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What Date Will You Stop To Consider The 10 Year Anniversary?

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What Date Will You Stop To Consider The 10 Year Anniversary?

Post by EnglishBull on 24.04.17 11:27

What I mean is that over the next week or so we will be bombarded with 3rd May, 3rd May, 3rd May, 3rd May, 3rd May, Kidnap, Kidnap, Taken, Taken, Abducted and on and on and on.  It got me thinking about when do I consider the Anniversary to be? I do think about little Madeleine everyday however in my own opinion this coming Friday 28th April 2017 will be a heartbreaking day for me as it will be exactly 10 years since she arrived in Praia da Luz.

Everything that I know and have researched can only be a theory but one thing I do know is that Madeleine Beth McCann for a fact arrived in Praia da Luz on Friday and unfortunately everything after that is a mystery so I will be taking the day to remember Madeleine on Friday.

The day that little Madeleine's Holiday from Hell began though no fault of her own.


Added by a Mod:  She arrived at Praia da Luz on SATURDAY 28 April 2007 (not Friday). The last wholly trustworthy sighting of her was on Sunday lunchtime (29 April) - unless you think the 'Make-Up Photo' was taken later that day - Moderator

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