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Protect Freedom of Information (FOI) laws Mm11

Protect Freedom of Information (FOI) laws Regist10

Protect Freedom of Information (FOI) laws

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Protect Freedom of Information (FOI) laws Empty Protect Freedom of Information (FOI) laws

Post by Jill Havern on 18.09.15 20:45

Protect Freedom of Information (FOI) laws Parliament%20FOI%20no%20police

Protect Freedom of Information (FOI) laws
To The Government

Petition Text

Protect our Freedom of Information laws, that give people the right to hold our decision makers to account.

Why is this important?

The government wants to restrict Freedom of Information laws - that help citizens expose dodgy lobbyists, poor government decisions and threats to public safety. They're desperate to water-down our right to hold them to account. While only a few of us may have ever made a request using Freedom of Information laws - they have the power to affect us all.

It was a ‘Freedom of Information’ (FOI) request that exposed the MPs’ expenses scandal. And it was another FOI request which exposed that a third of NHS contracts were being handed-out to private companies. FOI requests are critical for many of the campaigns that improve our society.

Newspapers and several Conservative MPs have already spoken out against the plans. A huge people-powered petition - signed by hundreds of thousands of us - will add even more pressure on the government to scrap their idea. Please sign the petition now.
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