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Letter sent by CMOMM member to Laura Richards, Police 'criminal behavioural analyst', asking her to look at Maddie case Mm11

Letter sent by CMOMM member to Laura Richards, Police 'criminal behavioural analyst', asking her to look at Maddie case Regist10

Letter sent by CMOMM member to Laura Richards, Police 'criminal behavioural analyst', asking her to look at Maddie case

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Letter sent by CMOMM member to Laura Richards, Police 'criminal behavioural analyst', asking her to look at Maddie case Empty Letter sent by CMOMM member to Laura Richards, Police 'criminal behavioural analyst', asking her to look at Maddie case

Post by Jill Havern on 04.05.19 21:31

Letter sent by a CMOMM member to Laura Richards, who is a criminal behavioural analyst.

The great thing about CMOMM is that we are pro-active in trying to reach out to as many experts as possible to look at the McCann case.

Dear Ms Richards,                                                                                                             
                I feel compelled to write to you after watching the documentary investigation into the murder of JonBenet Ramsey featuring yourself and many other renowned investigators.  There were many coincidences and spoken phrases which correlate to the case of another famous child who sadly it appears is no longer with us and I’ve no doubt you know who I am referring to – Madeleine McCann.  I would like to ask you for your professional opinion regarding what I am about to state for you and the many other facts and items of evidential value that are readily available for the British public (and indeed the whole world) to see at any given moment, but knowledge of which is denied to them under the guidance of the British Government and a complicit mainstream media.
                Firstly though I will list just a few things that I noted from your thoroughly interesting documentary that caught my attention in conjunction with Madeleine’s case:
·         “The most important thing is to go where the evidence takes us” and “We have so much evidence yet we just haven’t just quite put it together”.
·         “It was my belief that the philosophy laid out to the Police Department that day was we have to treat them with kid gloves, treat them with deference, treat them as victims, not as suspects”.
·         “Although the statistics say if a child of that age is killed within their own home it’s most likely a family member that did it”.
·         “Parents can be involved in another way other than murder.  It’s not one way or the other there’s a bunch of shades in between and we have to look at every one of those, that’s the responsibility of the investigator”.
·         “What are the circumstances under which people stage crime scenes?”, “attention to be focused elsewhere”, “to push the attention somewhere, to re-designate what happened as something other than it was or cover up to try to protect, protect themselves, protect somebody else”.
·         “Everyone forgot about Jon Benet, it became about politics and agendas and creating a smokescreen, why?” – I’ve highlighted your quote as this is as to the point as one could put it about Madeleine’s case.
·         “Anybody that does a legitimate investigation will look at all the evidence and see where that evidence takes you so we have to test every theory and the ones that remain are the ones that are supported by the evidence”.
I’m sure that you may well be aware of some if not most of the following main facts and evidence which indicate that the parents Kate and Gerry McCann are complicit (not necessarily responsible) in the death, concealment and disposal of their daughter Madeleine:
·         Numerous changes to the police statements made by the McCann’s and their tapas party friends.
·         Numerous anomalies and lies across all of the police statements made by the McCann’s and the tapas party friends.
·         Kate and Gerry McCann selectively deleting their mobile phone histories of the week in question.
·         Not alerting police upon discovering Madeleine missing for 40 minutes.
·         Parents not physically searching that night where as there were hundreds of local volunteers, police etc searching until the early hours of the morning.
·         British EVRD and CSI dogs specially trained to detect human cadaver odour and human blood with an unquestionable success rate detected the past presence of a human corpse in areas of the McCann’s apartment such as behind the sofa in the living room, in the parent’s bedroom wardrobe, on Madeleine’s toy and on Kate McCann’s clothes to name the main ones.  The scent of a human corpse was also detected in the McCann’s hire car, namely in the boot of the car, on the key fob and in a door well to name the main ones there.  Human blood was also detected in some of these matching locations for example behind the sofa in the living room blood was recovered from underneath the tiles in that area.  Subsequent forensic tests showed that the DNA recovered matched Madeleine’s profile but was degraded due to the presence of cleaning agents such as bleach which is evidence that the crime scene was forensically cleaned prior.  Human blood and DNA was also detected and recovered from the boot area of the McCann’s hire car which not only indicated that the blood was Madeleine’s (15/19 markers) but also showed signs of the corpse being refrigerated.
·         After the McCann’s vacated the Ocean Club apartment 5a, they moved into a villa in another part of Praia da Luz where a neighbour made a deposition stating that the McCann’s left the boot to their hire car open day and night when they weren’t using it for days on end.
·         Findings of statement analysis from Peter Hyatt, of whom you may be familiar with.  He has shown considerable deception among many statements made by the McCann’s.
·         Many and multiple video analysis of complicit body language, speech language and even duping delight.
·         Forward planning of awareness events even though Madeleine could have been found at any time.
·         Evidence of fraud when it comes to purporting that Madeleine was alive on the 3rd May 2007 n the form of the so called “last photo”.
·         Acknowledged British government and it’s agencies protection for the McCann’s and the tapas party from within hours of Madeleine’s reported disappearance, continued to this very day by every government since 2007.
·         Surrounding themselves with PR and image consultants, expensive lawyers, and government assets to suppress the evidence and facts.
·         No evidence of an abduction, abductor, break in or an intruder in apartment 5a.
·         Leicestershire Police sent over senior officers immediately whose behaviour was highly suspicious if not outright corrupt, Stuart Prior in particular seemingly interfered with the Portuguese police investigation on numerous occasions.  Goncalo Amaral had this to say about Mr Prior when looking at the fact that Kate McCann’s fingerprints were found on the inside of the window of the children’s bedroom: “We prefer not to discuss this with Stuart Prior: we have the impression that he is only here to accompany the McCann’s interrogations and to prevent their detention. His concern on that subject is obvious”.
·         Interference and influence by several leading British politicians such as the Home Office and Gordon Brown in particular.  In Mr Brown has played a huge part in the suppression of this case both at home and abroad.
·         Via the Find Madeleine Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned which has gained several millions of pounds via public donations has employed known fraudsters, conmen and money launderers as ‘private detectives’.  Money gained via this limited company fund has been used to pay the McCann’s mortgage payments on at least 2 occasions, build an extension and possibly a loft/building conversion on their house in Rothley.  It would seem in light of an impending libel trial appeal failure the McCann’s have moved out nearly half a million pounds of cash out of the fund as an “investment”.
·         Matt Baggot, then Chief Constable of Leicester Police became part of the ‘Gold Group’, a group of people from various government agencies and departments (known as Stakeholders) that was set up in the wake of Madeleine’s disappearance.  The identity of these agencies and people who are part of this Gold Group have been refused to the British public on the grounds of National Security.  These same people and group are directing and controlling Operation Grange where there is evidence that it is nothing but a whitewash in order to clear the McCann’s without investigating them or the evidence properly, if at all.
·         Portuguese forensic evidence destroyed by the FSS (whom Gordon Brown has directly influenced) in conjunction with the Home Office.
·         The UK, the only country in the world where it has banned at least 2 books which challenge (prove the lies in) the McCann’s version of events, based on official Portuguese police case files of the investigation.  In fact as you will see the McCann’s have spent far more money and time suing people for challenging them than they have looking for their own daughter (which they admit to not searching for on the night and weeks in question).
There is a wealth of information and evidence available that sadly all points in one direction which is that Madeleine is sadly deceased and that the parents aided and abetted by the rest of the tapas party and family friends know exactly what has happened to Madeleine, where she is, how she got there, who is responsible, why what happened did happen etc.
I personally have written to numerous people (MP’s, Senior Police officials, government agencies, Operation Grange, missing people charity etc), tried in vein to have inaccurate and misleading articles corrected in the press via the IPSO among other things and they have all achieved one thing – hitting a stone wall of silence and a willing commitment from those I have contacted to do absolutely nothing.  There is a back story to this case that the British government simply will not allow and does not want to be made public and people who matter will not dare ask the questions that need to be asked.
I hope that after you have read this it will set massive alarm bells ringing in your head and perhaps look into it some more.  I also fervently hope that you do not sit on the fence on this matter and that you at least offer your opinion on the case rather than remaining silent like everyone else has.  I’m clinging to the hope that you’ll once again stand up for the voice of a missing little girl who sadly seems evidentially deceased.
Here are some links of the facts and evidence for your information: - Over 11,200 pages of official Portuguese police case files. - Over 13 hours of documentary film based on these files and more. – Latest film featuring statement analyst Peter Hyatt. – Video on McCann’s and lie spotting. – Video of the banned book by Goncalo Amaral – Read the banned book for yourself.  - I think the huge gulp from 1:38 onwards should tell you all you need to know regarding their complicity.
I would like to take this opportunity to also ask you a question – As you have previously been involved within Scotland Yard setting up various units and so forth do you think there is any possibility that they are suppressing this case, fabricating evidence (as seems to be the case with the Jane Tanner sighting), doing the government’s bidding in white washing this case?  I ask because it is obvious that most if not all of the work has been done and it is simply being dragged out now to run side by side with the Portuguese libel trial appeal which leads me to believe that once again this case and the truth depends on the say so and willingness of diplomats and politicians (which is where this case was archived before).
Thank you for your time Laura, and I wish you every success for your future endeavours.  I really hope to hear from you soon.

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