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T:  Had the twins been sedated? Mm11

T:  Had the twins been sedated? Regist10

T: Had the twins been sedated?

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T:  Had the twins been sedated? Empty T: Had the twins been sedated?

Post by Guest on 02.06.11 12:52

Kate McCann alone and upset in August 2007, allegedly telephones a colleague of Goncalo Amaral’s at the PJ, to ask them to check the twins for traces of sedation. Later on that day, Gerry called to cancel Kate's request.

(from Goncalo Amaral’s book – The Truth of The Lie)

Here we have two Doctors. Three months pass before someone even thinks to get the twins checked out. Then when one does, the other stops it from happening.

What was Gerry so afraid of showing up in their blood?

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