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The Tapas 9: Jane Tanner

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Post by Verdi on 10.06.19 1:48

Sunday, April 29, 2012

#McCann : Jane Tanner's exclusive interview with The Sun, 20 November 2007

News International article researched by Tony Bennett

I've highlighted in red a few passages from this remarkable 'exclusive' Murdoch-owned Sun article, and appended in blue a few observations and comments:


Jane Tanner's exclusive interview with The Sun, 20 November 2007

I DID see man abduct Maddie

The Sun

Published: 20 Nov 2007

MADDIE kidnap witness Jane Tanner yesterday told how she watched the tot being snatched – and insisted she has NO doubt (1) about what she saw.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun – her first with any newspaper – Jane forcefully hit back at critics who have suggested she is lying.

Amid sobs, she said: "I DID see a man that night carrying away Madeleine.

"She WAS abducted."

Tears welling in her eyes, she went on: "I wake up to that image ever day. Every day I see him there, striding away, carrying Madeleine and I try desperately to remember more detail, what his face was like. (1)

"I think about it over and over again. It’s horrible.

"Madeleine was (2) adorable. Every day I hope this is the day we find her."

Twisting her Look For Madeleine yellow and green wristbands, Jane, 36, then went into detail about the night of May 3.

She told how she and the other members of the so-called Tapas Nine had been leaving the restaurant at the complex in Praia da Luz to check their children.


It was on one of her visits to see her two daughters that Jane passed Maddie’s dad Gerry, 39 (3). He was returning from seeing his children.

Seconds later she saw a man cross from left to right in front of her with a child lolling back in his arms.

Jane said: "It wasn’t unusual to see people with children, even at that time of night. But my attention was drawn to him because the child had bare feet.

"It was a cold night and I thought that was strange because as a mother I would never have taken my child around at that time without something on their feet or a blanket. All I could see of the child was their legs dangling.

"The man was about ten to fifteen feet in front of me (4) and was walking quite quickly and I can remember thinking, 'That’s odd'.

"But that was all, nothing to make me scream out to make him stop. I never at that time thought it could be Madeleine. I’d just passed Gerry (3) so I thought his children were all asleep in bed."

Jane carried on to her apartment where she found her daughters were fine, (5) so she went back to the tapas bar.

About 15 minutes later her partner Dr Russell O’Brien checked (5) and found one of the girls had been sick (5) so he asked a friend to fetch Jane.

It was while Jane was there that Maddie’s mum Kate, 39, went to see her children at around 10.05pm – and found the girl missing.

Jane said the first she knew was when she looked out of her window and saw the table at the tapas bar was empty (6). She opened the door and there was commotion.

She said: "I saw all our friends outside shouting. I opened the door and one, Rachael, shouted at me, 'Madeleine’ s gone!' As soon as she said that the image of that man carrying the child came into my head and I felt physically sick. A feeling of complete horror washed over me."

Minutes later Jane saw Kate. Close to tears,
Jane admitted she could not bear to tell her about the man. (7) She said: "At that time it seemed everyone thought Madeleine was hiding. (8)

I knew that if I told her about the man it would shatter that.
I was also hoping desperately that I’d been wrong.
Instead I took another friend, Fiona, to one side and told her. (9)

"Then, at around 11.15, two policemen arrived and I told them. Later CID arrived. They did this thing called a cognitive
technique, where they put you back in the moment, and it was then that I remembered the pyjamas.

"There were pink and white, they were what Madeleine was wearing. (10) I just felt so awful, I felt I could have stopped this from happening. I think of that everyday.

"I have to live with it forever, that guilt is never going to go away." It has been reported that the man she saw that night was Robert Murat, the first person named as a suspect. But Jane said she simply does not know (11).

Jane, from Exeter, Devon, said: “He had his face turned away (1) and it was dark.

"I’ve done an artist’s impression and want people to look at that and rack their brains as to whether they know him, or if they were on holiday, saw him.

"Please just ring the Find Madeleine Spanish hotline".


1. Tanner first of all says 'I try desperately to remember what his face looks like' but later says 'He had his face turned away' (!). Later on, despite his face being 'turned away', she was apparently able to pontificate that 'George Harrison man'/'monster man' looked like the man she had seen (!). Of course, we mustn't forget that at a press conference in September 2009, when the story was the Victoria Beckham-lookalike asking an anonymous British banker for her daughter in downtown Barcelona at 2am, former Chief Inspector Dave Edgar said: "Tanner could have seen a woman".

2. Only four months after Madeleine was reported missing, Tanner uses the past tense about Madeleine.

3. Twice she mentions passing Gerry. Strange...first because Gerry can't remember seeing her down that narrow lane, and second because Gerry was talking to Wilkins but Jane doesn't say anything about her seeing Wilkins. It's as if she hasn't rehearsed very well and has forgotten her lines.

4. 10-15 feet in front. Hmmm. That's about the length of an average-sized bedroom. In just 4-5 paces, she would have bumped into him!

5. If they were 'checking every half-hour', why did Russell O'Brien go to see the girls within 15 minutes of Tanner's visit. And was one of the girls so badly sick that O'Brien had to wash her sheets and pillow-case in the washing-machine AND bath her, even though 15 minutes before, Tanner pronounced the girls 'fine' (one presumes 'fine and sleeping soundly', though she does not say so).

6. Hmmm. So she just 'happened to look' out of the apartment window? She says the Tapas bar table was 'empty'. Yet both Dianne Webster and the waiter maintain that Dianne remained steadfastly at the table after the others rushed off.

7. Yet Russell O'Brien was gaily writing down on a ripped-out cover of Madeleine's Activity Sticker Book: "9.15pm - Jane sees abductor with Madeleine".

8. Come off it, Tanner. Both Dr Gerald McCann and his wife told the media and the police: "We knew instantly that it was an abduction".

9. And we're espected to beleive that Fiona didn't tell Kate either?

10. Did she know what pyjamas Madeleine was wearing? And she didn't actually say the pyjamas were 'white and pink'; she said they 'had a pinkish aspect'. And what happened when the McCanns held up Madeleine's ACTUAL pyjamas. Little Amelie piped up: 'MADDIE'S JAMAS'. Strange too that Amelie referred to her as 'Maddie' when the McCanns insisted she was alweays called 'Madeleine'?

11. Goncalo Amaral is very very clear in his book. On Sunday 13 May, when Madeleine would have been four years old, Jane Tanner 'adamantly' insisted that when Murat walked past the police van she was in that afternoon, that he was the abductor she'd seen 10 days earlier. This Sun interview was the beginning of a concerted effort by the McCann camp to begin to deny that Tanner had ever positively identified Murat. The Sun interview, presumably carried out at least a day or two in advance of publication on 20 November, followed swiftly on the high-level meeting in the Algarve on 13 November, just a week earlier, between double glazing magnate Brian Kennedy and Edward Smethurst, his lawyer and also the McCanns' 'co-ordinating lawyer', official suspect Robert Murat and his lawyer, Francisco Pagarete, and Murat's mother and aunt and uncle.

Original thread here:

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