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"Judge says it wasn’t proven damages caused to parents in the sequence of book about Maddie"

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"Judge says it wasn’t proven damages caused to parents in the sequence of book about Maddie"

Post by NickE on 22.01.15 16:59

Correio da Manhã, paper edition, Thursday, 22.1.2015

Judge says it wasn’t proven damages caused to parents in the sequence of book about Maddie

Magali Pinto

Judge Emilia Melo e Castro who decides on the civil proceedings that opposes Maddie's parents to Gonçalo Amaral, former PJ investigator, concludes that "no proof was made [no evidence has been presented to prove] that Kate and Gerry are destroyed from a moral, social and ethical point of views "- despite considering that due to the publication of the book 'Maddie, the truth of the lie”, by Amaral, the couple "felt anger, despair, anxiety, worry, and suffered insomnia and lack of appetite."

These are some of the facts considered proved in the lawsuit filed by the parents of Madeleine - the girl who disappeared in May 2007 in Praia da Luz in the Algarve, when she was three – in which they demand an indemnity of € 1.2 million.

At the end of the dispatch, to which the CdM had access to, the judge added that "from the sentimental/emotional point of view it’s not credible that the consequences of the facts would go to the point of destruction or beyond the pain caused by the disappearance of their daughter. It is not certain from the available evidence to discern what of these alleged facts is a result of Madeleine's disappearance from what is the effect caused by the book. "

When the couple was last year, in July at the Justice Palace [building of the court-house] in Lisbon, to make their statements, they considered the book, which defends the thesis that the parents are directly linked to the disappearance of the child, "shocking and an affront to the family". "Before and during reading of the book, I felt anguish, despair and anger", said Gerry to the judge.

In 2009, the court ordered that the Gonçalo Amaral books of the stands; however, the Appeal Court overturned this decision. The magistrate has not yet set a date for the reading of the sentence of this civil action

When asked if people will ever learn what really happened, Mr Amaral responded: “Yes, we will, when MI5 opens the case files, we will find out".

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