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Kate tells Portugal of fury at cop hunt

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Kate tells Portugal of fury at cop hunt

Post by ROSA on 23.05.11 4:24

Kate tells Portugal of fury at cop hunt
KATE McCann yesterday told the people of Portugal of her fury at claims that her missing daughter Madeleine was dead.

She said: "This left us very angry and upset. We were devastated."
Kate, 43, also told the Portuguese media of their pain when police hinted the couple were behind Maddie's disappearance.
She said it may have hindered the search and added: "We need to find Madeleine to bring her back home."
Kate and husband Gerry, 42, from Rothley, Leics, are in Portugal to launch her book Madeleine, serialised in The Sun.
It is the first time they have returned since PM David Cameron asked for a case review.
Asked if she feared it would upset the Portuguese Judiciary, who carried out the original inquiry, Kate said: "Maddie remains missing. Is not that more important?" Her eldest daughter, then three, vanished from their holiday flat in Praia da Luz four years ago.

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Re: Kate tells Portugal of fury at cop hunt

Post by lj on 23.05.11 13:58

I suspect fury does not only show up with the media, but on many other occasions.

"And if Madeleine had hurt herself inside the apartment, why would that be our fault?"  Gerry

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Re: Kate tells Portugal of fury at cop hunt

Post by Me on 26.05.11 8:33

And here’s the thing. Why would you be furious about it?

The police took them at the word initially and investigated the abductor link, and put in place the biggest search operation in Portugal’s history (to such an extent that from what I recall the McCann’s actually praised the police operation) which turned up no clues or evidence of an abductor.

The police had no physical evidence of an abductor in the apartment. The McCann’s probably knew this (although I’m not certain) and there were no other witness sightings, nothing.

But the investigators (and indeed any investigator either in the UK or Portugal) had to begin with the information they already had and work outwards from there. So what did they have? Lies from the McCann’s over and over again coupled with their strange behaviour. Then there was the collusion, lies, fabrications and confusion from the Tapas witness statements.

That then clearly had to be the focus of the investigation given the circumstances. To of not concentrated on these areas of interest would have been completely remiss of the PJ to the point of negligent.

My question to the McCann’s would be:

Given these facts , and given that none of you have provided anything like a believable or coherent story what exactly did you expect the police to investigate?

Would they not at any point have thought :

“You know what we’ve made mistakes in our statements and we can see there are issues with them which are hindering this investigation, so let’s go straighten everything out so the focus can be on the search”.

Yet they didn’t do that as we know from Kate’s unanswered questions, they simply added to the confusion and collusion. The only point at which they became furious with the investigation is when they were looked at as suspects. Funny that.

But bearing everything in mind you have to ask the question just what did they expect to happen and whose fault was it that they were suspects given their sworn statements and accounts?

Did they seriously expect the PJ to say:

“Well your statements are very suspicious and all over the place, we’ve no physical evidence to back up your abduction theory, we’ve found some evidence in you apartment but , you know what, let’s forget about all that because we know Maddie’s missing and that’s more important.”

You can’t be “furious” for being investigated when it’s your own lies and actions which clearly merit an investigation into you.

That was never and will never be the PJ’s fault.

And now how they can go around the world playing the victim, in interviews and in the book, suggesting rogue cops and botched investigations , when actually the direction of the investigation was spot ion given the evidence that we have all now seen.

It’s distasteful to the point of sickening.


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Re: Kate tells Portugal of fury at cop hunt

Post by stephen25000 on 26.05.11 10:03

Kate Mccanns fury is absurd to the point of being ridiculous.

The bottom line as is blatantly obvious, is that she and her husband to blame for the whole mess this case has become.

However, as we have seen,from the Mccanns point of view it is far easier to blame everyone else.

Of course the UK press has shown no backbone in this case, after the 'libel' cases, which were a joke in themselves.


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Re-Kate tell Portuggal of Fury at Cop Hunt.

Post by joan thomas on 18.09.11 17:00

Hi There.

Can anyone tell me on what area the police focus their biggest search hunt for Madeline and did it include the
beach and cliffs?
Also what date this or any other search was made of the beach and the cliffs?
Be really grateful?

joan thomas

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Re: Kate tells Portugal of fury at cop hunt

Post by Gillyspot on 27.09.11 22:21

If you read Kate's book (should you DARE lol!) You will see that she is incandescent at the police right from the beginning (4th May) and busy organising Team McCann on the phones at every available opportunity and if you see what the individuals say they may have actually been taking dictation from her.

I have my suspicions that the marks on Kate's wrist visible on 4th May were caused by Gerry grabbing them very tightly to stop her hitting him (question is why)?. I could be wrong but the marks seem to be all around her wrist. Sorry I can't post a link but hopefully someone here can.

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