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Post by PeterMac on 03.05.15 7:43

Today marks the Official Start of
Child Abandonment Week

Spoonsored by Missing People, backed by Harriet Harman and Dromey
Guest appearances by children's entertainers Rolf Harris (if he can make it), Jimmy Savile, Cliff Richard and many others
Max Clifford brings you, in conjunction with Lord Greville Janner

Abandon a child Week

for the whole week parents are urged to leave their doors and windows open, and to leave their children indoors whilst they have dinner at the bottom of their gardens.
Ignore the crying, forget about intruders, leave valuables on bedside tables.
You know it will be all right

Go down to the pub for Quiz night, and gaze lovingly on the impressive assets of the quiz-mistress

The finale is on Thursday, which is designated
Pretend One is Missing Night
At a single phone call pretend police officers called Tweedledum and Tweedledee will pretend to search your house, and will plant DNA, Blood and human cadaverine
You will have the fun of being accused of having done something wrong.
What you have to do it to confuse them, by making up stories about what you did
And then . . .   You change the story.   watch the officers squirm as they try to work it out.

Great fun for all the (remaining) family
At the conclusion of this exciting week many parents will feel the need for some foreign travel.
Rome, Washington DC, Morocco, Berlin are the usual resorts, and private jets can be laid on for the most important participants.

Enjoy, smile, laugh, and suck your lollipops.
The best performance will win MILLIONS



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Post by Dr What on 03.05.15 10:22

An excellent idea.

With the added bonus that the winner[s] get to become 'Ambassadors' for Missing People.

Dr What

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