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Post by Woofer on 15.02.14 19:29

1988 – Coulson at The Sun with Piers Morgan.

1998 – Coulson starts affair with Rebekah Wade.                 
2000 – Coulson marries Eloise and becomes Deputy            
                     Editor of News of The World.                               
2002 – Rebekah Wade marries Ross Kemp.                             
2003 – Rebekah Kemp leaves News of The World to           
                 become Editor at The Sun.                                       
-            Coulson becomes Editor of The New of The             
2004 – Coulson breaks off affair with Rebekah Kemp.          

2005 – Clarence Mitchell at Government MMU.

2006 – Rebekah separates from Ross Kemp.

2007 – January – Coulson resigns from News of the World 
                    over phone hacking.

              3rd May – Madeleine missing.

               Rebekah Kemp persuades David Cameron to hire
                      Coulson (he was going to hire someone else).

        9th July - Coulson given position in Tory party as 
                       Director of Communications.

       July - Gerry McCann at The Sun Police Bravery awards.

       Sept – Clarence Mitchell seconded from Labour party
                           MMU to assist the McCanns.

2008 – Coulson found guilty of bullying by Tribunal and News
                           of the World ordered to pay victims £800,000.

         -  Clarence Mitchell joins Freud Communications.

         -  Clarence Mitchell says his phone has been hacked but
                            doesn`t think the McCanns were hacked.

2009 -  Rebekah Kemp marries Charlie Brookes (friend of David Cameron).

            The Sun/Rebekah Brookes  supporting the McCanns to
                            get The Review they want.

            Someone persuades Alan Johnson (then Labour Home
                   Secretary) to commission CEOP (Jim Gamble) to do a
                   report on the missing child. Its not completed before
                   Conservatives get in.

2010 -  Clarence Mitchell joins Conservative party Election

          -  David Cameron visits Rupert Murdoch on his yacht

          -  Cameron wins the Election.  

            McCanns ask for audience with Theresa May (New  
                     Home Secretary).

            The Sun serialises Kate McCann`s book. Pays
                     McCanns abt £500,000.

             Rebekah Brooks persuades David Cameron to order a
                      Review for the McCanns.

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Cameron, Clarence, Coulson connections

Post by willowthewisp on 07.07.15 13:16

Woofer, How very dare you show that Dodgy Dave may be involved with certain Chippen Norton set, it's not Daves fault that the fragrant Rebekah chose to become a neighbour to him after committing adultery with Andrew Coulson and then marry Charlie (scamper in the car park, dodgy computer,porn)Brooks, phone hacking trail!
Just because Dave was onboard Rupert's Yacht and shortly after wards Sky is awarded to Bsyb (Jeremy Hunt) deal done behind Vince's back and the S**m came out to back the Conservatives from then onwards.
This was after they had tried to Black mail Gordon Brown, where the S**m released the personnel medical file on Mr&Mrs Browns son who was ill or was about to be treated for an illness?
Good old Rupert eh, man of the people? sarcastic

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Post by jeanmonroe on 07.07.15 16:26

2010 -  -  Cameron wins the Election.  

Me being 'pinickity''

Cameron did NOT 'win' the UK General Election, in 2010.

His 'party' won the most seats.

And he had to go into a 'coalition' with the Lib Dems  (who they, NOW?)


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