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Sanaya Sahib: YET another false abduction story  Mm11

Sanaya Sahib: YET another false abduction story  Regist10

Sanaya Sahib: YET another false abduction story

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Sanaya Sahib: YET another false abduction story  Empty Sanaya Sahib: YET another false abduction story

Post by Jill Havern on 13.04.16 8:27


With thanks to PeterMac for sending me this article:

Sanaya Sahib murder: Mother Sofina Nikat 'confesses' to killing 14-month-old daughter

DateApril 13, 2016 - 8:26AM

The mother of 14-month-old Sanaya Sahib has been charged with her murder after making a "full confession" to police.

Sofina Nikat, 22, of Mitcham, faced an out-of-sessions court hearing at the West Melbourne police station at 6pm on Tuesday.

She was arrested at 8.35am on Tuesday in Mont Albert.

Homicide Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart Bailey told the bail justice Ms Nikat made a "full confession to the murder" of her 14-month-old daughter, on Saturday, April 9.

Ms Nikat, who was represented by a lawyer, only spoke when she was asked if she had been looked after and given water or a cup of tea.

She was wearing a black cardigan, dark pants and thongs. She shifted her feet and kept her hand to her face. In the other hand she held a Koran.

She made no application for bail and was remanded to appear before the Melbourne Magistrates Court.

The body of Sanaya Sahib was located in the Darebin Creek about 2.45am on Sunday.

Ms Nikat had earlier told police her daughter was snatched from her pram by a stranger while they were walking in Olympic Park about 10am on Saturday.

She had described the stranger as a man of African appearance who was wearing no shoes and smelt of alcohol.

The report sparked a massive search in the area involving police and volunteers.

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Channel Seven has reported that police obtained CCTV footage of a woman pushing a pram towards Darebin Creek on Saturday morning with the infant visible in the pram and then returning from the creek with the pram apparently empty.

Ms Nikat had been staying at her brother's home in Perth Street, Heidelberg West, which is less than two kilometres from where Sanaya's body was found.

The property was searched by forensic police on Sunday afternoon.

Sanaya's relative Habib Ali was seen leaving his Heidelberg West home in a white SUV about 6pm on Tuesday and returning 15 minutes later. He did not speak to media waiting out the front.

Two police officers were seen leaving the home about 5.45pm. Another police car remained parked out the front.

Many of Perth Street's residents were standing in their front yards talking and watching the home.

One neighbour, Alex Salonikidis, said she was relieved an arrest had been made.

"I don't know what's more horrifying, the mother doing it or a stranger," she said. "It's just sad."

Two relatives walked into the home just after 6.30pm, stopping briefly to talk to the media out the front.

An older man, who said he was Mr Ali's father, told reporters he felt sad at news Sanaya's mother had been arrested.

"We are really sad about it and we are really upset about it with Sanaya ... Because she was so cute girl," he said.

An older woman said: "I'm feeling not good."

Mr Ali then yelled at them in a language other than English and they went inside. 

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Sanaya Sahib: YET another false abduction story  Empty Re: Sanaya Sahib: YET another false abduction story

Post by Hobs on 13.04.16 13:40

Sadly, the mom's statements made it clear she was being deceptive and that her child was dead.

I did wonder if she was known to police/CPS or had health issues.
Luckily for us and unlucky for her, Sanaya's body was found and her cause of death revealed.
She will at least get a dignified burial.
CCTV also helped the case.

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