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25 reasons to take a much closer look at the creche set-up

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25 reasons to take a much closer look at the creche set-up

Post by Guest on 12.06.12 7:22

25 reasons to take a much closer look at the creche set-up

1. Despite Cat’s claims, why was there no ID bracelets photographed on any child before the 3rd?
2. Despite Cat’s claims, why was AM & PM on one sheet instead of two seperate ones?
3. Charlotte Pennington is missing from the list of crèche staff given to the PJ by Donna Hall of Mark Warner on the 4th.
4. Stacey Portz claimed that Gerry signed the twins in PM on the 3rd, but the crèche sheet says K McCann did.
5. Stacey Portz claimed that Kate collected the twins AM on the 3rd, but Fiona said Gerry did.
6. Robert Naylor’s signatories are erratic and noticeably different every day.
7. Robert Naylor enters the wrong room number every day.
8. Russell O’Brien enters Emma instead of Ella for his daughter on the 1st.
9. Russell O’Brien enters the wrong room number 5B, on the 30th.
10. Russell O’Brien enters 5B again and changes it to 5D, twice on the 2nd.
11. Russell O’Brien enters R O’Brien, instead of his daughter’s name PM on the 30th.
12. On enlarging the McCann & Naylor signatures, there are several identical writing styles starting from the 29th.
13. Catriona Baker for some reason starts entering ‘Cat nanny’ on the crèche sheets from the 1st.
14. Madeleine is signed in at 15.15 and out again at 15.30 by K McCann on the 30th.
15. Kate’s signatures in the Jellyfish on the same day have straight 2’s AM & curly 2’s PM, suggesting two different people.
16. Kate enters KM Healey instead of K McCann, for the first and only time on the 2nd.
17. Kate does not attend the Lobsters group at all on the 1st.
18. PJ final report does not mention Shinead Vine, the twins carer almost every day, only Stacey Portz.
19. Catriona Baker makes a retraction from an earlier statement concerning Madeleine offering more attention to boys.
20. That particular Catriona Baker statement has been withheld by the PJ.
21. No member of staff can remember seeing Madeleine on the 28th, arrival day.
22. Catriona Baker claims the first time she met the McCann’s was on the 29th.
23. Yet Catriona Baker claimed she had Madeleine’s ID bracelet with allergy information ready, for when she first arrived.
24. PJ withholds twins crèche sheet, for AM on the 29th.
25. PJ withholds twins crèche sheet, for AM on the 3rd.

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Re: 25 reasons to take a much closer look at the creche set-up

Post by Guest on 12.06.12 7:25

On the 18th April 2008, Cat was interviewed by Leicestershire Police over 3 separate sessions on the same day, in relation to her Rogatory Interview.

10.09 to 10.54 = 45 mins

11.57 to 12.12 = 15 mins

13.35 to 13.45 = 10 mins

It would appear that after the first session and during the second, Cat needed to make a retraction;

“Between 11h57 and 12h12 of the same day I was again interviewed on DVD by DC GIERC. During this interview I was permitted to refresh my memory after reading my translated original statement made to the Portuguese police. There are two facts that I would like to clarify: "dining out service" which is mentioned is available for the adults, being that the children would be left under the care of a childcare worker during dinner. My original deposition also mentioned that Madeleine offered more attention to the boys in the club. I do not remember having made such an affirmation given that Madeleine passed the majority of time playing with Jane Tanner's daughter. I confirm that the deposition in this second DVD is truthful and in accord with my knowledge and that it will be registered”.

The only other statement in the files available for Cat is dated the 6th May 2007 and does NOT include any mention of Madeleine and boys. Which can only mean one thing, Cat must have made another statement sometime after the 6th May 2007 and it is being witheld by the PJ.

Bearing in mind that a lot of the nannies were almost immediately relocated to other countries, I wonder when and how this 'other' "deposition" came about?

The reason I feel that this retraction is very important, is because the child suspected of replacing Madeleine in creche that week, has a brother.

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