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Dave Edgar wheeled out again - Belfast Telegraph

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Dave Edgar and what he believes is still possible?

Post by willowthewisp on 28.08.17 14:11

so Mr Edgar believes a"Stranger or strangers" have taken Madeleine McCann from the apartment,that(Madeleine) has been able to survive in the Barren bush land since being four years of age,strewth,isn't that stretching the realms of possibility,oh ant then add in the Fact that DCI Andy Redwood had"Trained sniffer Dogs"searching for an Alive child,but some how they never mention Martin grimes Police dogs,Eddie,Keela on the alerts to clothing,Key Fob and the Rear boot of the scenic?
Apparently in Tracey Kandhola's article,Madeleine's new School,Assistant Commander of Scotland Yard,Metropolitan Police Service,Mark Rowley states,there is "No definitive Evidence that Madeleine is No longer alive or Dead"quoted from the article but may not be Assistant commander,as they do not pass on a running Commentary basis?

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Edgar: Madeleine McCann still alive - and could be minutes from where she disappeared, claims ex-detective

Post by Jill Havern on 28.08.17 14:22

"Madeleine McCann still alive - and could be minutes from where she disappeared, claims ex-detective"

Yes, and No.  But not in that order.

“There’s one reason I’m sure Madeleine is alive — a body hasn’t been found,” he said.

Over one million men’s bodies have never been found, lost in the mud of the Somme, of Ypres, or Passchendale... or drowned in their submarines or warships . . .
Their names are on the Menin Gate, and on memorials all over the world - but this is apparently not enough for J. Edgar Clouseau ... So far as he is concerned he is sure they are still alive.

“In my experience as a detective, when strangers kill children, or if strangers kill anyone for that matter, they do one thing very quickly and almost automatically — they dump the body of their victim so they’re not caught with it. That’s just the way it works.
“So, without a body, somebody must have taken Maddie away and be keeping her alive.”

Which should also tell him it might NOT be a stranger !
And has he never heard of murder convictions where no body was ever found, only dog’s alerts ? 
There is a list in the e-book, and it is added to every year.

After three years scouring the world for the youngster,

Could he tell us where he ‘scoured’ and when.   He didn’t even go to Barcelona, but let an even more incompetent fool mess that one up

This bloke is beyond parody.
As the sensible Blacksmith called him - a grotesque.

this story is being recycled from 2010 !
They are desperate.
Anything, no matter how ludicrous, no matter how bizarre, no matter how totally Mitchelly mendacious will do to keep people thinking something is happening
Rent-a-Cop Dave Edgar: 'Maddie is alive, and well, and living in Portugal'

And from Blacksmith:

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Yes dear

Even in the gallery of grotesques surrounding the McCann Affair, Detective Dave Edgar stands out – and by no means reassuringly. Can you imagine the sound of your front door splintering in the middle of the night and then seeing those giant stranglers’ hands thrusting through to  tear the panels out?
As you back away, incapable of speech or rational thought, the leprous  hands wrench out the  top panels and the weird melting-waxwork, cauliflower-eared visage of Edgar appears. “Chroist,” he says, “this isn’t number fifty fucking two, is it? There's been a mistake.”
But then Edgar has a long  history of not being able to get through the right door.

Maddie Cop on Trail of ‘Mr Spotty'


Maddie Detective Flies to Germany

Will Question Paedophile about Missing Tot 


Get's Turned Away! Flies Back Again!


And all the rest.

Edgar gave his definitive conclusions years ago.  “Obvious facts”, he told the media when he was still working on the case in 2009, demonstrated that the child had been taken by a solitary abductor who “wanted a child to take care of”.
Along with this conclusion to his research he rubbished all other claims. A group of traffickers? A gang of paedophiles? No, no, definitely not, said Dave. “There has been a huge reward offered. One of the gang would have broken ranks by now and come forward for the money.” So no gangs.
And there was no planning, meticulous or otherwise – Madeleine McCann was, he concluded, “simply in the wrong place at the wrong time”.  
So how does Brains justify last week's  360 degree turn and  absolute rejection of  all his own contentions? New evidence? Nope. So how can theories that he said “just didn’t stand up”, like the abduction gang theory, suddenly start walking?
You have to remember Edgar is part of McCann land, that territory in which the truth as such never exists, only the latest bullshit. He never mentioned the existence of his earlier contemptuous public dismissal of gangs and  he fibbed that this was "the first time" that he was "speaking out".  He doesn’t give any evidence or any reasoning at all, let alone comment on the undeniable fact that if "one of the gang...would have come forward by now" in 2009, then how come it doesn't mean anything eight years of increasing likelihood later?   And, naturally, he doesn’t even have the nous to see that not doing so only adds to the firm public image of a relatively decent but chronically thick and pliable buffoon.

Embarrassment in Court

If you want to know how reliable an investigator Edgar is you need to read the  transcript of his exceptionally brief, embarrassing and unsatisfactory evidence at the Lisbon libel trial.
It was a lamentable, stumbling performance. At one point proceedings came to a halt as Edgar, muttering about "that officer" couldn't even remember Paolo Rebelo's name until he was told.  He was strong on assertions, including the assertion that he had “facts” but when pressed on these facts, particularly about the McCanns unfounded claim that the book had “damaged the search” by making all the Portuguese give up on looking for her because she was dead, the sound of rowing back splashed around the courtroom. “Each case is different,” Edgar mumbled...“it’s very difficult to  say"…"again it’s difficult to say…” He blamed the masses of files left by the previous private investigators for not making more progress since he had to "review it all first".
The Guerra and Paz lawyer seemed to think that Edgar’s “investigation” was a joke in poor taste. 
Lawyer: Did you have access to the investigation files?
Sherlock Holmes: Yes, I had access to the files via Madeleine McCann’s parents.
Lawyer: All of the material?
Dave McMaigret: They passed on to me what was considered relevant...[mumbles] I don’t know if it was all.
[After five years he still didn't know. Now why would that be?]  
Lawyer: Then how did you manage to conduct an investigation without analysing the evidence? Who did you contact in Portugal?
J. Edgar  McHoover: [avoids answering first question] I contacted an informant
That’s it. That’s Edgar’s investigation and place in history. Still, he ended on a characteristic note:
Lawyer: Were there other private  investigators  before you?
Phullip Marlow: Yes, but I was the first professional.
Of course you were, dear.
Jill Havern

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Re: Dave Edgar wheeled out again - Belfast Telegraph

Post by Phoebe on 28.08.17 17:01

Former Detective Inspector Dave Edgar also insists her parents had nothing to do with her disappearance

By Jon Lockett
26th March 2017, 11:55 pm
Updated: 28th March 2017, 12:04 pm

[size=16]Claiming a child-sex gang most likely took the three-year-old, he said: “Someone knows what happened and it’s time they came forward.”

Or then we have his musing from August 2017  (5 months later)

 "Dave told Sunday Life he did not believe an organised child sex trafficking gang or paedophile ring snatched missing Maddie." Rather, he feels a Josef Fritzl-esque character seized the child and may still be keeping her as a sex slave.
“I don’t believe it was an organised group that kidnap children for sex who took Maddie,” he said."

You couldn't make it up! Either this chap is not the full shilling or he is so desperate to get mentioned in the press he can't keep track of his various contradictory claims - or both  sarcastic



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Re: Dave Edgar wheeled out again - Belfast Telegraph

Post by nglfi on 29.08.17 9:03

I'm sorry but it's not even always true that killers dispose of bodies. I can think of many cases where a killer has kept a body or body parts as trophies. Off the top of my head, Ed Gein, Jeffrey Dahmer etc. Esp with a child's body which is much easier to conceal. What about the case recently in the UK, I can't remember the poor girls name but she had been hidden in the loft and the police managed to miss it.

So it's quite possible that if Madeleine is not alive, her body has been concealed and could be very close to the person responsible (I don't think so, however )


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Re: Dave Edgar wheeled out again - Belfast Telegraph

Post by nglfi on 29.08.17 9:08

And what about Casey Anthony? There's quite strong evidence that her daughter remained for quite some time in the boot of her car. As far as I'm aware the body has never been found though, and Casey Anthony still protests her innocence. I guess that means the kid is still alive then.

ETA: her remains were eventually found, my mistake. But of course there was a period of time when they hadn't been found and the mother had 'no idea' where she was.


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Re: Dave Edgar wheeled out again - Belfast Telegraph

Post by MayMuse on 29.08.17 10:28

"Dave’s theory is drawn from the 30 years of experience he accrued in the RUC and Cheshire Police"

Erm er Dave's "theory"  is nearly word for word same as he said in the documentary "Madeleine was here" years ago...

MSM do like to repeat themselves...did they really interview Mr Edgar again ? 

What is noticeable is the Irish connections that pepper the main "players " in this case.... In Revealing Actions...? 

Madeleine missing...a case of national security?

“Basically, I’m just an ordinary, straightforward guy who’s the victim of the biggest f***-up on this planet – if you’ll excuse the language.” bingo

Robert Murat talking to David Jones, Daily Mail, 02 June 2007


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Re: Dave Edgar wheeled out again - Belfast Telegraph

Post by Jill Havern on 30.08.17 11:20

Jill Havern

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Re: Dave Edgar wheeled out again - Belfast Telegraph

Post by HiDeHo on 31.08.17 7:39


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Re: Dave Edgar wheeled out again - Belfast Telegraph

Post by Jill Havern on 01.09.17 16:33
Dated 13 Sept 2009

Maddie investigator Dave Edgar recalls the horrific cases ...
Retired detective Dave investigated and solved some of Britain’s most sickening murderers. Today he recalls the cases that still haunt him – and the two killings ...

Dave admits he is still fuming he could not snare this Asian girl’s killers.

Her body was found badly decomposed on a river bank in Cumbria five months after she vanished on her way home from work in September 2003.
Dave suspected an “honour killing” but the killer or killers were never brought to justice.
A coroner ruled last year that Shafilea was murdered after rejecting an arranged marriage.
Before her death, Shafilea drank bleach in an act of self-harm.
Dave said: “It’s the one that got away for me, and the one I’ll always be bitter about.
“It was horrific to find her body so badly decomposed in that river. Honour killings these days are getting out of control.” .   [Did he really say that ?]
dated 30 August 2017

The giveaway signs that Shafilea Ahmed's parents were her killers
Body language expert says TV interview captured the moment the murderers' mask slipped
The couple, traditional Pakistani Muslims, were arrested over her kidnap, but made an unusual step of bursting into a press conference, with their solicitor and denying her murder.
“We looked at her bank accounts, her friends, no one had seen her. Her boyfriends. There was no sign of her, there was no trace,” David Edgar, a former detective inspector, tells the programme.
“We were actively considering they [the parents] had dumped their daughter somewhere. They were not very convincing, there were lots of discrepancies in their version of events.”
He added: “We just needed one thing, that’s all we needed. All the rest of the building blocks were in place.”
When Shafilea’s body was washed up in the Lake District following floods in the Lake District they were questioned again, held on police bail on suspicion of kidnapping.
Her parents repeatedly protested their innocence on television, appearing in a series of interviews where they claimed they were being stereotyped because they were Muslim and from Pakistan. Iftikhar said he had never tried to force his daughter into marriage.

It would appear Edgar has not learned from his mistakes and remains as incompetent and blind as ever.
There is no trace of Madeleine.
There are lots of discrepancies in their [the McCanns'] versions of events.
Her parents repeatedly protested their innocence on televisions

No wonder the McCanns picked him !
Jill Havern

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