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BBC Midlands on Supreme Court decision

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BBC Midlands on Supreme Court decision

Post by whatsupdoc on 30.03.17 22:29

I was surprised it was published on 1/2/17 and even more surprised that the BBC mentioned the Supreme Court decision.

I found the comments very interesting.

ig2d hasn't seen all the work that has been done on CMOMM re the time of death but I see many more commenting about the McCanns in a bad light.
They have obviously been doing quite a lot of researching.

All in my opinion.

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Re: BBC Midlands on Supreme Court decision

Post by plebgate on 31.03.17 21:12

Thanks for posting.  

I can remember that they reported when Mr. & Mrs. won so it is right that they reported when the Supreme Court decision went against them I think.

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