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Craig Murray:  Historian, Former Ambassador, Human Rights Activist

Craig Murray, a voice to be reckoned with, a voice not abashed by confronting political convention nor cowered by political correctness imposed through public relations and the UK media.

A voice to be heard, not stifled by libel lawyers of ill repute or governmental mandate - a voice to be aired without constraint.

Let's give him a platform on CMoMM shall we?

The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you've got it made" - Groucho Marx

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Post on 16.05.18 23:05 by Verdi

The Strange Case of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and the McCanns

20th April 2016

I have a confession to make. Back in 2014 I posted that I was going to write something further on the subject of the McCanns. In the end I did not, because I was surprised by the strong emotional reaction I received, from a number of decent people, who were enraged that I might be prepared to write something not to the McCanns’ advantage. But I regret being so pusillanimous, particularly as so much discussion has been suppressed by the extremely aggressive stance taken on threats of libel action on this story.

So in the full knowledge that some decent people will be outraged, here it is.

This week there have been two more developments. The Home Office has announced that it will fund still further the police investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance, on which £10 million has already been spent. Plus the appeals court in Lisbon has overturned the libel verdict against the Portuguese detective Goncalo Amaral, who led the case and formed his own firm convictions at to what happened. The 500,000 euro libel award to the McCanns is now cancelled.

None of these sums of money would matter in the least, and practically nobody would grudge any expense, to have Madeleine McCann alive, safe and happy. There can be nothing worse for a parent than the loss of a child, whatever the circumstances. If the McCanns genuinely do not know what happened, that must be agonising beyond belief. My grandparents had a nineteen year old son, an uncle I never knew, missing in action in World War 2 and the pain never left them, even when his fate was resolved.

And yet, and yet… It is because our children are so precious to us that we treat them as such. I recall an incident on Jamie’s first birthday, which we spent in a hotel in Italy. I was in the room with Jamie. My then wife had gone out to the car. The birthday cake was delivered to reception and had to be paid for. Jamie was fast asleep. I dashed out of the hotel room, down two flights of steps to reception, literally threw the money at them and ran back up the stairs. I was away under two minutes but have never experienced such adrenalin, nor would wish to again. An overwhelming instinct had kicked in telling me I had done wrong in leaving the baby unattended, even so briefly.

I find the McCanns’ behaviour indefensible. There appears to be a disconnect in the public mind in the UK which prevents people from realising just how far the McCanns were from their children. This is a useful graphic just to see the layout, (do not worry about the other info on it).

Craig Murray Maddie2_09_map

The McCanns could not actually see their apartment from the tapas bar due to the wall around the pool. To get back there, they had to use the gate and walk around that wall, which made it a 75 yard hike. And the apartment had double doors onto the street on the opposite side of the block from that facing the pool.

I do not see how anybody understanding this geography can consider that it was normal parenting for the McCanns to leave two one year olds and a three year old, alone in the apartment in these circumstances – for hours, and repeatedly several days running. It is something I would absolutely never dream of doing with my own children. If nothing else, had any of the children been crying and in distress – and the chances of that with three tiny children are pretty high – there was no way they could hear them.

The claimed abduction is not the only thing that could have happened. Cholic. Vomiting. Sore nappies. Coughing. Choking. Bad dreams. Overheating. All kinds of thing can distress children. So far as I can judge, it is not that I am weird in my own views, rather it is absolutely accepted in British society that you do not leave 1 year olds without care of an adult. Why are the McCanns an exception?

Which leads me on to the question of why they received such exceptional treatment from British authorities, directed straight from No. 10, to the extent that Blair and Brown eventually gave them a PR representative? I used at one stage to be Resident Clerk in the FCO, a now abolished post effectively of night duty officer. I can tell you from horrible personal experience that the FCO deals with gut-wrenching cases of lost or dead children abroad frequently. I spent one of the most terrible three hours of my life, through to a cold dawn, on the phone with a hysterical bereaved mother desperate to explore any avenue that might give a possibility that the boy who had just drowned in Brazil was misidentified as her son. On average, I am afraid such tragedies get substantially less than 1% of the public resources that were devoted to the McCanns.

I am going to come straight out with this. British diplomatic staff were under direct instruction to support the McCanns far beyond the usual and to put pressure on the Portuguese authorities over the case. I have direct information that more than one of those diplomatic staff found the McCanns less than convincing and their stories inconsistent. Embassy staff were perturbed to be ordered that British authorities were to be present at every contact between the McCanns and Portuguese police.

This again is absolutely not the norm. On a daily basis more British citizens have contact with foreign authorities than the total staff of the FCO. It would be simply impossible to give that level of support to everybody. Plus, against jingoistic presumption, a great many Brits who have contact with foreign police are actually criminals.

The British Ambassador in Portugal, John Buck, had been my direct boss in the FCO. he was Deputy Head of Southern European Department when I was Head of Cyprus Section. He and his staff were concerned by contradictions in the McCann’s story. The Embassy warned, in writing, that being perceived as too close to the McCanns might not prove wise. They demanded the instruction from London be reconfirmed. It was.

I know of people’s misgivings because I was told directly. But material was also leaked to a Belgian newspaper confirming what I have said. It was published by the Express, but like so much other material which is not supportive of the McCanns, it got taken down. Fortunately that last link preserved it. It also shows that the FCO continues to refuse Freedom of Information requests for the material on the interesting grounds that it might damage relations with Portugal.

For the avoidance of doubt, I do not believe there was a high level paedophile ring involved. I make no such argument. Nor do I claim to know what happened to Madeleine McCann. But I do believe that the McCanns were less than exemplary parents. I believe that New Labour’s No.10 saw, in typical Blair fashion, a highly photogenic tragedy which there might be popularity in appearing to work on.

And I believe there is a genuine danger that the high profile support from the top of the British government might have put some psychological pressure on the Portuguese investigators and prosecuting officers in their determinations.

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Post on 17.05.18 8:14 by JimbobJones

A lot of people know something is wrong, on gut instinct as well as the overwhelming absurdities of the case. But a lot of those people then judge the McCanns by their own standards, and refuses to believe the most unpalatable scenarios. Whether it be a paedo ring , accidental death with an arrogant cover-up, or manslaughter.
It is a kind of cognitive dissonance.
But one thing remains, what is the source of power GM has over lesser mortals like Gordon Brown , Tony Blair, Home Office Ministers and various Police Chiefs ? He either a: Knows something to their detriment. or b: They think he knows something to their detriment. or c: They really ARE lesser mortals and he IS their boss. ( but I doubt that).

If they think he knows something to their detriment THAT means they have SOMETHING to hide and have been up to something either illegal or immoral that they want kept secret. But it must be difficult for the poor dears to know what exactly that is, when there are SO MANY skeletons in their collective cupboards.

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Post on 17.05.18 8:49 by alanoakman

Maybe it is lukemia clusters around British nuclear instillations ? ( said to be " just coincidence " by medical opinion ) .... Just a thought.

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Post on 17.05.18 10:13 by JimbobJones

Yes, could be. GM was def involved in that research if I recall.

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Post on 17.05.18 13:15 by Verdi

I'm not so sure about people judging by their own standards and thus refusing to believe the worse, I think it more a case of not wanting to voice their thoughts - particularly those in a prominent position. 

The case of Madeleine McCann I think runs deep, it's not possible to simply lay-out a detailed theory, there are so many twists and turns and stumbling blocks to be over confident with any one theory.  So here we all are eleven years later, still trying to pick through every minute detail, looking for answers.  One thing is for sure, whatever happened to little Madeleine McCann, it's imperative that she is never found - the trail of physical evidence stops at the door of Ocean Club apartment 5a. 

That to my mind speaks volumes, it's the key to the mystery - why was it necessary to remove all trace of an innocent little three year old girl?

Looking at all the probabilities, the only conclusion I can reach is a connection with one of the most abhorrent crimes that haunts our society, involving hundreds of twisted minds from royalty through government through police through the church through local authority through the health service through the NHS,  right down to the next door neighbour - child abuse!  It's nothing new, it's been going on for centuries, since the dawn of mankind in fact.

As so aptly put 'abuse of power'!!!

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Post on 18.05.18 15:30 by willowthewisp

@alanoakman wrote:Maybe it is lukemia clusters around British nuclear instillations ?  ( said to be " just coincidence " by medical opinion ) ....  Just a thought.
The Nuclear Industry had to carry out certain regulations in their Industry,the German Government carried out complex tests in regard to the UK Governments COMMARE under the Labour Government,Gordon Brown Clan  associated to Nuclear Industry,Gerry McCann, Heart Consultant specialist!
It is thought the German Government had concluded there may be a problem with the Nuclear Industry production after comparing the results! 

All that can be confirmed that after comparing certain"Test Results",the German Government then changed its decisions  on Nuclear Power as the"Future clean energy supplier" in Germany,resulting in the German Government choosing fossil fuels as methods to produce electricity or gas products as a safer alternative?

There was a study commissioned by UK government years ago about the placing of "Phone Masts" causing cancers to the human body,where the Government quietly altered the"Positioning of New Phone masts" after the test results, future monitoring in comparison,where either one can confir there was a problem of where they were previously sighted by altering the regulations?

Note in the UK,the "Private Finance", private companies set to build vast amounts of Nuclear plants in the UK,with the plebs in society being fleeced to pick up the costs to store the depleted Uranium and decommissioning of the Nuclear Industry,not the Privatised firms?   

More "White elephants" for the plebs to pay for to keep the lights on for the UK?

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Post on 18.05.18 20:57 by Marco

"Germany,resulting in the German Government choosing fossil fuels as methods to produce electricity or gas products as a safer alternative"
Exactly, hence the co2 global warming scam, only the british close their coal mines, Germany opens them

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Post on 18.03.19 16:46 by Doug D

Craig Murray tweeting yesterday:
Craig Murray‏ @CraigMurrayOrg

Incredible that in an 8 hour documentary #MadelineMcCannNetflixdid not discuss the police evidence of Dr Katherina Gaspar and her husband , or of experienced child protection officer Yvonne Martin …who was there the first morning.
4:24 PM - 17 Mar 2019

Replying to ‪‪@CraigMurrayOrgWatched first episode, is it worth watching the rest?


Craig Murray
16h16 hours ago

not really

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Post on 18.03.19 17:51 by willowthewisp

Trawl through old News Papers, Headlines, Editors knew who had connections to "PIE", friends associated to this clan, NWO, Gordon, Harmen,Cameron(Cousins?)(Brady/Hindley,Lord ! ) Haymen, Hewitt Dromey former Prime Minister of UK!

As above Craig Murray, No mention of Gasper Letters, Gerry, Payne, Yvonne Martin, did they mention Murat, porn found on his computer(Cartoon type)?

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