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Man at the Helm versus The Monster

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Man at the Helm versus The Monster

Post by Guest on 04.02.13 20:24

Textusa has posted a tribute to Tony on her blog

Thank you Textusa thumbsup

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Re: Man at the Helm versus The Monster

Post by jd on 04.02.13 22:09

"And if others can say things that only one can't we’re definitely into FREEDOM OF SPEECH territory and far from libel one.

And, from what I've read, Mr Bennett hasn't said anything that official sources haven't also said, including those directly linked to the couple, namely Clarence Mitchell.

So IT IS a case where Mr Bennett is not allowed to express himself in the same way others are free to do so.

Who pulled the strings?...THE SYMINGTONS..And the Scottish connections...Look no further if you dare

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