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A MESSAGE TO THE MEDIA and more.....

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A MESSAGE TO THE MEDIA and more.....

Post by HiDeHo on 04.07.18 23:04



Surely we are ALL here for Madeleine and the TRUTH?

We have studied the Police Files for the past 10 years and REALISE that the police investigation (40,000 files) points consistently to the likelihood  of Maddies parents  being complicit in her disappearance.

The Final Report does not CLEAR them of involvement, it only recognises there is no proof.  In fact the police were unable to pinpoint at that time WHAT crime had been commited, and until that is established NO-ONE can be charged!

Like most people, we believed what we first heard (abduction) and initially, defended our thoughts.  A natural thing to do. (Although some recognised the signs straight away)

The McCanns personified the ultimate grieving couple that demanded respect. Both being doctors with a beautiful little girl that had disappeared with no explanation. Initially, who wouldn't have been shocked and feeling compassion for their pain.

One VERY curious and 'telling' thing was they made no attempt to enlist the help of people online.  It was before facebook groups but many forums were available to help them 'search'. If they were innocent I know I would be using my energy to fight on their behalf, as many other people would do.

To this day, their facebook page  is ONLY for support of the McCanns themselves with no-one allowed to discuss neglect OR post videos OR to help search for  Maddie using the investigation files.  In fact if ANYONE posts information from the police investigation they could be banned!

They paid £100,000 to have the police files translated but have not made them public! SURELY they could have enlisted VOLUNTARY help to go through the files and see if there was anything to help search for Maddie??

SOMETHING was not right....

Shortly after, many of us began to see details that didnt add up, and we started to discuss these discrepancies on forums.  It didnt take long to recognise the distinct possibility that the abduction theory was not based on any factual information.


* Those of us that that had the time and motivation to research as much information as possible  on the case. (Informed Researchers)

* Those that had busy lives and relied entirely on UK media reports based on McCann PR. (Media Believers)

It is understandable that the UK public and the journalists publishing the information were fed their information from the McCANN PR.  Portuguese police investigations demanded SECRECY so only ONE side of the story was getting to the UK press. The McCann story!

A police investigation requires interviewing witnesses and asking questions and it wasn't long before the 'direction' of the investigation became known publicly and Portuguese press were able to inform their readers about some of the FACTS of the case.  (Correio da Manha, SOL reports being an example)

Some of the UK press repeated these 'facts' as they had no official police spokesman to guide them.  They KNEW of the possible repercussions, but had no alternative.  As it happens, most of the details were CONFIRMED a year later when the case was shelved in July 2008 and the POLICE FILES were made public shortly afterwards, but PRIOR to the confirmation of facts the McCanns hired expensive lawyers and ultimately sued the Express for £550,000.

They were declared  'Arguidos' in September 2007 and with UK reporting the FACTS, the UK public  became HOSTILE towards them.  However, the income from the Maddies search fund  was enough to secure HANOVER PR firm at a cost of £30,000 to change PUBLIC HOSTILITY to SYMPATHY, which was achieved and Hanover WON AN AWARD for their efforts!

At the time the McCanns claimed they were spending money on a POSTER campaign, but we were unable to find any confirmation of this happening.  The money was spent to fund their reputation management.

So here we have a case of a couple, identified by police as possible suspects but with a media machine that chose instead to create the illusion of them merely being grieving parents searching for their daughter.

The UK public believed it!

UNDERSTANDABLE... most people did not have the time to question the details (and still don't)

HOWEVER... those of us with time and CARING enough to search for the TRUTH continued to look at the details that almost, without question, pointed more and more to the parents being complicit.

The initial claims were of ABDUCTION 

There was an IMMEDIATE effort to discredit Portuguese police so ANY information or facts from the case could be explained away by referring to them as 'bumbling cops' .  This was a disgrace.  The LIES told about the police response were shocking.  The timeline of their actions that night showed that by 1.15am (approx 2 1/2 hrs after the first call) there were 12 known GNR and PJ officers on the scene, with many others woken from their sleep and immediately responding in the search.

Call at 10.40pm - These officers on scene BY 1.15am


-José Maria Batista Roque (arrived 11pm)

-Nelson Filipe Pacheco da Costa (arrived 11pm)

-Sgt Antonio Henrique da Duarte Conceição (left at 6am returned at 7am)
José Carlos Leal Pimental (OFF DUTY)

- Joao Vasco da Silva Casimiro

- Paolo Jorge Fernandes Neto

Rui Sergio Lópes Silva (DAY OFF)

Santos (OFF DUTY)

Paolo Jorge Carvaihosa da Costa (OFF DUTY)

-Paolo Jorge Fernandes Neto

PJ arrived 12.45am

-Vitor Manuel Martins

- João Franciso Páscoa Luis Trigo Barreira - Forensics

2.00am - 7.00am

Armando Augusto Morais & DOG Kit

-Carlos Manuel Carvalho Lacao & Dog Numi

Claims that no-one was around in the morning are FALSE.  Two dogs were searching from approx 2am until 7am and one GNR officer, up all night took ONE HOUR off at 6am  before returning at 7am!

From those details alone one can see the LIES that were told about the police, but as mentioned, it was NECESSARY as once the FACTS came out anything unexplainable could be blamed on the incompetence of the Portuguese police. Despicable!

This highlights how the UK public were LIED to by the media and, along with other 'facts' and PR control over anything published and WHY there is the divide.

*  Those that BELIEVE the McCanns are innocent grieving parents because of what they have been TOLD.

*  Those that have STUDIED the facts over 11 years and have the KNOWLEDGE to decide for themselves.

For anyone that has 15 minutes to spare, you with be SHOCKED at the details of the police response and DISGUSTED that the McCanns claimed they did nothing...

BUT it was carefully put into place immediately as any FACTS from the investigation could be discredited because of 'bumbling police'.

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Re: A MESSAGE TO THE MEDIA and more.....

Post by willowthewisp on 05.07.18 12:00

Hi HiDeHo,as you have confirmed,the UK MSM were on message"Bungling Portugal PJ",yet at No time has there been as much as a "Pip-Squeek" from UK MSM about how the UK Police forces have behaved?

They managed to,mysteriously,contaminate the DNA/LCI samples from the Renault Scenic and Apartment 5a Ocean club,Birmingham FSS?

They allowed a parent to travel alone into their own abode in the UK,wherebye they used a"Pillow Case" from a bed in Rothely,"stating it was from Madeleine's Bed",with No Official Police Officer present to confirm,which child and the pillow case could decipher a link.
Look at the "Test Results" Not Madeleine's?

Then if you adhere to Martin Grimes crime dogs,Eddie,Keela,then the amazing call Me Stu Prior,Mereddyd Huges,phone calls to Gerry,named as an Arquido,but UK Police are conferring to a suspect,about his missing Daughter Madeleine McCann?

Did anyone feel sorry for Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley of the Metropolitan Police Force,when stating,"Madeleine" wasn't old enough to make a decision on her life,when she disappeared,she was Abducted as per the Remit,what a cringe worthy statement,that will be picked over for decades,as"Top Flight Police Work" Cognitive Dissonance others would state alongside,nodding dog statement from DCI Simon Foy,Panorama,Richard Bilton,is there a "Cover up",Yes but no reason given why!
Keep up the good work.

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Re: A MESSAGE TO THE MEDIA and more.....

Post by HiDeHo on 05.07.18 15:56

Is THIS how the McCanns managed to maintain the 'illusion' of the 'abduction'?

Similar to these tactics?

“The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly - it must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over.
― Joseph Goebbels

'Police did nothing'
'Nothing to prove Madeleine is dead'
etc. etc.


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Re: A MESSAGE TO THE MEDIA and more.....

Post by HiDeHo on 05.07.18 18:06

MCMINUTE: McCanns need to maintain an ILLUSION in Britain

Are UK Public kept in DARK? UK MEDIA not reporting IMPORTANT details about Madeleine McCann?


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