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Life for murder paedo wanted by Maddie tecs

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Life for murder paedo wanted by Maddie tecs

Post by Jill Havern on 11.06.10 7:09


Published: Today

A SERIAL paedophile linked to the Madeleine McCann case was yesterday jailed for life for murder.

Charles O'Neill has repeatedly refused to be quizzed by detectives working for Maddie's parents Kate and Gerry.

Vanished ... Maddie McCann

But the private eyes will now try again. O'Neill, 47, is believed to have been in Portugal when Maddie, then three, vanished from an apartment in Praia da Luz on the Algarve in May 2007.

Yesterday he was sentenced for killing mum-of-three Allison McGarrigle who threatened to reveal he and gay lover William Lauchlan were abusing a child.
Ex-boxer O'Neill and Lauchlan, 33, strangled Allison 13 years ago in Largs, Ayrshire.
They dumped her body at sea and it has never been found.
The High Court in Glasgow ordered O'Neill to serve a minimum of 30 years and Lauchlan, a minimum of 26 years.
Missing ... Jeremy

Murdered ... Allison

They were handed a further 10 years each for abusing two boys aged six and 14.

The pair had been jailed in 1988 over 31 charges of drugging and assaulting young children but were freed in 2002.
They fled to Spain and set up a cleaning business for holiday apartments.

They travelled to Portugal several times.
In April 2004 they abducted, drugged and abused a 15-year-old English boy in Spain.

O'Neill was still there three years later when seven-year-old Spanish Jeremy Vargus vanished from Gran Canaria.

Two months later Maddie went missing - and O'Neill was thought to be on the Algarve at the time.
Jeremy's mother Ithaisa Suarez, 24, and Kate, 41, from Rothley, Leics, have written to each other regularly.
Kate and Gerry have also included information about the Jeremy case on their website.
Last night the McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell confirmed: "Investigators have been fully aware of O'Neill and his background but have not been able to take him any further forward as an active line of investigation."

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Jill Havern

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Re: Life for murder paedo wanted by Maddie tecs

Post by sharonl on 11.06.10 7:22

If these cops were real cops he would have no choice but to be questioned - but then its seems that the other two paedo`s ( and we all know who they are) a bit closer to home, have also got away with it.

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Re: Life for murder paedo wanted by Maddie tecs

Post by justagrannynow 1 on 11.06.10 7:35

More tenuous connections. A load of "thought to be", could be" etc etc. Nothing at all to suggest who thinks O'Neill was in Portugal May 2007 and what evidence leads them to believe that.
IMO this is yet another seedy attempt to plant the abduction scenario into the minds of the public. If there was one shred of evidence to support these suspicions, wouldn't the UK police be considering questioning this pair being as they are in prison in the UK ? The fact that it is the incompetent private detectives who are keen to do the interviewing says it all.

If Madeleine was abducted, why the need for this barrage of dodgy sightings, impossible timelines, comic cut abductors and statements full of lies and inconsistencies ? The poor child would have been snatched, leaving bewildered parents with no explanations as to how the crime was carried out. No necessity to try to prove how the crime was committed.

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Re: Life for murder paedo wanted by Maddie tecs

Post by kangdang on 11.06.10 8:46

Ah of course then it automatically follows that this chap would turn his perverted attentions to lasses. Afterall there is the evidence that gays do 'go back in' as Barrymore has shown us in recent times.

Smacks of desperation to me, but then I am a simpleton

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