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David Payne, met by who at the airport? Mm11

David Payne, met by who at the airport? Regist10

David Payne, met by who at the airport?

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David Payne, met by who at the airport? Empty David Payne, met by who at the airport?

Post by Roamin on 21.04.16 13:34

Hi All

still ploughing through stuff, can't find this discussed elsewhere, sorry if it is.

Here is a quote from David Payne's rogatory

"Err you know we were met by, err you know Gerry had organised err the taxi side of it err over in err Portugal, you know it had been my responsibility to sort out the Mark Warner and everything and Gerry had err had you know err paid for the flight and he’d sorted the taxis out over there. Err you know the being concerned about the child seats in the taxi but you know we were all relatively happy err going to the resort"

If Gerry was so skint just whose flights did he pay for? The implication above is that Gerry paid for all the flights of that party and DP paid for the accommodation.

Next, if Gerry had never been to the resort before, organizing taxis is interesting. I'.ve been away lots of times, not sure I've booked taxis prior in the UK. Getting Mark Warner to arrange this is the logical approach, they are running transfers all the time back and fore to the airport.

Finally, met by who? did we ever get to find out?

thanks, Roamin

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