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Levi Bellfield has a cast iron alibi and did NOT kill Lin and Megan Russell says Colin Sutton

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Levi Bellfield has a cast iron alibi and did NOT kill Lin and Megan Russell says Colin Sutton

Post by ChippyM on 03.12.17 14:17

It's our old friend Colin getting caught up in controversy again ( when not busy appearing on cheesy crime shows on channel 5)   
  I didn't know he was the one that arrested Levi Bellfield. Michael Stone was convicted even though there was no forensic evidence of him at the scene, as soon as Stone was arrested forensic investigation stopped. When objects at the scene were eventually analysed there was male DNA on them but it wasn't his. There is apparently one witness who saw Bellfield at the scene and one that says he wasn't there. Sutton is adamant that Bellfield didn't do it, surely as a police man he would be interested in the forensics that have now been done?

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[size=34]Levi Bellfield has a cast iron alibi and did NOT kill Lin and Megan Russell says policeman who sent him to jail[/size]

  • Bellfield allegedly told his cellmate that he murdered Lin and Megan Russell 

  • They were bludgeoned to death in 1996 in a murder that shocked the nation

  • Michael Stone, 57, serving life sentence for murders but claims he is innocent

  • Detective who caught Bellfield for other killings says he was at a birthday party 

By [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
PUBLISHED: 10:28, 3 December 2017 | UPDATED: 13:24, 3 December 2017

The serial killer's ex-wife Jo Collings says she and Bellfield were at a 25th birthday party in Twickenham, southwest London at the time of the murders in Kent.
The alibi was revealed by Colin Sutton, the detective responsible for catching Bellfield for his numerous attacks on women in London.

He told the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]: 'The testimony Collings gave us was that she believed Bellfield could not have committed the crime.
She said he was at a birthday party that day. She was a witness for the prosecution in his trial and would be the very last person who would try to protect Bellfield.
'It was deemed credible enough at the time to rule him out.'
Collings, who testified against her former partner during his trial, told the BBC last week that there was 'absolutely no way' that Bellfield travelled to Kent on the day of the killings.
She added: 'My daughter was born in 1996 and that [the day of the Russells' murder] was the day of my birthday.

'He never left my side all day and all night, so there is absolutely no way he could have gone from Twickenham, where I lived, or Windsor, where I kept my horses, to Kent, done what they say he did and got back without me not knowing.
'I hate to say it but, hand on my heart, I can say he didn't do it.'
It comes after Stone's lawyers claim Bellfield confessed in length and in detail to a fellow prisoner whom he had grown to trust, and that an independent witness confirmed he was near the scene of the murders when they happened. 
But in a chilling audio segment recorded in his cell and released by his family this evening, Bellfield rubbishes the claims that he murdered the pair.
Stone was found guilty in 2001 largely on the strength of a disputed cell confession and has fought a protracted legal battle to clear his name. 
Milly Dowler murderer Bellfield branded the allegations from Stone's lawyers the work of a 'fantasist' and 'compulsive liar'.

Stone's lawyers announced they had submitted a dossier of new evidence to the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), which could refer the matter to the Court of Appeal, which has the power to quash convictions.
Police have dismissed the basis of his appeal.  
Stone's solicitor Paul Bacon said: 'We have seen evidence of a full confession by Levi Bellfield that he has admitted the Russell murders and in the confession Bellfield describes how he came across Lin Russell and her two children.

'How he attacked them with a hammer and he explains his motivation for the killing. The confession is detailed and has a number of facts that are not in the public domain.
'We now have an independent witness who has seen Levi Bellfield close to the scene of the murders at about the time they were committed and importantly we have identified forensic material from the scene of the murders which corroborates the confession made by Levi Bellfield.

'The Russell murders by Levi Bellfield fits perfectly with his modus operandi. He is a man known to attack and murder women. His weapon of choice is a hammer.'
In a recording sent to national media this evening, Bellfield claimed the 'vile and untrue' allegations came from a conversation he had with serial rapist Richard Baker. 
Bellfield, who is now known as Yusuf Rahim, said: 'It appears Mr Baker has made an allegation of a so-called cell confession.

'In my view such vile, untrue allegations don't warrant a response. They are what they are - the words of a lonely... rapist who craves the spotlight.'
He alleges Baker was 'obsessed with crime' and watched BBC documentary The Chillenden Murders before he came forward alleging Bellfield has confessed. 
Bellfield is said to have told him he had spotted the Russells walking home and approached them with a hammer. Mrs Russell had begged him not to hurt her children.
According to the prisoner, Bellfield said he struck her first and then Josie; then their dog was killed followed by Megan.
Even though he wore gloves, Bellfield was reportedly worried about DNA advances, saying ‘my life in jail would be over if they could prove it was me’ and that it would ‘tear his mother in two’.


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