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Robert Murat's body language showed he lied  Mm11

Robert Murat's body language showed he lied  Regist10

Robert Murat's body language showed he lied

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Robert Murat's body language showed he lied  Empty Robert Murat's body language showed he lied

Post by Tony Bennett on 16.03.11 20:39

As we demonstrated in the first part of our 120-page article on Robert Murat [ ], Murat lied at least 17 times in his first interview with the Portuguese Police on 14 May 2007, when he was asked about his movements between 1 and 4 May 2007, when he was in Portugal, having flown out there early on 1 May.

When re-interviewed by the police on 10 and 11 July, he changed his story in at least 17 significant respects, claiming he had been 'too tired' to remember the truth when he first told his story (!).

Murat has also been denounced as a liar by the U.S.-based 'Eyes-for-Lies' website, which analyses from body language and verbal cues whether someone is telling the truth or not.

Here's Chapter Q from our article on Robert Murat, which gives a transcript of a TV interview with Murat shortly after he'd collected his handsome £600,000 payout via the libel courts, and includes observations by the eyes-for-lies website.

Here's the article, but first, the eyes-for-lies link:

Q. Robert Murat’s interview five days after he received his £600,000 libel award

Asked to comment on his libel victory, Murat declared, on SKY TV, and reading from a prepared text: “The newspapers in this case brought about the total and utter destruction of mine and my family’s life, and caused immense distress”.

Five days after Robert Murat received his libel pay-out, and while still an arguido, he gave a TV interview for the BBC. This is how the interview went:

Murat: “I would like to know I was made an, because, er, sincerely, I don't understand why I was made an arguido. Erm, yeah, I would like to find out. I would like to find out.

Reporter: “Would there be satisfaction or anger when the police, if they do, fully clear you?”

Murat: “Well, I can't really answer that because, er, they may have...they may have had, um...they may have felt, should I say, that, that there was a reason to do it, and if there's a justifiable reason to make me an arguido, um, then...I have to look at it and be sensible about it. Um, it doesn't help in any way, shape or form, me, um, here, 14 months down the line, er, still an arguido, but that is the law of Portugal. Now this happened in Portugal and as much as we do not like how the legal system works in Portugal, this is their legal system and they are doing their job”.

The U.S.-based website ‘Eyes for Lies’ has analysed this interview, looking at the facial expressions. The full analysis by the ‘Eyes’ website (run by a U.S. lady) can be viewed here:

In summary, the ‘Eyes’ website makes these points:

‘Eyes’ suggests that five day later, we would expect Murat to be showing the same sign of distress as in the statement he made five days earlier on SKY.


“We should see a man, who is angry, violated, misunderstood and unjustly treated”.

She continues: “Is this what we see when we watch Murat speak here? Absolutely not. What we see, instead, is a man who is enjoying the spotlight. You'd think in this interview that Murat was sitting down for an afternoon tea, and not a serious conversation about how his life was ruined. He is enjoying speculating and bantering about this whole scenario as if it had no implications for him, yet he readily acknowledges he is still a suspect.

“Look at how he smirks and grins. More importantly, we don't see any distress, or feelings of violation. We don't see anger for all the pain he has supposedly had to endure. We don't see a hint that this is a man who was wrongly looked at, put under the microscope, called a suspect and had his life destroyedas he says himself. His behaviour is a complete contradiction to the circumstances that he wants us to believe here. It is totally different than the script he read out to the media after he won his libel suit, but it shouldn't be.

“It’s one thing not to be bothered by the entire frenzy and to ignore it because he knows he is innocent, and that the police couldn't possibly have anything on him. It's quite another to tell us it devastatedhis life and to go after the press, but to then turn around and act like it was no big deal, and entertain the idea that if the Portuguese police had reason to call him a suspect that they are just ‘doing their job’ and that he should be ‘sensible’ about it, is absurd.

“It's flat out pompous. If the police inaccurately labelled you a suspect, would you ever entertain such nonsense? I can't believe I am even seeing this arrogance. Is that how you would feel if you have been wrongly looked at as a suspect for an entire year? After the police searched your house multiple times? After your life was supposedly ruined, and the media trashed your name around the world?

“If shoddy detective work destroyed your life, was inaccurate or faulty, I can be 100% confident in saying that you'd nevergo there. It defies logic. If there is one person on this earth who should neverhave doubts about Murat's innocence, it should be Robert Murat himself…”


We think these are perceptive observations and would recommend people to view the full article.
Tony Bennett
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