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Post by Keitei on 12.07.17 14:05

THE HUNT GOES ON What happened to Madeleine McCann, what are the theories about her disappearance and what age would she be now?

Madeleine McCann disappeared a decade ago in May 2007 while on holiday with her family in Portugal

By Neal Baker, Jon Lockett, Paul Harper and Gemma Mullin
12th July 2017, 12:00 pm  Updated: 12th July 2017, 12:59 pm

TEN years ago, little Madeleine McCann disappeared sparking one of the largest missing person hunts in history.

The then three-year-old has never been seen since, vanishing from the holiday apartments in Portugal where she had been staying with her siblings and their parents and Kate and Gerry in May 2007.
When did Madeleine McCann disappear?

Madeleine vanished on May 3, 2007, when her family, from Leicestershire, were holidaying in the Algarve, Portugal.

Parents Gerry and Kate left their three children – including toddler twins Sean and Amelie – sleeping in their apartment while they dined at a tapas bar – 120 metres away.

In September of that year, Gerry and Kate, who are both doctors, were sensationally named as ‘arguidos’ by Portuguese police.

While arguido is often translated as ‘suspect’, it actually means a person being questioned under caution.

The following summer the McCanns were cleared by investigators in Portugal who declared they had exhausted all avenues in the case.
How old would Madeleine McCann be now?

Maddie would have turned 14 on May 12 2017.

In April 2012, UK cops released a computer generated image of Maddie showing what she would look like aged nine.

A number of potential leads have emerged since the little girl vanished, but none amounted to anything and no arrests have ever been made.

Is the case still open?

Detectives working on the case were still pursuing “critical” leads at the time of the 10th anniversary of her disappearance in May, a Scotland Yard chief has said.

Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Rowley said there are “significant investigative avenues” that are of “great interest” to both the UK and Portuguese teams investigating.

Met cops believe she was stolen by child traffickers or sex fiends, or during a burglary gone wrong.

Kate said of their £12million probe: “It might not be as quick as we want but there’s real progress being made and I think we need to take heart from that.”
What theories are there about Maddie’s disappearance?

Mark Williams-Thomas, an investigative journalist and ex-police officer, revealed his theory about what happened the night Maddie went missing when he appeared on ITV’s This Morning on February 21.

According to the TV detective, Maddie left the apartment in search of her parents.

“I think Maddie was aware they were in the tapas bar in the resort,” he said.

“In order to get to the bar you have to come out of the premises, walk on a public road and go back in again.

“The concern I have, I believe she woke up and went looking for them, she left the apartment and came out, we already know the patio door was insecure.”

Parents Gerry and Kate have since been forced to confront rumours around their daughter’s disappearance, with the couple vowing to fight “tooth and nail” if they are ever prosecuted over leaving their children alone.
Ex-police chief Goncalo Amaral has claimed MI5 helped cover-up Madeleine McCann’s body after her parents accidentally killed her.

In July, Maddie parents failed in their latest bid to silence his slurs.

A family pal said: “Realistically a European Court appeal was never going to succeed plus it would be too expensive to launch.

“It seems Mr Amaral, regrettably, has won once and for all. The fight is finally over.

“It means he can continue to spout his malicious lies about Kate and Gerry being involved in a cover up of their daughter’s death, which is almost laughable if it wasn’t so hurtful and damaging in the hunt for Madeleine.”

Veteran investigative journalist Danny Collins believes the toddler could not have been snatched from the room.

He is convinced she left the apartment in Praia da Luz looking for her parents before being abducted and possibly sold to gypsies.

Former Scotland Yard detective Colin Sutton says the most “most likely and credible scenario” for Maddie’s disappearance is a targeted kidnap – possibly to replace some grieving parents’ own dead child.
How many alleged sightings of Maddie have there been?

Potential sightings of the British three-year old followed up by British cops total 8,685 across 101 countries and territories, a Freedom of Information request by The Sun showed in October last year.

A list of sightings from each of the 101 countries – nearly all of which have been labelled NFA or No Further Action – was compiled by The Sun.

Most serious were the alleged sightings in the hours and days following Madeleine’s disappearance.

On the night she was taken police received two separate potential sightings from members of the public — however one was fully ruled out as being a holidaymaker with his daughter.

There were six reported sightings between May 4-17 in Portugal, including CCTV footage that showed a girl matching Maddie’s description with two men and a woman at a petrol station in the town of Nelas.

Over the border in Spain there have been three reported sightings – the latest being in April 2012 — but all have been ruled out, along with eight major alleged sightings in Morocco.

There were as many as 29 in Malta in the month after the disappearance which led to the capital Valletta being briefly locked down.

One of the most serious potential sightings in Amsterdam was revealed when Portuguese police released their case files in August 2008.

It showed a girl of blonde girl of Madeleine’s age and description told a shopkeeper her name was “Maddie” and she had been “taken from mummy”.

The McCann’s were not made aware of this alleged sighting at the time and it is not clear how if at all investigators followed it up.

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Post by MayMuse on 12.07.17 14:42

A flurry of McCann spin from the Sun... 
in words of KM " it's all rubbish"

“Basically, I’m just an ordinary, straightforward guy who’s the victim of the biggest f***-up on this planet – if you’ll excuse the language.” bingo

Robert Murat talking to David Jones, Daily Mail, 02 June 2007


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Post by sar on 12.07.17 15:17

....same pic published earlier today captioned "MM on day she went missing"


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Post by sandancer on 12.07.17 16:17

What I wonder is behind this latest flurry of " poor McCanns " in the sun ?

Are we to hear of more " revelations " , " new suspects " , another " last throw of the dice " 

An early plea for more money for Operation Grange to continue the " search " 

Have they found the " woman in purple " yet ?

More money for the " Fund " so the " Hunt will go on " , not to mention the payment they must make to Amaral .

Of course we're not allowed to mention that are we , let's just brush that under the carpet after all he's a " money grabber " isn't he !

It's not just " rubbish " it's " ludicrous " !

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