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Will the 'Missing People' charity advise the families of missing children to do what the McCanns did?

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Will the 'Missing People' charity advise the families of missing children to do what the McCanns did?

Post by sharonl on 14.08.12 7:41

As an Ambassador for Missing Children, will Kate McCann recommend that those whose children go missing do any of the following things which she and her husband did following Madeleine’s disappearance?

* Contact SKY NEWS and other main media within hours

* Criticise the police

* Refuse to answer police questions

* Ignore police advice regarding mentioning a significant visual defect

* Tell the world that you can sustain a high profile for your child’s disappearance in the long-term

* Insist that your child had been ‘stolen’ by an abductor breaking in from the outside, when all the evidence is against that

* Appoint crooks costing hundreds of thousands of pounds to look for your child

* Not produce the ‘last photo’ of your child until you’ve made a 4,000-mile round trip with your camera

And would you be able to…

* Appoint the head of the government’s media spin operation to help you, a man whose professed job is to ‘control what comes out in the media’?

* Set up a fund and get world-famous celebrities to promote it?

* Get the following to help and advise you within weeks of your child’s disappearance:

- 3 police officers from your home county?
- 2 of the top men from one of the world’s top reputation agencies (Alex Woolfall and David Hoplkns from Bell Pottinger)?
- The future Prime Minister of the country?
- MI5?
- Control Risks Group?
- The top 2 men from a government-funded ‘disaster counselling’ agency [CCP from Skipton]?
- The British Ambassador?
- The head of CEOP, who asks everyone in the place you were staying to send him their holiday snaps?

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