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Gerry McCann doesn’t know the difference between ‘purport’ and ‘propound’

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Gerry McCann doesn’t know the difference between ‘purport’ and ‘propound’

Post by sharonl on 13.12.11 19:26

Gerry McCann doesn’t know the difference between ‘purport’ and ‘propound’

Gerry McCann was guilty of a malapropism* at the Leveson enquiry.

Gerry McCann, at the Leveson enquiry, said under oath, these fateful words:

“I don’t have a problem with somebody purporting a theory…”

What he meant to say was: ‘propounding a theory’, or possibly: ‘promoting a theory’.

To say: ‘Purporting a theory’ was simply incorrect.


purport - to have the often specious appearance of being, intending, or claiming, e.g.

"The letter purports to express people's opinion"

“He purported to have killed the burglar"

propound - to offer for discussion or consideration, e.g.

“Her new book expands upon the theory propounded in her first book”.

  • What is a ‘malapropism’?


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Re: Gerry McCann doesn’t know the difference between ‘purport’ and ‘propound’

Post by tigger on 13.12.11 19:53

He's not big on logic either.

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Re: Gerry McCann doesn’t know the difference between ‘purport’ and ‘propound’

Post by PeterMac on 14.12.11 7:50

Or truth.



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Re: Gerry McCann doesn’t know the difference between ‘purport’ and ‘propound’

Post by Guest on 14.12.11 8:55

I noticed that and thought it was odd, but then he called Madeleine, Mad-line. I think he was very nervous and it showed in what he said.

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Re: Gerry McCann doesn’t know the difference between ‘purport’ and ‘propound’

Post by Juulcy on 14.12.11 9:44

Not being Brittish I had never heard of both words. But that aside: I think al his past eeeh-ing, the aborted sentences, the many mistakes in grammar he made in interviews, and now this mistake, might also be on purpose on a subconscious level. It is a way of making yourself small/helpless in a way, (the way the underdog goes all puppy when he feels threatened). Look at me, I look like a tough guy, but I am harmless, innocent.. And it has the added benefit of muddying the waters, he get's away with not giving a proper answer to a question.

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Re: Gerry McCann doesn’t know the difference between ‘purport’ and ‘propound’

Post by aiyoyo on 14.12.11 13:17

What's betting he knows the difference.

Creepy little gerry does not say anything without reason; imo he was trying to impress LI.

He tries too hard and it backfires ...what about the bits he said about "made up facts"? What the hell was that - 'made up' as in 'fabricated' facts? OH what a tangled web he spins.

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