is this the actions of an innocent parent who’s just had their child taken?!   It’s clear to me that he knows that whatever sighting is reported it is not Madeleine because he knows her fate, what happened and where she is in my view.  You can check this out for yourself via the link  Five words sum them up nicely after personally reviewing a multitude of things: Everything about them is wrong!
11)   Dr’s Gaspar witness statements alleging David Payne and Gerry McCann displayed paedophilic behaviour towards Madeleine on a previous holiday.  These statements were seemingly intentionally suppressed by Leicestershire Police for 5 (Five) months.  Was this Chief Constable Matthew Baggot’s decision or someone with other influence?  Coincidentally the statements were released among other generic documents to the Portuguese Police just after Goncalo Amaral had been removed from the Portuguese investigation.  There has been NO refuting of these allegations by either party!
12)   David Payne’s statement to the Sol newspaper said “We have a pact.  This is our matter only.  It is nobody else’s business”.  This statement alone should warrant immediate arrests and investigation but alas nothing of the sort has happened.  If we recall the “official” version of events briefly – a little girl was abducted from their families apartment, there are multiple contradictions, anomalies and outright lies in the witness statements of the whole group of the McCann’s and their friends and the third last person to see Madeleine alive makes a statement like this and it is just ignored by Scotland Yard?!  David Payne also made the remark “We were waiting for something to happen but didn’t in our worst nightmare think it would be this” when asked to comment on the fact the McCann’s were made official suspects. 
13)   Unprecedented and unparalleled consular, establishment and political assistance from the word go on the 3rd May 2007.  As well as this being documented from a variety of sources and is glaringly obvious, former Ambassador Craig Murray confirmed recently “British diplomatic staff were under direct instruction to support the McCann’s far beyond the usual and to put pressure on the Portuguese authorities over the case.  I have direct information that more than one of those diplomatic staff found the McCann’s less than convincing and their stories inconsistent.  Embassy staff were perturbed to be ordered that British authorities were to be present at every contact between the McCann’s and Portuguese police”.  “The British Ambassador in Portugal, John Buck, had been my direct boss in the FCO.  He was Deputy Head of Southern European Department when I was Head of Cyprus Section.  He and his staff were concerned by contradictions in the McCann’s story. The Embassy warned, in writing that being perceived as too close to the McCann’s might not prove wise.  They demanded the instruction from London be reconfirmed.  It was”.  WHY were the McCann’s to be protected and shielded from any and all accusations from the word go?  And WHO gave that order for the protection?  Craig Murray states directly that that order came from “London” – WHO?!  We know for certain that the McCann’s were in direct contact with Gordon Brown and that Gordon Brown influenced the Portuguese on more than one occasion, so WHAT links Gordon Brown to the McCann’s?  WHY hasn’t Gordon Brown been investigated for conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and misconduct in a public office?  It is also obvious that given the Metropolitan Police Service’s reluctance, maybe apparent refusal to investigate child abuse/paedophile rings in the British Establishment and Parliament accompanied by the level of protection given to such members who are seemingly excluded from investigation , the correlation of the level of protection, the speed of the protection, the assistance provided in the protection and the level of Police control over such investigations between “known” rings and the Madeleine McCann case are startling.  In fact I would say they are almost identical. 
14)   Every member of the Tapas group including the McCann’s have actively refused to partake in a reconstruction of that nights events.  Given the massive and multiple contradictions in the witness statements which show things did not happen as they say, for them this is a wise choice.
15)   Kate McCann actively refused to answer 48 questions and wasn’t bothered if this made the Police more suspicious of her.  Given that in their first interviews Gerry McCann was somehow allowed to sit with his wife and make gestures such as “reassuring squeezes” when answering questions, I believe this was a situation of conspiring to ensure that the answers given were the same that other people gave in their interviews.  I also believe that Kate didn’t answer those questions because she 1) did not know what she was supposed to say and 2) she didn’t know what answers had already been given by other members of the party or Gerry. 
16)   The supposed last photo appears to be quite an appropriate name, except there has been a serious case of fraud with this photo.  The picture is shown below.
This picture was allegedly on the McCann’s camera and could and should have been produced on the night Madeleine was reported missing.  But for some bizarre reason it wasn’t produced for 3 weeks afterwards and only after Gerry had been back to the UK.  The weather data and witness testimony show me that this photo was taken on Sunday 29th April 2007.  It is obvious given the delay in producing it that something had to have been changed on this photo and it looks like it was the date that had been changed.  If, and I have zero reason to suspect otherwise the date this picture was taken on was the 29th April 2007, this would be further corroborating evidence of many other points  that imply that something happened to Madeleine very early on in the McCann’s holiday and NOT on the 3rd May 2007.  There were also instant and noticeable changes in the McCann’s behavioural patterns after only 2 days of their holiday.
17)   CEOP (Jim Gamble) constructed a profile of the supposed abductor and as if by magic it matched Robert Murat’s description/profile at 90% probability.
18)   Robert Murat booked his flights between midnight and 2am on the 30th April/1st May 2007 (odd time to be booking flights).  He flew out on the 1st May 2007 to Praia da Luz.  Was he called out specifically one has to wonder?
19)   Jim Gamble (then head of CEOP) asked the British public to send CEOP their holiday pictures from Praia da Luz of the week in question and also pictures from the weeks either side of that week in late April 2007/May2007.  Not a single one of these pictures were handed over to the Portuguese PJ, not one! 
20)   Jane Tanner positively identified Robert Murat as the man she allegedly seen on the night in question despite giving an extremely vague description of the man at the time of her witness statement.  (I’ll come back to this later)  She later went on to perform a magical U-turn and state that it wasn’t Robert Murat she saw.  As did other members of the “tapas” party!
21)   2 separate timelines of the nights events were written up by a tapas party member with Gerry McCann sat at the table at approximately ??:??.  On both of them was the entry 9:20pm Jane Tanner sees stranger with child.  This entry is awash with doubt Jane Tanner states she had to walk past Gerry McCann and a fellow holiday maker he was talking too in order to see this man with a child yet neither Gerry or his acquaintance can remember seeing her pass them.  More importantly though is the fact that the McCann’s were not notified of this sighting until approximately 3/4am the next morning
22)    Evidence that Gerry McCann and Robert Murat were familiar with each other before the 3rd May 2007.  Furthermore when Gerry was asked the simple question of “did you know Robert Murat” he answered rather uncomfortably “Err, I’m not going to comment on that”.  Now let’s be honest, his mannerisms, his nervous tone of voice, his body language all tell us that YES he did know him.  See for yourself:
23)   Portuguese Police discovered confidential, for British Government and Police eyes only documents from CEOP in the McCann’s villa that they rented after vacating apartment 5a of the Ocean Club complex.  These documents in the form of manuals were “Missing and Abducted Children – A law enforcement guide to case investigation and program management”, “Every Five Minutes – A review of available data on missing children in the UK”, “A scoping project on child trafficking in the UK” and “Initial Response Investigative Checklist”.  I think it is safe to assume that these CEOP manuals could only have ultimately come from Jim Gamble, who for reasons unknown seems to have a very special relationship with the McCann’s.  WHY were the McCann’s given British Police procedures and scenario protocols for the exact scenario that they claim their daughter disappeared under?!
There are many many more anomalies, oddities, coincidences, circumstantial evidence, facts, body language analysis, statement analysis and much more available on the internet which all points to one inescapable fact which is that the McCann’s are at the heart, the centre of it all which if you break it down the McCann’s have to know what happened, they have to have covered up and hidden Madeleine’s body and they have to know where she is. 
Here are some more questions that have been asked of Scotland Yard and several members of the establishment, none of which have been answered to this date.
1)       WHY were Madeleine’s medical records withheld from or refused to the Portuguese Police?
2)       WHO authorised that decision?
3)       WHO authorised the sending of the high level PR groups, Control Risks Group, Carter Ruck lawyers, extradition lawyers to aid the McCann’s and who paid for them?
4)       WHO decided on the choice of such reputable firms?
5)        WHO authorised the sending of UK Police Officers to Praia da Luz to assist the Portuguese Police with the case when it’s shown they were simply there to protect the McCann’s?
6)       WHO decided the Portuguese PJ were not able to handle the case under their own capabilities?
7)       WHO authorised the British Police to actively interfere with the Portuguese investigation?
8)       WHO informed the British media that the Portuguese PJ were “bungling” “botched” and other associated libellous and inaccurate claims?  Claims still made to this very day. 
9)       HOW would they know this?
10)   WHO is controlling the entire British media by having them NOT print anything resembling the real evidence and facts of the case?
11)   WHO authorised the decision to require that Goncalo Amaral be removed from the investigation in Portugal?
12)   WHY did this decision need to be made?
13)   WHO in the Portuguese Police/Political offices made and approved the requirement that Goncalo Amaral needed to be removed from the investigation?
14)   WHY was this decision made?
15)   WHY are British Intelligence involved in this case?  Goncalo Amaral himself as stated as fact that until MI5/MI6 stop interfering then the case will not be allowed to be solved.  “until MI5 opens the files, we’ll never know what happened”.  We know from Ken Livingstone that the intelligence agencies are well versed in the child abuse arena – another link!
16)   Could it be that MI5 were filming another film that Ken Livingstone has talked about and Madeleine was involved?  We know for a fact that MI5 were in the Algarve region allegedly watching an IRA faction.
17)   WHO intercepted Martin Grime at Faro airport to ask him what he’d discovered in Praia da Luz?
18)   WHO demanded that the dogs findings report from Martin Grime be toned down, and WHY?
19)   WHY did they need to intercept him?
20)   WHY was Alex Woolfall (Head of Issues and Crisis Management of PR firm Bell Pottinger) involved in assisting with the reproduction and apparent doctoring of photos of that week from the whole groups photos?
21)   WHO authorised Alex Woolfall to be involved with such activities?
22)   WHY haven’t the Social Services taken action and taken the twins into care.  British people have been the victim of far worse treatment from the Social Services for ‘lesser’ crimes such as Tim and Julie Haines (
23)   WHY the special treatment for the McCann’s?!
24)   WHY the special treatment for ALL of the parents on that holiday after all IF the official story is to be believed then EVERY parent in that group neglected their children, which is an offence!  Of course Mr Rebelo found evidence within their statements which go some way to prove there was no child neglect as the children all appeared to be in one apartment with one adult each night, the adults taking turns to be “sick” to look after the children.  NO NEGLECT = NO OPPORTUNITY FOR ABDUCTION
25)   WHY did the Government deem it necessary to form the “Gold Group” comprising of Matthew Baggot (Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police), several members of Government agencies and the Intelligence and Security agencies (Special Branch)?
26)   WAS it this Gold Group that decided it was necessary to withhold the Gaspars statement from the Portuguese Police?
27)   WHY is a ‘Gold Group’ overseeing Operation Grange which according to the opening remit statement for Operation Grange declares that the Gold Group will “provide continuing oversight and direction to the investigative remit”? 
28)   WHO authorised the decision to allow the McCann’s to bypass customs under escort from Special Branch?
29)   WHY did this happen?
30)   DID Operation Grange move from “Review” status to “Investigation” status with the intention of accessing the Portuguese Police files that were withheld from the August 2008 worldwide public release?
31)   WHY hasn’t ANY of the British agencies, establishment or media told the British public about the worldwide release of the Portuguese PJ files on the Madeleine McCann investigation from August 2008??
32)   WHO authorised this to be suppressed from the public?
33)   ARE Operation Grange/Scotland Yard/The Home Office paying for the Portuguese PJ to hold their investigation open with the sole intention to clear the McCann’s with either no evidence or fabricated evidence that we’ve seen has already happened with DCI Redwood’s “Tannerman”?
34)   WHO authorised the continual disregarding and complete ignorance of the masses of circumstantial evidence that implicate the McCann’s and their tapas party friends aided and abetted by several members of the Government and British Consulate?  And WHY haven't these Government figures been investigated themselves?
35)   WHY would “innocent” parents of a supposedly abducted child only do scripted interviews where the questions are arranged beforehand?  Whenever interview hosts have deviated from this script as shown in various videos on the internet, Gerry McCann in particular displays body language that is showing signs of guilt and complicity.
And all of the previous doesn’t mention the Official Find Madeleine Fund which used millions of pounds of public donations to employ known money launderers and fraudsters as “private detective agencies”, something again which is not mentioned by anyone in the media or establishment.
Sources of information: – Buried by Mainstream Media – The Phantoms – When Madeleine Died? – The Portuguese PJ files on the case – Analysis of lie spotting – The Truth of the Lie Documentary
I believe that you most certainly have more than enough information and resources to act now with the utmost urgency.  This has been going on now for far too long and if the British Establishment had not interfered and influenced the original Portuguese investigation in 2007 then it would have been far more likely that the case would have been solved back then without having to spend over £12,000,000 of our money in what certainly seems to be a massive cover up / whitewash.

Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours sincerely


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George Orwell, '1984': "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."
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Jill Havern
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