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Maddie - Disappearance or Murder? (Audio Only) Tony Bennett Podcast Interview with The Strange Life Mm11

Maddie - Disappearance or Murder? (Audio Only) Tony Bennett Podcast Interview with The Strange Life Regist10

Maddie - Disappearance or Murder? (Audio Only) Tony Bennett Podcast Interview with The Strange Life

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Maddie - Disappearance or Murder? (Audio Only) Tony Bennett Podcast Interview with The Strange Life Empty Maddie - Disappearance or Murder? (Audio Only) Tony Bennett Podcast Interview with The Strange Life

Post by Jill Havern on 25.05.19 8:57

Tony Bennett was interviewed by Thailand’s radio station for ex-pats, 'This Strange Life' in June last year. It was recently uploaded by Lizzie Taylor and has been attracting a steady flow of views and good comments.

Tony only agreed to take part on the basis that, for legal reasons, he could only talk about the facts of the case, not make any allegations.

It’s 2hrs 7min long (and Tony is prone to lots of ‘um’s & ‘er’s), so here’s a short guide to the contents:

0 min

1 min 40 secs
How the news about Madeleine broke. The initial claims about the children being left alone and checked; the initial discrepancies

4 mins 10 secs
Tapas 7 were mostly doctors

5 mins
The JonBenet Ramsey and Madeleine McCann cases compared

6 mins 45 secs
What happened on the night of 3 May? – the ‘official’ version of events and the PJ version of events

9 mins 10 secs
The cadaver dogs sent by British police - cadaverine & body fluids detected in 17 places associated with the McCanns - the need for corroborative forensic evidence

13 mins
Circumstantial evidence – Peter Hyatt’s Statement Analysis

14 mins 30secs
The McCanns’ responses to the cadaver dog evidence - the locations of the cadaver alerts – the body fluids under two tiles in the living room

20 mins
The DNA evidence – it could have been Madeleine’s DNA, but it could have been someone else’s

21 mins
The huge involvement of British state security services

22 mins
The involvement of the Head of Tony Blair’s Media Monitoring Unit, Clarence Mitchell

23 mins
William Ramsay on public relations, the ‘West Memphis Three’ and the ‘Smiley Face Murders’

24 mins
The jemmied shutters story which wasn’t true

25 mins 30 secs
The sleeping arrangements

26 mins 50 secs
Change of story to the open patio door

27 mins 10 secs
No forensic trace of the abductor

28 mins 15 secs
None of Madeleine’s DNA found in the apartment - Gerry McCann’s visit to his home to recover DNA from Madeleine’s pillow

29 mins 10 secs Was Madeleine actually there? Was there a professional clean-up operation?

30 mins 50 secs
More about the PR operations – Bell Pottinger, an evil organisation that lied

32 mins 30 secs
The immediate involvement of lawyers

33 mins
The boast of Tim Bell, boss of Bell Pottinger, that he was paid £500,000 to “keep Madeleine on the front page for a year”

34 mins 15 secs
Establishment of high-level secret committee of government departments under Matt Baggott, Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police on 8 May 2007

36 min 30 min
Gonçalo Amaral’s amazement at the number of British police coming to Praia da Luz

37 min 20 secs
How Gonçalo Amaral lost his job as investigation co-ordinator

38 min
How the Portuguese police were unfairly trashed by the British media - Wendy Murphy

39 min 10 secs
Report of Tavares de Almeida – evidence “the crime scene was altered”

40 min 40 secs
The Tapas 7 support the McCanns’ story

41 min 35 secs
The claim by Dr David Payne and Kate McCann that they met each other at the McCanns’ apartment at 6.30pm on 3 May 2007

44 min
Did the other members of the Tapas 7 leave their children on their own?

45 min
Clarence Mitchell claimed that the British parents on holiday left their children while they went out to east

46 min
Did the McCanns and the Tapas 7 have friends in high places? COMARE discussed

47 min 45 secs
Why the sudden rush by people in high places to help the McCanns? – Edward Smethurst

50 min
Are we talking about a high-level paedophile ring?

50 min 47 secs COMMERCIAL BREAK

52 min 10 secs
The 40 police, secret services, ambassadors and others who rushed out to Praia da Luz - The high level co-ordinated campaign

52 min 45 secs
The Jane Tanner sighting - Her identification of Robert Murat - Tanner and Monsterman

56 min 45 secs
BBC Crimewatch 2013
Jane Tanner’s sighting becomes ‘Crecheman’, according to Scotland Yard

57 min 55 secs
The influence of the BBC and the rest of the media – how the media ignore the facts of the case

1 hr
Martin Smith

1 hr 00 min 05 secs
The ‘Smithman’ sighting and the arrest of Robert Murat - The Smithman efits

1 hr 03 min 25 secs
Who is the main suspect now?

1 hr 03 min 35 secs
Raymond Hewlett

1 hr 05 min 35 secs
Why were there so few photos of Madeleine on that holiday? The 5 photos taken on Saturday and Sunday

1 hr 08 min 10 sec
The Tennis Balls Photo

1 hr 09 min 20 secs
The Last Photo (Pool Photo) – the case for its having been taken on Sunday

1 hr 11min 55 secs
The McCanns’ Private Investigators

1 hr 13 min
Metodo 3

1 hr 13 min 40 secs
Francisco Marco’s claim that ‘Maddie will be home by Christmas’

1 hr 15 min 25 secs
How much money have the McCanns made?

1 hr 16 min 20 secs
The McCanns’ Find Madeleine Fund and the appeal for donations

1 hr 18 min 20secs
Are the McCanns both working?

1hr 19 min 20 secs
What is the view of the British public on what happened to Madeleine McCann?

1 hr 20 min
Interviewers discuss the rights and wrongs of leaving small children on their own

1 hr 21 min 45 secs
Is Madeleine still alive - age-progressed images

1hr 22min 20 secs
Operation Grange - Kate’s book - Prime Minister ordered a review to ‘help the family’ - Cost of the investigation

1 hr 25min
The Sun’s role in campaigning for an independent review

1hr 26 min 40secs
Rupert Murdoch - Clarence Mitchell worked for his son-in-law

1 hr 27 min 40 secs
Clement Freud

1hr 29 min 20 secs
Why has Operation Grange on so long while apparently achieving nothing? – Political interference

1 hr 30 min 45 secs
Rebekah Brooks

1 hr 31 min 55 secs
Sir Paul Stephenson

1 hr 33 min
The response of the McCanns to their being named suspects - Brian Kennedy

1 hr 35 min
A plethora of ‘sightings’ of Madeleine

1 hr 35min 55 secs
The search for Madeleine’s bones in the Arade Dam

1 hr 40 min
If they were ‘involved’, what might have been the McCanns’ motives?

1 hr 41 min
JonBenet Ramsay

1 hr 43 min
Jeanette Zapata murder case and cadaver dogs

1 hr 45 min 05 secs
The capabilities of cadaver dogs – Gerry McCann’s reaction

1 hr 47 min 10 secs
Could Madeleine McCann have died from an accident?

1 hr 48 min 20 secs
Are the activities of top Democratic Party staffers John and Tony Podesta in any way relevant to the Madeleine McCann case

1 hr 49 min 15 secs
Why did Gerry McCann spend 5 days in Washington D.C. visiting Ernie Allen, boss of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children?

1 hr 50 min 10 secs
The connections of Ernie Allen

1 hr 51min 30 secs
Kate McCann’s book

1 hr 52 min
What kind of characters are the McCanns?

1 hr 52 min 45 secs
Tony says the family photographs show happy, articulate children

1 hr 53 min 45 secs
All three children were born by IVF

1 hr 54 min 40 secs
Could the McCanns have panicked because they were on foreign soil?

1 hr 55 min 55 secs
Are there any alternative credible theories? – The ‘wandered off’ theory

1 hr 57 min 10 secs
The Operation Grange remit. Why did it exclude the McCanns?

1 min 59 min
The PJ investigation - There was insufficient evidence to charge anyone

2 hr 0min 40 secs
Operation Grange dig in two areas of waste ground in Praia da Luz, 2014

2 hr 2 min
What will happen in the case now?

2 hr 2 min 45 secs
The Madeleine McCann Research group’s recent letter to the Portuguese Attorney-General containing new evidence

2 hr 3 min
Where are the best resources for people who want to look more deeply into the case?

2 hr 4 min 15 secs
PeterMac’s research and his free ebook on the case

2 hr 5 min 50 secs
How to contact Tony

2 hr 6 min 20 secs CONCLUSION by Strange Life


A couple of comments from Lizzy's upload:

2 weeks ago
Quality, well sourced, based on evidence interview.

King Roosta
2 weeks ago (edited)
Anthony Bennett's thesis on this case is incredible, for anyone who knows about this case but only knows the mainstream version, Anthony's research and information will put anyone interested in this case in the picture, it's intense, most folks have not got a clue about the real details and contradictions of evidence in this case changed statements by virtually every single person, no script writer could ever have written a script that was as believable what has happened in this case, can I add, how were the Mcanns allowed to leave Portugal the day after becoming Aguidos, I couldn't ever figure that one out.

Strange Life with Mickey
3 weeks ago
Glad you’re all enjoying the podcast. It’s posted here with our full permission.
If you liked it, please sub to our channels and leave us a review on iTunes or comment on SoundCloud:
All formats can be found here:

Ab by
3 weeks ago
Thanks tony. We all back you.

And here's the original podcast:

In light of the recent Netflix documentary, we decided to repeat EP15 of This Strange Life podcast where the boys discuss the highly publicized Madeleine McCann disappearance that took place in Portugal in 2007 and remains as unsolved as it does controversial to this day.

Ex-politician, lawyer, author, investigator and all round great guy Anthony Bennett joins the pod and challenges the main stream narrative that Madeleine was abducted the night of May 3rd, 2007 out of her vacation home while her parents and their friends — the so called “Tapas Seven” — dined mere meters away at the resort restaurant.

Bennett goes on to point out the lack of evidence for the mainstream narrative. He looks closely at evidence the Portuguese and British police collected by two highly trained cadaver dogs and the McCanns strange reactions when confronted with this evidence. Bennett also talks at length about how the investigation and coverage was co-opted and corrupted by UK governmental agencies, high powered PR firms and tabloid media.

Anthony Bennett on Twitter:

Learn more by watching Richard Hall's film: "True Story of Madeleine McCann".

Join in the conversation with Mickey, Willy, James and Jordan and keep up to date with what’s going on in our FB group

Email us at

Please remember to subscribe, rate and review to the POD!

Original thread:

PeterMac's FREE e-book
Gonçalo Amaral: The truth of the lie
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