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Gerry's Blog - Blog 2, Day 20 Mm11

Gerry's Blog - Blog 2, Day 20 Regist10

Gerry's Blog - Blog 2, Day 20

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Gerry's Blog - Blog 2, Day 20 Empty Gerry's Blog - Blog 2, Day 20

Post by Liz Eagles on 19.01.16 14:57

Setting aside there are two versions of this blog - one also covering Day 21, it's noteworthy that after the first blog which essentially gives a time-tabled breakdown of almost every moment of the McCann's day and places a somewhat bizarre need to emphasise family life whilst mentioning Madeleine only once almost as an afterthought imo - that would be going to bed at 11.30 and saying a prayer for her safe return ASAP - this second blog 3 days later states 'another early start leaving at 6.30am'.

What happened on days 18 and 19 that shifted from the general family routine depicted on day 17, that led to 'another early start' but did not necessitate a blog entry?

Note that the 2nd version states 'continental Europe'.

Were there really thousands of people at the Shrine of Fatima praying for Madeleine, Kate and Gerry?

DAY 20
Gerry's Blog - Blog 2, Day 20 20_small
1st Version
23 May 2007

Today Kate and I went to the Shrine at Fatima to pray for Madeleine´s safe return. It was another early start leaving at 6.30am. MarkWarner, who have looked after us so well, laid on a car and driver. We managed to continue the campaign with telephone conversations and e-mails. The actual visit was very encouraging with the rector and thousands of pilgrims praying for Madeleine as well Kate and I. We lit candles for Madeleine and also 3 for Madeleine’s grandparents. The trip received a lot of publicity
which should help maintain the profile of her abduction.We are planning a relatively quiet day tomoorow although the British Ambaasador is coming to visit and we need to start finalising our plans for interviews in areas of Europe where the coverage of Madeleine’s disappaerance has been limited.
Day 18 - 21/05/2007
Day 19 22/05/2007
No Update
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Liz Eagles

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Gerry's Blog - Blog 2, Day 20 Empty Re: Gerry's Blog - Blog 2, Day 20

Post by Jill Havern on 19.01.16 15:08

His spolling is pretty bad innit for an educated doctor?




It's only a short paragraph.....I think he even spolled Madeleine's name incorrectly on one of his blogs, too.

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