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CCTV cameras in PDL were fully operational and we have to conclude parents made false statements

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CCTV cameras in PDL were fully operational and we have to conclude parents made false statements

Post by Jill Havern on 07.03.17 5:43

Cameras were fully operationnal
by Joana Morais 9 years ago
Some cameras were fully functional and everything has been recorded.
Enfants Kidnappés: Des caméras en état de fonctionnement

Arranging a face-to-face

"As we told you yesterday, the parents are likely to be called to return to Portugal. This decision should be taken according to the results of interviews and should be taken in the UK. The examinations would be conducted by the Leicestershire Police in the presence of the Portuguese police who will be there as observers. Then after the results, the Portuguese detectives could ask to the parents of Madeleine and also to some of their friends to return with them to Portugal for further questioning. The detectives may feel the necessity to identify a person or to perform a face-to-face, said a source close to the investigation. The Letters Rogatory contain a list of 100 questions which we have already spoken. Following the visit of the British Ambassador, it has been decided to move forward to carry out the interviews as quickly as possible.

New excavations

Yesterday, we have talked of other evidences, and indeed the Portuguese Police has new elements. So, new excavations would be carried out at several different places without being known the exact locations. Excavations had already been made last September when a disused barn has been found with objects that we know. Among the evidences, the PJ has in its possession recordings of certains cameras. For a long time the PJ has suggested that the cameras of the Ocean Club were down - or, at least, not operating. But we can tell you that this is not true. Some cameras were fully functional and everything has been recorded.

What is seen on these cameras?

We dont see a person carrying a child, or another person entering in the apartment, or even, leaving the apartment. We dont see either Gerry carrying the body of his daughter. So what is seen on these cameras? Well, the real question should be, what is not seen? We do not see certain persons walking by the places they had declared in their depositions. We do not see the friends or the parents walking to check the children, every half hour, to see if they are well. We have to conclude that the parents and some of their friends have made false statements. It seems that we are beyond the contradiction. Therefore, we understand better the suspicions of the police."

To read the full article in French go to Enfants Kidnappés Site

Correio da Manhã

"Madeleine's route in the last hours before her disappearance is fundamental for the investigation. The parents said to the PJ that the girl was in the day-care center of Ocean Club till 18 h. But the owner of the restaurant in the beach of Praia de Luz guarantees that at this exact time the family was in his establishment.

The last photo of Madeleine was taken by Kate at 14h. In the image there you can see the girl, one of the twin brothers and Gerry on the edge of the swimming pool in Ocean Club, in the same area where the day-care center is installed.

In agreement with statements of the McCann’s friends quoted by the English press, the children stayed in the day-care center during the afternoon, while Gerry had lessons of tennis and Kate stayed in the swimming pool. According to this version, Madeleine took tea in the day-care center at around 17h and her parents went to pick her up just before 18 h. They went to their apartment, from where the parents said to gone out to have dinner with the friends in the Tapas restaurant where they arrived at 20h. “There are registers and witnesses”, said a source, “Kate was never alone with Madeleine during the afternoon”, it underlines another one, both quoted in the English press.

Miguel Matias contradicts this version. The owner of the restaurant Paradise, in the Praia de
Luz, guarantees that the McCanns were in that same afternoon in his restaurant. And it guarantees to have proofs. Recordings of CCTV footage that are already in the possession of the PJ. “The date is in the images”, it stated to the CM.

It was a week after the disappearance, when the image of the girl and of the parents was filling the news spaces, that an employee alerted the boss. He remembered the face of a friend of the couple.

Miguel Matias took the footage to house and he saw them. He absolutely guarantees that in the CCTV footage were the McCanns, with three children, together with two couples and another two children. He also stated that he saw an elderly w
oman. He confirmed that Madeleine did in fact ate in the restaurant."

Other CCTV footage

In the telegraph

"A day after a possible sighting of four-year-old Madeleine was ruled out, police re-focused on her parents, who are official formal suspects in her disappearance.
Kate and Gerry McCann have dismissed the
latest claims made against them
They are studying CCTV footage of a journey the couple made to Huelva, a city across the Spanish border on August 3 to raise their daughter's profile.
It is understood that police are suspicious of the trip because the McCanns changed their plans at the last minute and did not have any formal meetings while they were there. "
Jill Havern
Jill Havern

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Re: CCTV cameras in PDL were fully operational and we have to conclude parents made false statements

Post by BlueBag on 07.03.17 10:45

Some cameras were fully functional and everything has been recorded.


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