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The Controversial 'Smithman' Debate (all links in one thread) Mm11

The Controversial 'Smithman' Debate (all links in one thread) Regist10

The Controversial 'Smithman' Debate (all links in one thread)

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The Controversial 'Smithman' Debate (all links in one thread) Empty The Controversial 'Smithman' Debate (all links in one thread)

Post by Jill Havern on 03.07.19 14:25

The Controversial 'Smithman' Debate (all links in one thread) Dci%2Bar

The Controversial 'Smithman' Debate (all links in one thread) Dr%2BJulian%2BTotman
Dr Julian Totman aka 'Tannerman'

In the 2013 BBC Crimewatch 'McCann Special', DCI Andy Redwood ruled out the Tanner sighting after Dr Julian Totman recognised himself and his daughter and came forward to eliminate themselves - which was remarkable considering 'Tannerman' was reported to have looked like any of these 'suspects', some of them women:

The Controversial 'Smithman' Debate (all links in one thread) GALLERY

DCI Redwood, having ruled out 'Tannerman' and declaring this 'a revelation moment', made 'Smithman' the focus of Operation Grange's enquiry. To date, no one has come forward to eliminate himself from their enquiries, although many people believe 'Smithman' was Gerry McCann carrying his recently deceased daughter through the streets of Praia da Luz to find her first hiding place - a place so secret and secure that the many Police and Police dogs failed to find her.

The Controversial 'Smithman' Debate (all links in one thread) Police-sketch-of-abductors-600x366

For anyone interested in this subject, here are a list of all the squillions of 'Smithman' topics on CMOMM:

The Theory that Smithman = Gerry McCann – CAREFULLY EXPLAINED

Let us try some LOGIC

FOI request: Met Police - questions about smithman

FOI Act 2000 request made 30 Nov 2015 - OPERATION GRANGE - Smithman, Tannerman, Closure of Case, Final Report 

A bit more information on those controversial Smithman efits - From Met Police answers to some more Freedom of Information Act Questions (11 Jun 2018)

FoI Act request 19 Sep 2014 - Met Police - questions about the 'Smithman' sighting

An analysis of the Sunday Times article 27 Oct 2013, on the 'SMITHMAN' efits, which relied on Henri Exton as the source 


REQUEST FOR REVIEW, 3 Apr 2018 - Unsatisfactory reply from Met Pollce Information Rights Unit to questions about Operation Grange and 'Smithman

REPLIES from the Home Office & Met Police to FoI Act questions about Operation Grange expenditure & staffing & the Smithman efits (MARCH 2018)

POLL added: Have the McCanns really avoided all mention of the Smithman sighting? 

Was Wojcek Krokowski - 'Sagres man with a camera' - the template for both 'Tannerman' and 'Smithman'?

After Netflix & Saunkonoko highlighted the Smithman sighting, how likely is it that Martin Smith co-operated with the McCanns?

 l-azzeri-lies-in-the-sun: Smithman

Pat Brown - is still claiming, like Operation Grange and the McCanns, that 'Smithman' is the key to solving the Madeleine McCann mystery - and dismissing the evidence the Last Photo was taken on Sunday as 'irrelevant' 

EFITS in the Oxford schoolgirl rape case - and the Smithman efits - compared

HENRI EXTON, producer of 'Smithman' e-fits, received government compensation for causing him PTSD & got the High Court to quash his theft conviction

Both SMITHMAN and TANNERMAN still not yet found - Met Police STILL looking for them - and give me a full response to my Freedom of Information Act questions

Spanish TV use Gerry's face morphed onto Smithman

The efits produced by the Smiths, has the man been found yet?

A bit more about Smithman

Why I believe Smithman is real and likely to be Gerry by Pat Brown

Where could "Smith-man" have been heading? (OR: Was there ever a "Smith-man"?)

SMITHMAN 2 - What can account for the 17 remarkable similarities between Tannerman and Smithman

SMITHMAN 3 - The e-fits - two different people, or the same man?

SMITHMAN 4: A summary of discrepancies in what the Smiths say about their 'sighting'

SMITHMAN 5: The evidence of the Smith family from Drogheda, Ireland: the TWELVE sets of contradictions 

SMITHMAN 6: Smithman re-evaluated in the light of Richard Hall's film 'THE PHANTOMS' - The discussion on FB 'Madeleine McCann - Abduction or Scam' 

SMITHMAN 7: What is the actual evidence that makes people think that ‘Smithman’ was Gerry McCann?

SMITHMAN 8 - The Nine Phases of Smithman - How the Smiths became part of the McCann Team in January 2008

SMITHMAN 9 - Is Goncalo Amaral sticking to his original conclusions re Smithman?

SMITHMAN 10: Is this absolute, 100% proof that the Smiths did not see Gerry McCann carrying away Madeleine at around 10pm on Thursday, 3 May, 2007?

SMITHMAN 11 An answer to Carla Spade about evidence that Martin Smith collaborated with the McCann Team since January 2008

SMITHMAN 12: Can anyone who still believes that the Smiths saw Gerry McCann carrying Madeleine satisfactorily answer ANY of these 60 Questions ?

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