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Post by Jill Havern on 21.04.20 9:20

No mention of Madeleine McCann (Penelope is NOT the Texan Madeleine McCann then)

Child who vanished in 2014 is found starved but alive in hotel room

By Lizzie Day 
17 April 2020 @ 20:42 was the mother ! Comp-1587127779-1
Credit: Twitter

A CHILD who vanished in 2014 has been found emaciated but alive by FBI agents six years on. Penelope Inks was tracked down at a hotel in Madisonville, Texas, earlier this month, six years after she vanished at the age of 11.

Philip Klein, who was hired by Penelope’s father to try and track down the youngster explained: “She had her first meal. She was refusing to eat. She was living on Dr Pepper and candy. She’s emaciated. Weighed 74 pounds at the age of 16 years old. She’s confused on who to trust, on who not to trust.”

Penelope is now in care of child protective services, and will be returned to her father after receiving mental and physical health assessments. The youngster vanished with her nude model mother Heather after Penelope’s father was granted sole custody.

Heather is said to have remained on the run for six years using a series of aliases she created to try and evade detection by law enforcement officers hunting for Penelope. The teenager was rescued after a woman with an alias known to be used by Heather Inks called police to say her ex-husband was trying to poison her.
Explaining his emotions at discovering Penelope had been rescued, Klein said: “Relief for the father. Relief for the child, that she doesn’t have to run all over the United States with a mother who, at best is a criminal, at worst is an animal.”

Investigators were able to trace the location of where the call had come from, and found Penelope abandoned and starving at a Days Inn hotel. Klein praised the skill of law enforcement officials who tracked Penelope down, telling KTRK: “I can’t say enough about the FBI. I can’t say enough about the Madisonville Police Department, Madison County Sheriff’s Department, 911 dispatchers, everyone who kind of raised their antennas up and said ‘Ooh, we have a problem here. It looks like it may be her’.”

Heather Inks has since been arrested on kidnap charges, and is being held without bond ahead of her next court appearance.

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Post by PeterMac on 21.04.20 22:18

Lucky CMOMM got in first then !
Beat Pinkie Mitchell to it.

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