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VIDEO: Madeleine 10 years on: ANOTHER 48 QUESTIONS (and more) that need to be answered!  Mm11

VIDEO: Madeleine 10 years on: ANOTHER 48 QUESTIONS (and more) that need to be answered!  Regist10

VIDEO: Madeleine 10 years on: ANOTHER 48 QUESTIONS (and more) that need to be answered!

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VIDEO: Madeleine 10 years on: ANOTHER 48 QUESTIONS (and more) that need to be answered!  Empty VIDEO: Madeleine 10 years on: ANOTHER 48 QUESTIONS (and more) that need to be answered!

Post by HiDeHo on 21.05.17 14:22

[ltr]Madeleine 10 years on: ANOTHER 48 QUESTIONS (and more) that need to be answered!   View the details to the questions featured in the video.

1) Why did your lawyer advise you to not answer the 48 questions?

2) Why were your feelings more important than Maddie when you didn't co-operate by returning for a reconstruction?

3) Why (and how) did you not have any real tears on the night Maddie disappeared, as observed by the GNR officers?

4) Why do you deny 14 messages received starting 8am Wednesday?

5) Why did you BOTH deny there was a cot in your bedroom Wednesday morning?

6) On 4th May, why did you BOTH claim it was the TWINS that were crying Wednesday night and by 11th May it was changed to Maddie and Sean?

7) Why did you deny Madeleine was upset the night before?

8) Why did Rachael  claim the last time she saw Madeleine was at mini tennis on Thursday.  Madeleine's group played on Tuesday  Is TUESDAY the last time Rachael saw Maddie?

9) Why did Catriona claim that Gerry wasn't at High Tea on May 3rd and that she thought he was at tennis, when both of you claim he was there?

10) Why do you continue to claim the police did not arrive promptly that night?

11) Why do you support the claim that the police did not preserve the scene when it was rummaged through by you and your friends resulting in irreversible contamination of traces which irreversibly damaged the collection of forensics?

12) Why did you stay in the apartment while  strangers  searched for your daughter until 4am?

13) Do you know Mari Olli and her husband?

14) Why do Kate and Gerry not remember who picked up Madeleine and the twins from the creche on the day Madeleine disappeared?

15) Gerry, why did you claim Kate did not have a dream?

16) Why was your trunk left open at the end of July?

17) Why did you tell everyone the shutters were jemmied when they were NOT damaged?

18) Gerry... Why did your statement on May 4th say you entered through the FRONT door and yet your documentary changed it to BACK doors?

19) Why did you ask for a SETTLEMENT in the trial with Goncalo Amaral?

20) Did you and/or Tapas 7 attend court to preserve a 'memory of the future'?

21) Why haven't you tried to find out WHO died in your apartment?

22) Why have you not made EVERY EFFORT to find out WHY the cadaver and blood dogs made 17 alerts to locations only associated with you?

23) Why did the media STOP REPORTING on the Lisbon hearing within DAYS of Gerry's quick return to UK before hearing ended?

24) Why do you call ANYONE on social media a 'troll' and other nasty names if they don't claim Maddie was abducted?

25) Why was it necessary to return to UK to retrieve Maddie's pillow for a smaple of her DNA when you had her hairbrush with her hair to give to Daniel Krugel?

26) Why didn't you tell anyone that you had paid HALF A MILLION POUNDS to Lord Bell for keeping you on the front pages of newspapers for a year?

27) Why did you try to hide £125,000 HUSH MONEY from News of the World?

28) Why did you feel it was necessary to pay £30,000 to HANOVER PR to change public opinion from HOSTILITY to SYMPATHY after you were declared arguidos?

29) Why do you threaten  to sue ANYONE IN UK that sells Goncalo Amaral's book(s)?

30) Why do you claim Goncalo Amaral 'made up' the details in his book when you KNOW they are based on the POLICE INVESTIGATION?

31) Why did you spend more than a QUARTER OF A MILLION POUNDS (including a QC) to stop ONE MAN (Tony Bennett) from freely discussing the details from the police files?

32) Why is Find Madeleine site about support for you and not about scrutinising the INVESTIGATION FILES for a clue about Maddie's whereabouts?

33) Why is no-one allowed to discuss the police files on Find Madeleine site... surely if the public had access to the investigation details they could help find Maddie?

34) Where are all Madeleine's creche activities/crafts from the week?

35) Why did you release a much younger photo of Madeleine, to help people, instead of a recent one taken on holiday?

36) Gerry, why do you find it difficult to refer to Madeleine as your DAUGHTER? (The 'child'. That 'person')?

37) Kate, when you said you wanted to press a button and you're all gone and all together, did you mean that Madeleine is dead?

38) Why did you accuse Goncalo Amaral of saying "F*** the McCanns" when he didn't and yet it was OK for you to call the police "F***ing Tossers"?

39) Did the Tapas 7 use the FRONT doors or the BACK pathway patio doors to get into apartments during checks?

40) o Gerry, considering the abduction theory was only based on the suspect Jane Tanner saw, you were told that the suspect was only PROBABLY carryiing a child?

41) Why didn't you physically search for Maddie?

42) Why did you ask Susan Hubbard (wife of Haynes Hubbard - priest) to 'PRESSURE and HARASS' OC staff?

43) Why did the actress portraying Kate in your documentary have her part end up on the cutting room floor and not used in the documentary?

44) Why did you BOTH delete your calls that night?

45) Why did you pay £100,000 from the fund to have the police files translated and not allow the public (and the people who donated) to see them?

46) Why did you DENY body fluids in the back of the car when you KNEW the alert was from a BLOOD dog that only alerts to blood?

47) Why did you INSIST you only checked every 30 mins and not every 15 minutes as suggested?

48) Gerry, why were you economical with the truth about the reason for your trip to Portugal?

49) Why did your family release to the press that you would be charged with Madeleine's death?

50) Did someone kill Madeleine in YOUR apartment and then put her in YOUR car.  Why haven't you investigated that theory?

51) Why were you both declared ARGUIDOS? (suspects)

52) Madeleine DIED in your apartment
You FAKED an abduction... Is THAT the explanation as to why Madeleine is not here?

53) Kate, why do you claim you KNOW more than 'we' do?

54) When are you going to TELL US? 

Madeleine 10 years on: ANOTHER 48 QUESTIONS (and more) that need to be answered!


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