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The truth of the liars

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The truth of the liars

Post by Jill Havern on 25.03.10 22:06

Posted by Textusa

Let me clarify at once that the title of this post has nothing to do with Amaral’s book, with the exception that it involves the infamous couple and friends, nor is it even a wordplay with its title.

This picture, published in the “Lux” magazine in Portugal, really, really fascinated me.

Not wanting, at this point, to talk about reasons, courage, arrogance and stupidity of doing it, I would like just to point out the fact that these two, in this particular picture are gazing at each other.

Once I saw it, my mind couldn’t help but wonder what on earth were those two minds thinking at that particular point in time. There they were, both knowing the truth, both knowing that the other knows, and both knowing exactly what role-playing they’re expected of.

Did they mentally insult the other? Probably.

Did they think that one day this photo will be used as the pinnacle of the whole hypocrisy? Probably, too.

Did they think about what the other did that night? Like “I know what you did last summer”? Likely.

Independent of whatever the thought, it must be painful to look directly into the eyes of the truth, irrelevant if they are implanted in the skull of a liar.

They all have a pact. But they all are aware that one day things will go sour. And are now ALL collecting "ammo" for THAT day when they’ll have to fight for their lives. Make the last stand.

How do they do that? Self-defense. Sticking to the truth as much as the path of truth allows.

Let me exemplify, the words of Gerry when coming out of the plane: “Me and Kate have done no harm to Madeleine”. They haven’t, but doesn’t mean somebody hasn’t.

And I’m not talking about the Tapa lot. Also the media. Quickly Maddie has gone from “abducted” to the vague “missing”. As if they know they ARE writing lies, but leaving space to respond when that accusation ill come.

You see, part of their nightmare is not only looking behind their shoulder every single minute of their lives, but also watching every single word uttered for they know that can and will be used against them one day.

And only a guilty person thinks like that. Like those interrupt to say “I’ll only speak any further in the presence of my lawyer”. Or simply not answering questions. 48 of them, if my memory doesn't fail me once again.

You see, they have been telling us the truth. No, I’m not talking about the abducting fantasy, but about everything else. We’ve just been unable to hear it.

They’ve led us to believe that they were negligent, but when they said that they had been responsible parents, I now believe that they were being truthful. You don’t? Re-read Ironside’s postings.

A liar knows why he is lying, but most of all knows exactly when and why he tells the truth.

Listen carefully. Read likewise. And you might find that not all out there written and said, apparently benefitting them, is a bed of roses for the Tapas.

Jill Havern

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