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Letter of Misconduct in Public Office

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Letter of Misconduct in Public Office

Post by intimacyandjoy on 22.05.18 12:58

When Operation Grange eventually finishes (and we all hope very soon!), I have read that a letter of Misconduct in Public Office will be sent to Teresa May (or whoever is in power) containing substantial evidence regarding the MM case. I would like to ask if that letter will be brought to the attention of the World via MSM? How could that letter be ignored or covered up? Surely then the vast amount of gullible people in the World would have to take notice! So - to reiterate - what are the obstacles preventing that letter from becoming public knowledge? Currently, only a small amount of the population are aware of the evidence. Thank you.


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Re: Letter of Misconduct in Public Office

Post by Jill Havern on 22.05.18 13:40

Let's cross that bridge when we come to it. yes
Jill Havern

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