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A Summative Overview Mm11

A Summative Overview Regist10
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A Summative Overview Mm11

A Summative Overview Regist10

A Summative Overview

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A Summative Overview Empty A Summative Overview

Post by Verdi 26.10.21 13:07

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More oddities:

Gerry said on airport bus that he wasn't there to enjoy himself
Speed and professionalism of the Fund/website being set up
2006 seen on website when Maddie went missing in 2007
Naming Fund after a police forensic manual "No stone unturned"
John McCann gave up well-paid job despite having house, wife and kids to support
The last photo of Maddie believed to be fake
Kate's strange diary
Gerry's strange blog
Missing blue tennis bag and pink blanket
Disregarding police advice about releasing information about Maddie's eye
Trademark, marketing ploy
Twins left in unlocked apartment after Kate raised alarm
Twins left in creche during aftermath while they went fundraising
Smiling and smirking, no real tears
Whoever Madeleine's with she'll be giving them her tuppenceworth
Well it was our holiday too
Staged walks, jogging, globetrotting, not searching
Gerry planning events months ahead
No evidence of abduction
No jemmied window
Gerry alleged to have dumped Fridge
Amaral believed Maddie's corpse was frozen or kept cold
Curtains washed, sofa moved, no sheets on twins' cots
Rotting meat, dirty nappies transported in hire car
Lies and inconsistencies, changing statements/stories
Tearing Maddie's book to write timeline before police arrived
Deleting text messages and phone records the night Maddie disappeared
Phoning Sky before phoning police
Gerry having presence of mind to update his Friends Reunited profile to remove babysitting reference
Washing Cuddlecat and using it as a prop for staged photoshoots then dumping it once back in the UK
Framing Robert Murat
The Wider Agenda flipchart
The excessive mileage on the hire car
Blood/marks on walls and floor behind sofa
Cadaver scent in apartment and car and on Kate and Maddie's clothes
David Payne and Gerry's alleged 'paedophilic' conversation reported to police by two doctors
David Payne's alleged 'bathtime' visits
Jon Corner's strange remark about Maddie's special quality and charisma
Ward of Court
Question 41: Is it true that in England you considered giving up Madeleine's guardianship
Claiming to be devout Catholics which was denied by Kate's mother
Sedatives mystery
Not answering police questions
Not going back to Portugal to do the reconstruction
Refusing to take lie detector test
Excuses made for evidence found
Discrediting sniffer dogs
Not requesting the re-opening of the case before the deadline on 20 September 2008
Not taking Amaral's advice and making a formal request to the British police to find Maddie, despite their insistence that she is still alive
Saying they couldn't talk about the investigation because of their arguido status, but now their arguido status has been removed they still won't talk.

Mr Amaral removed from investigation
Mr Amaral's dog killed with serious head injury
Sergey Malinka's car torched

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A Summative Overview Empty Re: A Summative Overview

Post by Jill Havern 28.10.21 18:51

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Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann's voice from any video
Madeleine's coloboma
Any actual searching by Team McCann for Madeleine
Timeline 3rd May
One buggy
Gerry's blog about missing fridge
Blue sports bag
Pink blanket
The remains of all the mosquitoes that flew into the wall behind the sofa
Hair samples from FSS
Madeleine's medical records
Police reconstruction
Answers to 48 police questions
McCanns from Portugal
Watches, mobile phones, credit cards
Gerry's Friends Reunited entry - "anyone fancy babysitting?"
Mobile phone records
Advertising of reward money
Reverend Haynes Hubbard's computer
Thief who returned wallet
One heart attack victim (plane)
Pool people on 3rd May
The lady by the pool
The waterslide
The consciences of the Tapas 9
The identity of the 10th Tapas
Transparency of the Fund
Monthly updates in Hello magazine about McCann's Amber Alert campaign
The continuing support of Sir Richard Branson, JK Rowling, Sir Philip Green, David Beckham, Robbie Williams etc
Any evidence that Grandma Healey had said that Madeleine had trouble sleeping and used to be sedated - whooshed
The reason/name of person being protected by the government
Missing for 6 months the Gaspar statements
All the stories one would normally expect to read about past behaviour of the Tapas7/9/10, for which newpapers pay enormous sums

Madeleine McCann
Amaral's dog
Eddie and Keela
Ray Wyre
Clement Freud
Raymond Hewlett
Euclides Monteiro
Chief Constable Michael Todd
Colin Sahlke
Ricardo Cunha
Brenda Leyland
Kevin Halligen
Michael Linnett
Freedom of speech
Tourism in Praia da Luz
Investigative journalism
Journalistic integrity
6 corpses that contaminated Cuddlecat and Kate's holiday trousers

Removed/moved on:
Bead from Madeleine's hair
Blue bag
Pink blanket
Gonçalo Amaral
Alipio Ribeiro resigned, Head of PJ (he told in an interview that naming the McCann arguidos was "hasty")
British ambassador
Martin Grime and Eddie & Keela
Priest in PdL
Alex Woolfall
Sheree Dodd
Justine McGuinness
David Hughes
The link to the Find Madeleine website from the Vatican website
All references to the McCanns from Esther McVey's Blog
Online Daily Express articles - whooshed
All criticism of the McParents from UK press
The Nanny
Alistair Clark
Unnamed Police Officer from LP (allegedly) taken off case when in PdL
Yvonne the social worker
The Mirror Forum on Madeleine
The 3 Arguidos forum
Chief Inspector Olegario Sousa
Celia Edwards
Sir Christopher Meyer
Control Risks Group

Abduction scene
The Last Photo
Visit to Pope
Walks along the beach
Wistful photo sitting on rocks
The run up the hill in 19 minutes
Sergei Malinka's burnt out car
Cuddlecat photos
TV pleas for help
Sightings of Madeleine

John Buck
Bill Henderson
Olegario Sousa
Alipio Ribeiro
Sheree Dodd
Justine McGuinness
Esther McVey
Staff at Ocean Club
Max Clifford
Controls Risk Group

Ruined lives:
Gonçalo Amaral and his family
The Priest in PdL
Robert Murat
Sergey Malinka
Brenda Leyland and her family

Lost credibility:
The Tapas nine
Clarence Mitchell
Rebekah Brooks
Gordon Brown
Tony Blair
David Cameron
Nick Clegg
Theresa May
Boris Johnson
Priti Patel
Various Gov officials
Leics police
Jim Gamble
Sandra Felgueiras
Antonella Lazzeri
Tracey Kandohla
Jon Clarke
Olive Press
The Sun
The Daily Mail
Richard Branson
Phillip Green
Stephen Winyard
Jez Wilkins
Bridgette O’Donnell
Summers and Swan
David Edgar
Arthur Crowley
Lorraine Kelly
Piers Morgan
Oprah Winfrey
Mark Williams-Thomas
Andy Redwood
The Metropolitan Police
The millions of euros spent by the PJ to look for Maddie's abductor
The Fund
The millions of taxpayers money spent by Operation Grange's remit to investigate the abduction as though it happened in the UK.

Still here:

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A Summative Overview Empty Jill's summative overview

Post by Milo 29.10.21 16:31

A million thanks, Jill, for your summative overview. It is not unlike the list of characters at the beginning of a Russian novel. We just need to close the circle on a few more relationships.  I continue to consolidate my view on the significance of the make-up photo. I believe it was the last photo. A couple of things in the most recent postings have allowed me to join a few dots in unexpected ways. I will post to here once I am confident.

I have read Amaral 1 (Truth of the Lie), English translation, and I have read the extract from Amaral 2 (Enough of the Lies), English translation. (What a wonderful skill it is to be able to translate from one language to another.) I did not realise, until you told us, that the extract was from a pirated copy. I tried to order the book on-line, using the contact details you supplied, but it requires a post code. There are no international post codes so I guess that the book, in Portugese, is only available in Portugal.

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A Summative Overview Empty Re: A Summative Overview

Post by Verdi 01.11.21 14:56

NHS doctors Kate and Gerry McCann and the politics of disappearing: A glossary of characters

Reproduced from 'Blackwatch' blog: a mind-boggling glossary of characters connected to the McCann case

In the author's own words:

"Although by no means exhaustive, the following list marks my own attempt to identify the broad range of interest groups and supporters loyal to the McCann lobby. It also offers something of a glossary on topics and issues discussed on the site so far. The list does not include figures like Brian Kennedy or Robert Murat, enough of whom has already been made of elsewhere. The input of Tony Blair, who was the first to dispatch Mitchell and Dodd in May 2007, and Brown, who recalled the pair in July 2007, also goes unchecked. Whilst their influence can pretty well be assumed, it is not exactly clear what part they played or the scope of their contributions.

Again, I must reiterate, this site offers no explanation for Madeleine's disappearence, only for the fierce press, PR and lobbying activity that erupted in its wake.

Morocco and Belgium have accounted for more sightings of Madeleine than all other regions put together. In fact, there are alleged to have been over a hundred in each. The McCanns are also reported to have spent the greater part of the Find Madeleine Fund chasing up leads in these countries. There has to be some explanation for their sustained interests in this region, even if that interest in purely arbitrary; a response to either the excutive fictions of the press, the lively imaginations of the public or on intelligence of various merit.

This list will be added to on an ongoing basis."

Here's a few reasons to read the entire article: [no longer available online]

Michael Linnett - a retired accountant - Linnett made to 120th place on the Sunday Times Rich List in 2001 through his marriage to wife Freddie, who inherited a significant stake in Leicester's Charles Street Buildings in 1991. Profits fell by £10m in 1999m but the company still has net assets of £223.3m, the Sunday Times reports, and the Linnetts have £40m of family assets to shelter them from the whims of the property market. Freedie Linnett (a former secretary) was once the second richest woman in Britain after the Queen. Educated by nuns in a convent, Linnett learned shorthand and typing before joining her Irish uncles property firm in Leicestershire (the Murphys of Ireland). Recent accounts reveal the business to have made a profit of almost £32.3m and its net assets had risen to £264m. Between 1995 and 2001, Linnett and the Murphy family received dividends of £47m. Now estimated to be worth £450 million.

Peter Hubner - 64, former hospital consultant (Cardiology and Anaesthetics). Hon. Secretary of the British Cardiovascular Prevention Society (1988-1992). Lives in Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire. Went to Saint Benedicts School in Ealing. Graduated in medicine in Middlesex. Seems to have a private practice at Kirby Muxloe.

Brian Kennedy - Madeleine's Great Uncle - A retired head teacher. Lives in the McCanns' home village of Rothley. Likely to be the same Brian Kennedy who is the creator/coordinator of Leicestershire County Council Environment and Heritage Services.

John McCann - Gerry's brother and Madeleine's Uncle: 48-year old John McCann, is a medical representative for AstraZeneca, an International Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company ( sells pharmaceuticals to treat disorders in the cardiac and vascular, neurological and psychiatric, respiratory areas) HQ is in London. Sales in 2003 totalled $18.8 billion, with a profit before tax of $4.2 billion. The products licensed by AstraZeneca have special relevance to Gerry McCann's work in Cardiology. Unlikely to welcome such adverse publicity. Attended St. Mungo's Secondary School (the McCann girls attended Holyrood Grammar School)

Philip Tomlinson - 76, a lawyer and former HM Coroner for Leicester North. Family links to Leicester County Council (going back years). Being a coroner he is likely to have connections within Leicester Police Authority (when a sudden, unexpected death occurs a police will be asked to attend with a number of responsibilities and duties that will need to be carried out. Any Police Officer assigned to a case will also act on behalf of the Coroner as a Coroner's Officer during the investigation). Lives in the Woodgate area, Loughborough, Leicestershire.

Doug Skehan - Clinical Director and LNR Cardiac Network Clinical Lead at Glenfield Hospital. Dr. Doug Skehan is a cardiologist at University Hospitals of Leicester and his wife, Mrs. Marcelle Skehan (also known as Dr. Morris), is a general practitioner (GP) in a Coalville practice. Qualified in Leicester. Keen marathon runner and charity fundraiser. Also carries out cardiac scans for new Leicester City signings during medicals (The Blue Army). The Labour Government invested over £17m in new heart facilities at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital in 2003 (in 2003 the government invested £93m pounds in heart treatment facilities across England). Has 4 children.
Justice and Criminal Prosecution Figures:

Leicestershire Police Authority. One of the Find Madeleine Fund Directors is Philip Tomlinson (76) - former County Coroner for Rutland and North Leicestershire and now solicitor. In Britain a coroner is someone who is responsible for investigating deaths, particularly those that happen under 'unusual circumstances'. Well established connections with Leicestershire Police Authority. The Coroner works with the Police to determine the cause of death. In this respect they have a judicial function.

Stuart Prior - Police Superintendent from Leicestershire Police Authority who lead the British side of the investigation.

PR and Media Relations:

Clarence Mitchell - Former BBC Crime Reporter and Head of the UK Government's 'Media Monitoring Unit' (Central Office of Information). Seconded to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's 'Consular Assistance Group for period of 25 days in May 2007 to provide assistance with the media for the McCanns.

Howell James - Former Head of Communications for the UK Government. Appointed by Tony Blair in 2004. Resigned in June 2008. It was James who personally requested Mitchell's presence in Praia da Luz. Very close friend of Peter Mandelson - a fierce opponent of Gordon Brown.

Sheree Dodd - Passionate Blairite and former Director of Communications at the Department of Trade and Industry. Dispatched by Blair to Portugal prior to Mitchell as 'media advisor' to the McCanns. Dismissed by Gordon Brown in June 2007. Returned to represent the McCanns in June 2007 on a temporary basis. Her expenses were this time met by the McCanns.

Alex Woolfall - Specialist in crisis management at Bell Pottinger. One of the first people to act as media adviser to the McCanns on behalf of their client, Mark Warner Resorts. Ex-Labour Party staff at Bell Pottinger include Cathy McGlynn (an adviser to Jack Cunningham when he was Agriculture Secretary), Amanda Clow (Tony Blair's office prior to the 1997 election), Amanda Francis (a former adviser to Mo Mowlam), Jav Chavda (a former researcher for the 'Rapid Rebuttal Unit') and Nick Williams.

Justine McGuiness - Liberal Democrat MP for Dorset West and professional Lobbyist. Media Advisor to the McCanns at the time of their arrest in September 2007. Famous for spearheading a campaign that eventually won the release of Daisy Angus, the Dorset teenager jailed in India on a drugs trafficking charge.

Freud Communications - It was announced in August that, Clarence Mitchell, Kate and Gerry McCann's spokesman, had joined PR and marketing agency Freud Communications as a consultant specialising in crisis and issues management, media training and scenario planning. The company’s founder is Matthew Freud, celebrated Labour supporter and unofficial PR consultant to Tony Blair. Freud was responsible for organising the 1998 Labour Party Conference. At that time the former ‘enfant terrible’ of London society was boyfriend of Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of the world’s foremost media magnate, Rupert Murdoch. see also: Clarence Mitchell, Freud Communications and Tony Blair

Elisabeth Murdoch Freud - Matthew Freud and Elisabeth Murdoch Freud are now regarded as the United Kingdom's best connected 'power couples'. Elisabeth Murdoch is also a close friend of Peter Mandelson.

Julia Hobsbawm - daughter of Marxist Historian, Eric Hobsbawm and fierce Blairite. A close friend and former business partner of Sarah Brown, Hobsbawm appeared on BBC News 24 criticizing the Press and Portugal's treatment of the McCanns: "It is time this country asked questions of the Portuguese police and Portugal itself, else we won’t go on there on holiday any more", she said. She was wrongly introduced on the programme as 'Head of Media Monitoring and Analysis' for the UK Government. Founder of 'Editorial Intelligence' a Mew Media PR company intended to bridge the gap between the two sparring worlds of public relations and journalism. The company puts companies and interest groups in touch with the most powerful figures of the online and offline worlds of opinion (a highly potent lobbying tool)

Private Investigators & Risk Assessment

Oakley International - McCann Private Investigators stake out paedophile network in Belgium (costing £500,000 of funds). Alleged to be staffed by former members of Mi5, the CIA and FBI.Metodo 3 - repeated investigations in Morocco (costing over £500,000). Members are alleged to have spied on Government Officials.

Control Risks Group - Not 'private investigators' as alleged by the press but a highly respected risk assessment company, allegedly consisting of ex-SAS and former intelligence personnel. The group was hired by the McCanns in late May 2007 to investigate sightings of Madeleine in Morocco.

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