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'Truth of the Lie' is on its way, Gonçalo Amaral is optimistic and has a new, top lawyer - TVmais, 23.2.12

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'Truth of the Lie' is on its way, Gonçalo Amaral is optimistic and has a new, top lawyer - TVmais, 23.2.12

Post by ufercoffy on 26.02.12 6:35

26 February 2012 | Posted by Joana Morais Leave a Comment

Gonçalo Amaral told TVmais that he hired the lawyer of the police officers, that he is divorced and he assures there are going to be news in the upcoming days. Gonçalo Amaral can now sell the books that were banned, but no one returns them.

by Hernâni Carvalho

The version of the former PJ coordinator-inspector regarding the Maddie case was liberated by the court and can return to the news stands. It's a "victory of freedom against the inquisition" said Gonçalo Amaral to TVmais.

The book “The Truth of the Lie” was seized and its sales prohibited following an injunction that Maddie's parents filed against Gonçalo Amaral and his publisher.

Gonçalo Amaral opposed that decision to the Appellate Court, the latter proved the former PJ officer was right. Then the McCanns appealed to the Supreme Court of Justice. However, that superior court refused their request. That means the book can be sold and Gonçalo Amaral can receive the author rights from his writings.

The problem now is that the trustee of the book copies - the McCann couple's lawyer herself - has not yet returned them to Gonçalo Amaral nor to the book publishers [Guerra e Paz].

“The Truth of the Lie” still awaits.

Police Super Lawyer

Due to the process the McCann couple have against him, Gonçalo Amaral had his goods and assets seized, as well as his author rights. With the recent release of his books, part of this sequestration stands without effect. It's the first victory in Gonçalo Amaral's new defence strategy.

Gonçalo Amaral confirmed that he discharged his previous lawyer and gave all the cases to Santos de Oliveira, known as the police super lawyer. “I can confirm that I have hired Dr. Oliveira, but I won't make further comments. Results will speak for themselves”.

In good spirits, the PJ coordinator-inspector says that he can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel. At the moment he is just waiting for his books to be returned so they can be on the market again, “as it should happen in a free country, after all I've only written what is in the case files”, he said.


“Yes, I'm divorced from Sofia, of whom I remain a friend and with whom I share the education of our daughters. The priority is to give them stability. And, yes, I am living in Lisbon with my father and I won't say anything else about my private life. At the end of all this (a lot of water is still going to flow in the Thames river...) someone will reimburse me for all the wicked actions taken against me... Then, I will tell the rest”, said in a single burst Gonçalo Amaral, without accepting any further questions.

Court: Maddie's Guardianship

Upon request of the McCann couple, Maddie is at the guardianship of the court [Ward of Court]. In practice, this means that the search for the young girl will not be prevented. The decision to grant parental responsibility to a court in England may, in future, derail or inhibit the girl's parents to bring further actions on her behalf, since that becomes the prerogative of the court. But the important thing is to discover the whereabouts of the girl.

McCanns sue another one

The parents of Maddie, who disappeared in 2007 (when she was 3 years old) from an apartment where she was left alone with her two year old siblings, the twins, in Praia da Luz, in the Algarve, have now sued Anthony Bennett by attributing to him the authorship of a smear campaign. Bennett argues [based on the police case files] the McCann couple is responsible for the alleged death of the girl and has released this message in various publications and leaflets.

The retired solicitor, Anthony Bennett, and chairman of the Madeleine Foundation, faces a possible prison sentence if found guilty of the accusations made by the McCann couple.

Madeleine Foundation

Founded in January 2008, the foundation aim was to draw attention to missing children cases. From the beginning, its chairman has always been critical of Maddie's parents, indicating that they had some responsibilities in the unknown fate of the child. In November 2009, after a long legal battle, the couple managed to close the Foundation's web site. Bennett and the couple have reached an agreement at that time and the solicitor took the commitment to not say or publish that the couple was in any way responsible for the death of their daughter. Now, the McCanns say that he did exactly the opposite.

in TVmais, paper edition, nº 996, 17 to 23 February, 2012

Note: with thanks to Maria C.

Whose cadaver scent and bodily fluid was found in the McCann's apartment and hire car if not Madeleine's?  Shocked

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