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Gerry McCann's Blog

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Gerry McCann's Blog Empty Gerry McCann's Blog

Post by Jill Havern on 26.09.11 9:43

Links to Gerry McCann's Blog are copied from Nigel Moore's site

Gerry's Blogs (Days 1-58) May/Jun 2007

Gerry's Blogs (Days 59-120) Jul/Aug 2007

Gerry's Blogs (Days 121-181) Sep/Oct 2007

Gerry's Blogs (Days 182-242) Nov/Dec 2007

Gerry's Blogs 2008-2009

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Gerry McCann's Blog Empty Re: Gerry McCann's Blog

Post by Gillyspot on 18.10.11 7:22

Just been reading Gerry McCanns blogs again and I am sure they are written by Kate not Gerry.

The writing style and words are the same as in her "novel" in my opinion. Anyone have thoughts on this?

Kate McCann "I know that what happened is not due to the fact of us leaving the children asleep. I know it happened under other circumstances"

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Gerry McCann's Blog Empty maybe

Post by russiandoll on 18.10.11 11:19

there is a lot of mundane stuff, way too much for someone to be writing about given the gravity of the backdrop to the blogs.
There is a fair bit of " absolutely no evidence " more of a Gerry-ism than a Kate phrase. Maybe he had some input into the novel, I have never found Kate to be as eloquent or articulate as her husband.

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Gerry McCann's Blog Empty Re: Gerry McCann's Blog

Post by Cristobell on 19.10.11 0:27

@Gillyspot wrote:Just been reading Gerry McCanns blogs again and I am sure they are written by Kate not Gerry.

The writing style and words are the same as in her "novel" in my opinion. Anyone have thoughts on this?

I think Gilly, that the words are Gerry's - they seem to accord with his interviews. The words probably embarrass him now as they are pretty droll and absolutely bizarre given the circumstances. In those early, heady, days, Gerry was getting a bit carried away with himself, fund raiser extraordinaire with annual concerts by Elton John etc, global ambassador for missing children, no doubt some role in government and booker prize winning author. Shame that pesky Goncala Amaral had to bugger it all up eh? Gerry McCann's Blog 302873

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Gerry McCann's Blog Empty A few things

Post by Guest on 03.01.12 21:34

First I didnt know until now that they where back in England on July, ten weeks after Madeleiene disappered to atend a baptism..

Anyway im reading the blog from day 70

day 70: The work of the police is often taken for granted until you really need them. It was a humbling experience to see and meet so many officers who have shown such outstanding bravery in the line of duty and protecting us all. It was a fantastic opportunity to thank officers from all over the country who have been involved with the investigation to find Madeleine
Really? Sounds like every british police squad was involved in the investigation.. And why hail the police when you spit at their work?

Day 71 :
Kate and I believe that someone, somewhere knows something about Madleines abduction. (it is Gerry that has written her name like that )
Really? If I knew 100 % my daughter was abducted and my friend had seen her kidnapper,I would not believe someone somewhere knew something. I would KNOW for a fact that someone somewhere knew something about it. I would not just "believe"..Believe in something and knowing something are two very different things imo...

Day 74 : this is about jk rowling and all shes going to do for them, offering reward, signs of M at the books shop and so on..
There where two big WOWS in the entry for that day

First one is this :
As well as offering a large reward for Madeleines safe return she has also added information on Madeleines abduction on her own site with a link back to our homepage.
Try and find the information at, I will give you a clue that it is under links!
WOW, really? Hiding the information making it in to a game for people to find the information and they have to play hide and seek on jk rowlings website? THAT BLEW ME AWAY !! I will give you a clue???? WTF ????

And secondly is this: With the announcement of the poster Kate and I also did a short interview for the press. A lot of photographs were taken of us
with the poster so I suspect some of these will make it in to the newspapers in the next few
WTF? Your daughter is missing on the tent week and this is whats on your mind? your f... ugly face beeing photographed and announce it's arrival in your blog? WHO THE H**** CARES ABOUT THAT ? And why do you say suspect they will make it into the newspaper? you very well know they will. Did you think they took the pictures to hang in their own livingroom? You know very well but can'r brag to much so you lie and therfor you use the word suspect..your brain avoids lying if it can.. And this shines threw in everything you tell the world.

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