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Open letter to Operation Grange and the PJ by Lorraine Holden

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Open letter to Operation Grange and the PJ by Lorraine Holden

Post by Jill Havern on 06.09.15 5:52

Lorraine Holden shared her photo to the group: HiDeHo CONTROVERSY of Madeleine McCann.
4 hrs ·

Lorraine Holden

Open letter to Scotland Yard And Portuguese Police...

Dear Sir/Madam

Can you explain a few details for me regarding the dual investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?

Firstly having spent near on £12 million on this case why is there still no evidence of abduction? Why when you only have the prime suspects of 2007 the McCann's and their friends word that an abduction took place is this your only remit and to be investigated as if it happened here in the uk.

Although we fully understand that highly trained dogs who alerted to blood and death in the McCann's apartment and hire car if not substantiated by dna evidence is inadmissible in our courts of law why have these alerts been ignored in favour of a burglary gone wrong? When cadaver scent needs time to settle?

Why when the first dna results received and still available to read in the released police files 15/19 markers to Madeleine McCann written by John Lowe of the forensic science lab to Leicestershire police (check files) and the reason the McCann's were made suspects was this altered and who arranged for these dna results to be manipulated in this way suddenly changing to 15/37 and John Lowe giving his opinion not based on scientific fact?

Why are the McCann's not your prime suspects and been avoided from the very start of your investigation when all avenues of abduction have already been fully exhausted with absolutely no evidence of one ever taking place?
Why have the Gasper Statements been ignored?

Why is Mr Smith whose efit you released as prime suspect been ignored when he said he was 80% sure it was Gerry McCann he saw carrying a child towards the beach that night?

When the case was shelved in 2007 because the McCann's and their friends refused to cooperate with the Portuguese investigation returned to uk and hid behind expensive lawyers were they not forced back like any other citizen would have,to clear up the many inconsistencies in their statements and do a reconstruction?

The McCann's have never been cleared of any involvement into their daughters disappearance in 8 long years because there's not one shred of evidence to exonerate them.

Do you not feel that now you too have exhausted all avenues it's time to look at the evidence the dogs gave the investigation in 2007 letting the world know that Madeleine McCann died in that apartment and was later moved in that hire car?

Is it possible that due to something Gerry McCann has on someone high up ( considering the high level of government interference ) that your hands are tied and the only reason your in Portugal is to keep this story covered up?
You can surely understand why the British public believe this to be the case when the evidence is obvious to a blind man.
I understand Gerry McCann held a seat on the Government's Comare Project could you enlighten us to what his role was at that time and why himself and Gordon Brown were so pally?

And perhaps the reason they have so far had the backing of 3 prime minister's?

Finally if you've no intention of giving this 3 year old child justice and a decent burial can you at least make them shut down their fraudulent fund and tacky online shop,it's bad enough knowing what they've got away with without the added disgust of profiting from it

Dear Portuguese police

What the f**k are you doing? You should hang your heads in shame and pay half your salaries to your colleague Dr Goncalo Amaral's fund

Shame on you

Yours not holding my breath

Lorraine Holden...
Jill Havern

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Open letter to Operation Grange from LH.

Post by willowthewisp on 06.09.15 12:46

Hi Lorraine,
I hope you receive a suitable reply to the letter if you post it to the Operation Grange Headquarters?
Please be very careful that you don't allow certain people the opportunity to pursue a defamation claim against you!
At this stage and the amount of coverage the TM team are able to be granted to them, they would not hesitate to use the "T" word against any one,look at the way they treated Mrs Brenda Leyland.RIP.

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