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FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017 Mm11

FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017 Regist10

FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017

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FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017 Empty FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017

Post by Jill Havern on 15.02.18 19:02

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) 10 February 2018
Dear Ms Kendall
Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 2018010000845
I write in connection with your request for information which was received
by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) on 19/01/2018.  I note you seek
access to the following information:
* Will you please inform me if Operation Grange will be requesting more
money for the ongoing search for Madeleine McCann when present funding
runs out in March
* Also the total sum that has been spent so far of taxpayers money in
this search
The Metropolitan Police Service can neither confirm nor deny whether it
holds the information that you requested as the duty in Section 1(1)(a) of
the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the Act) does not apply by virtue of
the following exemptions:
* Section 30 - Investigations
Please see the legal annex for further information on the exemptions
applied in respect of your request.
The investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann is ongoing
and as with any ongoing investigation we need to ensure that any
information provided under the Freedom of Information Act does not impact
on the police operation.  In this instance the MPS have decided to apply a
neither confirm nor deny (NCND) response to the first part of your
request.  This is because the MPS are not prepared to say whether we have
or have not approached the Home Office in respect of the continuation of
Operation Grange.  
As you would expect the MPS will not provide a running commentary on live
investigations.  Any response which confirms whether or not additional
funding is being sought would also be likely to confirm whether or not
there are any outstanding lines of enquiry that the Operation Grange team
feel should be explored.  
The MPS provide updates to the public by way of press releases and blogs
which are carefully timed and prepared in order to ensure we keep the
public informed without compromising the ongoing investigation.  An
example of such an update can be found at the following link:
The MPS appreciate that the funding for Operation Grange is of high public
interest however as explained confirmation of whether or not the requested
information is held would give an insight in to the investigation itself.
 Clearly information concerning an ongoing investigation must be protected
in order to ensure that any response issued does not disrupt the
investigation or assist offenders.  
To clarify, any response which outlines whether or not there are further
enquiries to be made concerning a criminal investigation could not be
placed in the public domain as this would be highly valuable information
to the individuals who are responsible for offences.  Such individuals may
subsequently decide to take additional measures to avoid detection or
apprehension.  Conversely offenders would also benefit should the MPS
response indicate that our enquiries have concluded or are near
At this point, I would like to explain that all FOI disclosures are
published on our website as the information, once disclosed, is considered
to be available to all members of the public.  
We must protect the integrity of our investigation, however we are also
keenly aware of the public's interest in the cost of this investigation
and how it is funded.  A careful balance is needed to show that we are
both accountable for our decisions and transparent regarding the cost to
the public purse.
The exemption provide under section 30 of the Act is qualified and
therefore I am required to provide you with a public interest test which
you can find in the legal annex below.
Please note this response should not be taken to as an indication of
whether the information requested under part one of your request is or is
not held.
The MPS have decided to disclosure the cost of Operation Grange to date to
you in full.  
The cost of Operation Grange is as follows:

* 2011/12 - £1.9m
* 2012/13 - £2.8m
* 2013/14 - £2.6m
* 2014/15 - £2.4m
* 2015/16 - £1.1m
* 2016/17 - £332,994

In addition the cost for the first three quarters of financial year
2017/18 (April - December 2017) is £217,411.  As this is not a full year
this data cannot be compared to other years.
Should you have any further enquiries concerning this matter, please
contact me on 0207 161 3583 or via email at [email address],
quoting the reference number above.
Yours sincerely
David Edwards
Information Rights Unit

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Jill Havern
Jill Havern
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Chief Faffer

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FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017 Empty Re: FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017

Post by polyenne on 16.02.18 9:31

As I've stated before...."on-going investigation" = mind your own business.

How long will this charade continue ?

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FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017 Empty Re: FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017

Post by polyenne on 16.02.18 9:32

........with OUR money

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FOI: Cost of Operation Grange to Dec 2017 Empty Cost-Operation Grange

Post by willowthewisp on 16.02.18 10:24

@polyenne wrote:........with OUR money
Hi Polyenne,must be something wrong with their accountants,as totting up the total is only £11 Million,Hayo Mc intyre?

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