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Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann Mm11

Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann Regist10

Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann

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Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann Empty Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann

Post by Jill Havern on 23.05.19 20:29

Tonight 10pm Channel 5

The five mistakes that snared Soham killer Ian Huntley: How suspicions fell on helpful school caretaker after he quizzed police about DNA, changed his car tyres and basked in the media spotlight over death of two schoolgirls

Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson, who was made lead investigator on the case nearly a fortnight after the girls vanished, was interviewed for the new programme, 'Five Mistakes that Caught a Killer'.
He told the show: 'It is easy to look back in hindsight and see that by using the media to publicise the disappearance of these two girls and spread it almost worldwide was a mistake.
'One of the first things I did when I took over was to refocus the investigation into the immediate locality. It is a standard phrase to clear the ground under your feet and I didn't feel that that had been done.' 

The documentary also looked at the five errors that saw Huntley face justice - the first being how he started to enjoy speaking to the media
This backfired on him after people in his old hometown of Grimsby in Lincolnshire recognised him as someone who had been linked to sex attacks on women. 

Carr also dropped a hint when she started speaking about the girls in the past tense while speaking to the BBC, prompting the interview to be halted and then restarted.

His second mistake regarded Jessica's mobile phone, which was switched off on the day she vanished - with the signal showing it was at Huntley's house at the time. 

The third error saw Carr tell police she been with Huntley for the whole day when the girls vanished, but mobile records showed she was 100 miles away in Grimsby.

The fourth mistake saw Huntley ask Special Constable Sharon Gilbert how long DNA lasted for, with the officer admitting: 'I just thought it was strange, very strange.’

Huntley's fifth mistake was getting new tyres put on his old car after dumping the bodies, which aroused suspicion and led to police investigating the vehicle.

Enjoy talking to the Media - all over the world
Talking about Maddie in the Past tense - all of them
Mobile phone records - deleted calls, also denied, but proven
Questioning Forensic science and investigative techniques - bedside book
Involvement of a car -  

Jill Havern
Jill Havern

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Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann Empty Re: Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann

Post by aquila on 23.05.19 22:28

There is another parallel Jill, which you documented. Enter stage Clarence Mitchell.

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Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann Empty Re: Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann

Post by willowthewisp on 24.05.19 16:31

He, Mr Clarence Mitchell is such a huge Parallel in Madeleine McCann's case from the moment of inducement until the present day, with funds paid out of the Madeleine Fund, reportedly £75,000 per Annum over Twelve years=Millions?

But there again, Crime Watch, Operation Grange special 14 October 2013 costing Millions of Pounds, Richard Biltons specials, Netflix £80 Million, it's an expensive World remaining "Free"?

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Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann Empty Re: Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann

Post by Jonal on 24.05.19 17:16

Andy Redwood's 'charity collector'
Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann Efit_h10

Ian Huntley

Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann Ian-hu10

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Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann Empty Re: Uncanny parallels: Huntley -v- McCann

Post by Flossy on 24.05.19 23:03

Just regarding the point about speaking to the media, I would have thought it would be natural for any parent of a missing child to want media exposure. Whilst it is clear that GM is a confident public speaker, there any many instances where it is evident they aren't "enjoying" the media attention. Their body language in many interviews, portrays how uncomfortable they are with some of the media attention.

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