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Where is Jane ?? Mm11

Where is Jane ?? Regist10

Where is Jane ??

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Where is Jane ?? Empty Where is Jane ??

Post by Guest on 06.06.14 19:40

Where is Jane?

Where is Jane ?? Artworks-000048523059-v3dd0q-crop

During the recent Miles for Missing People charity run Kate was competing in the 10k run while Gerry and the twins entered the 3k competition. According to the entry list Kate was to be accompanied by such old friends as Rachel Oldfield and Jane Tanner for moral support and to show that all was well within the Tapas group. There are pictures of Rachel to prove that she gladly stood by her old friend although she would have lost sight of Kate rather quickly tailing behind.

Where is Jane ?? 159888

But where was Jane? There is no picture of her at the start of the race and she did not make it to the finish line according to the list of results. Did she get lost on the way or was she not there at all? Was her name entered into the attendee's list, waisting precious ~ 20 pounds from the FUND to give the impression that she was still good friends with the couple or did she simply not turn up because of things more important like the annual Galway Flip-Flop run?.

I am afraid we will hardly ever know.

But what we have learned only recently is, that after Andy Redwood had exonerated her from the suspicion of being a mere liar and fantasist by producing the ever so elusive "Man who carried a child", she has been placed firmly back into the very position she so desperately wanted to leave. And unfortunately by the very people she so badly wanted to help that night in May 2007.

The recent docu drama, offered to Channel 5 by a BRIGHTON based independent film company served only two purposes apart from secretly reveiling that it was the possibility of satellite images of the ABDUCTOR during the night of May 3rd that allowed Kevin Halligen to cheat the McCanns out of at least half a million: To document that the "world's best intelligence people" never ever once suspected the parents themselves and to place Jane firmly back into her role as a fantasist who makes up stories as she flip-flops along.

The "docu" also showed that the very people she tried to help out got her taped during interviews and did not trust her at all to keep quiet. Imagine the moment Andy Redwood showed her the Omega Report and what it contained regarding herself. If she did not have second thoughts after she had to read in Kate's book yet another alleged phantasy attributed to her (that she saw Madeleine during the sailing on the morning of May 3rd) that would have certainly made her reevaluate her position in the chess game she had always been a pawn in.

Wherever she is, I wish her all the strength she can muster for the upcoming months and years and give her one thing: She is the only human being in the game.

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