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Netflix - 'Exhibit A: Cadaver dogs' Mm11

Netflix - 'Exhibit A: Cadaver dogs' Regist10

Netflix - 'Exhibit A: Cadaver dogs'

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Netflix - 'Exhibit A: Cadaver dogs' Empty Netflix - 'Exhibit A: Cadaver dogs'

Post by Jill Havern on 05.07.19 13:45

PeterMac saw this post on CMOMM facebook the other day...

Angelo Marin
July 2 at 5:43 PM

On Netflix there is a Series called 'Exhibit A'. Episode 3 is dedicated to Martin Grimes and Cadaver dogs - in particular the case of a Detroit man who staged a carjacking and kidnapping of his 2 year old child. Martin's cadaver dogs were flown in from the UK and helped to get a conviction.

...and decided to look for the documentary on Netflix

Here it is:

And this is Peter's feedback:

Grime is good. measured and careful with the way he presents the issues.
One case in 2005, called over to the US, dog altered to a pillow in a basement, nothing further, and no reason to suppose a body had been there
but when they came out he spotted a cemetery less than 100 yds up the road - leaking into the ground . . .
Then a lot, including video of court proceedings, including Grime giving evidence, on the D'Andre Lane case.
No body, but convicted, and sentenced to between 11 and 30 years

Sums up his role as
We don't use dogs as an evidential tool
We use dogs to point us in the direction of where to look for evidence so we can recover it.

And then uses words to the effect that HE does not say there was a body there.
He reports what the dog can do, and then what it in fact did.
It is up to someone else to fit it all together !

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