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Metropolitan Police faces quiz over McCann review

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Metropolitan Police faces quiz over McCann review

Post by ROSA on 26.05.11 10:32

26 May 2011 Last updated at 08:48 GMT

Metropolitan Police faces quiz over McCann review

Madeleine McCann vanished in 2007
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Metropolitan (Met) Police Commissioner Sir Paul Stephenson will face questions following the decision to review the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
London Assembly member Jenny Jones will raise the issue at the Metropolitan Police Association (MPA) meeting later.
She will ask about the allocation of resources for specific cases of children who have disappeared.
Campaigners and relatives of other lost and missing children will hold a vigil outside City Hall ahead of the meeting.
Madeleine, whose family live in Leicester, went missing at the age of three while on holiday in Portugal in May 2007.Outside jurisdiction
Earlier this month the Home Office said Scotland Yard would bring their "bring their expertise" to the search for Madeleine.
But campaigners have raised concerns that this has happened at a time when police resources are stretched and the Forensic Science Service is due to close.
At the meeting Ms Jones will ask: "This review was requested by the prime minister and home secretary. Is your understanding that in future an elected police and crime commissioner would be able to request that the Met investigate specific cases in this way?"
She said: "A missing child is every parent's worst nightmare and I have real sympathy for the many families in this position.
"Because of the prime minister's request to review the Madeleine McCann case, the Met police will be using a lot of time and resources to focus on one particular case, outside of their jurisdiction.
"I don't know how they will justify to other families why their missing children will not be getting exactly the same level of attention."
A Met spokesman said the review was being carried out at the request of the Home Secretary.
He said: "The commissioner has considered the request and the review will be carried out subject to funding being made available by the Home Office as the case is beyond the Metropolitan Police Service's jurisdiction."

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Re: Metropolitan Police faces quiz over McCann review

Post by Guest on 26.05.11 10:41

I think David Cameron is going to drop the Labour Government and in particular Gordon Brown, right in the brown stuff with this move. It will be a political nightmare for Labour and god does he know it. This will all rear it's ugly head at a very opportune time when votes will count, just you wait and see.

Thanks for the report ROSA.

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Re: Metropolitan Police faces quiz over McCann review

Post by stephen25000 on 26.05.11 12:37

Cameron is something of an opportunist, but I would think by now he would have read through the files or had someone refer to the pertinent information contained therein.

The previous government was up to it's neck in this case, so I'm interested to see what happens next.


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Re: Metropolitan Police faces quiz over McCann review

Post by Guest on 26.05.11 12:47

Me too..

They say patience is a virtue. and all good things comes to those who wait 4 years.

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