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BELL POTTINGER, PR Firm used by the McCanns, exposed as LIARS once again over the Gupta campaign

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BELL POTTINGER, PR Firm used by the McCanns, exposed as LIARS once again over the Gupta campaign

Post by Jill Havern on 05.08.17 7:18

BELL POTTINGER, PR Firm used by the McCanns, exposed as LIARS once again over the Gupta campaign

Once again, Bell Pottinger, whose former Chairman (and friend of Margaret Thatcher) Sir Tim Bell pocketed £500,000 (half a million) from Gerry & Kate McCann ‘to put Madeleine on the front page for a year’, have been found out lying once again.

This time, there are hundreds of news stories worldwide about Bell Pottinger’s disgusting campaign of lies to support disgraced South African leader Jacob Zuma, which has outraged millions of South Africans and brought shame on Bell Pottinger worldwide.

Some of you may remember Tony Bennett running into a demonstration by people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo outside Bell Pottinger’s office in Fleet Street, just yards away from the offices of Carter Ruck – see his pics below. They accepted £6 million to create favourable publicity for the corrupt dictators of the Congo Republic.

How appropriate that the McCanns would use a corrupt company like Bell Pottinger, whose Directors would surely sell their own grandmothers if they could make an easy buck.

Here’s the first 10 entries I picked up just now from a Google search of ‘Bell Pottinger – Gupta Scandal:

The Gupta scandal: how a British PR firm came unstuck in South Africa
Jul 20, 2017 - Bell Pottinger was accused of exploiting racial divisions to deflect attention from a business family's troubles.
Fact vs fiction: How Bell Pottinger and Atul Gupta spun the BBC
2 days ago - He also tells the Beeb the leaked Gupta emails are fake and that he believes disgraced spin doctors Bell Pottinger are a “credible” company.
WATCH: The Bell Pottinger, Gupta saga captures attention of world ...
Jul 20, 2017 - The Gupta brothers, three businessmen friends of President Jacob Zuma, are being subjected to false corruption allegations which are part of a ...
Bell Pottinger CEO: We made no money from Gupta campaign - EWN
2 days ago - Bell Pottinger CEO James Henderson says the company did not benefit from the Gupta campaign but rather suffered reputational damage.
British PR firm Bell Pottinger apologises for South Africa campaign ... › World › UK News › South Africa
Jul 10, 2017 - The British public relations firm Bell Pottinger is having to salvage its own ... Duduzane Zuma, who works for Oakbay, a Gupta company. He and ...
'Bell Pottinger must face consequences for Gupta collusion' | IOL
6 days ago - Cape Town - London-based PR firm Bell Pottinger must face consequences for their collusion with the wealthy, politically connected Gupta ...
How Bell Pottinger's Gupta Campaign Damaged South Africa
Jul 7, 2017 - The actions of UK-based PR company and Gupta spin doctors, Bell Pottinger, have devastated progress for South Africa's efforts in ...
MUST LISTEN: BBC interviews Atul Gupta, Bell Pottinger. It ain't pretty ...
2 days ago - Atul Gupta: “We always have some companies who doing some sort of PR and Bell Pottinger is one of the PR company in the group.
Bell Pottinger's full, unequivocal, absolute apology for selling Gupta lies
Jul 6, 2017 - The £100 000 a month London agency which served the Gupta agenda in South Africa has suddenly seen the error of its ways.

Jill Havern

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Bell-Pottinger,Gupta Brothers?

Post by willowthewisp on 05.08.17 17:53

Hi GGG,I know that the response from IPSO over your letter to them has not received the attention that it deserved,it seems as though the UK Press complaints procedure is a Law unto themselves,as Mr Ian Hislop had stated at the Leveson Inquiry on several occasions?
The Leveson Inquiry was set up by who,one David Cameron,he who has smudged finger prints over the Operation Grange Investigation,"to Help the McCann Family" fragrant Rebekah Brooks?  What the public learned from Leveson Inquiry was the Extreme cosy,close relationship had developed between Mr Murdoch and the previous Prime Ministers of the UK,with the exception being given to Mr Gordon Brown,who the"Scum" had obtained Mr Browns ill sons medical records,where they then tried to"Blackmail"Mr Brown?  
What was eventually wrung out of a Metropolitan Police force,who stated they would not be giving a "Running Commentary"on the Investigation,yet somehow,Clarence Mitchel knew when statements where going to be produced, timely decisions of escapades to Portugal were pure coincidences linked to how a Defamation Trail was proceeding,alongside their own "Official(Bogus) Inquiry?
when the Supreme Court in Portugal had made their decision and the McCann's appeal had failed,this seemed to galvanise Operation Grange into a turmoil of what can be best explained as a"Thesis" with a close affiliation to Ben Needham's case and South Yorkshire Police Investigation,based their outcome on Police inteligence, Not Evidence,but what the Probability of what may have happened to Ben Beedham,as they have yet to have recovered the Body of Ben Needham,so in theory,Ben could still be alive?
Even the Assistant Commander of the Metropolitan Police Service,Mark Rowely put in a"Cringe Worthy performance"of how touchy feely a relationship had become apparent during his explanation of had any of the Parents of Madeleine or the Tapas Seven/Nine been interviewed Under caution,No?  Yet these persons statements given to Portugal PJ and Leicestershire Police Force are not relevant to their Operation Grange Inquiry of where they were on the night proposed of Madeleine McCann's disappearance/Abduction,eh Mark?
This must be one of those"Special Expertise"moments of Top Flight Police work,where you develop Cognitive dissonance of what your mind is ultimately having problems explaining your decisions?
What is yet to be explained is why Bell-Pottinger,were able to offer assistance to the Company Mark Warner,then to have received £500,000 to keep the identity of Madeleine McCann prominent in the UK tabloids,conflict of Interest?

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