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Austrian "expert team" will support the investigators.

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Austrian "expert team" will support the investigators.

Post by NickE on 05.02.18 16:59

Translated from German (sorry for typos)
Glimmer of hope in the case of Maddie! Expert team turns on
Madeleine McCann has been missing for over ten years. Until recently, it looked as if the search for Maddie stopped, there is now new hope. An expert team from Austria will support the investigators.
Ten years ago Madeleine McCann, then three years old, disappeared from the apartment in the Portuguese town of Praia da Luz. Ten years when her parents Kate and Gerry McCann never gave up hope of seeing their daughter again. At every family celebration, as well as the 13th birthday of their twins Sean and Amelie , they are in thoughts with their big daughter.

At the beginning of January, it still looked as if the search for Maddie McCann would be stopped due to lack of financial resources , Madeleine's parents now have reason to hope again.
Because, as reported by "", an expert team from Austria is involved in the investigation. The so-called "cold case" investigators are to bring the breakthrough and, at best, Maddie back to their parents.
Numerous open cases have already rolled up the Special Investigators and then successfully completed. In the case of Madeleine McCann investigators around chief investigator Kurt Linzer have now discovered parallels to the once-missing Natascha Kampusch. Austria and England want to work together across borders. "The great hope: Perhaps our experience gained to lead to new investigative approaches in the search for the girl," said Kurt Linzer.

When asked if people will ever learn what really happened, Mr Amaral responded: “Yes, we will, when MI5 opens the case files, we will find out".

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Re: Austrian "expert team" will support the investigators.

Post by ChippyM on 06.02.18 17:43

Thanks for posting NickE.

 So this Kurt Linzer is a chief investigator in a cold case unit?

This would be very interesting if they truly are involved.   I read another article where he compares the McCann case to the Natasha Kampusch case, It does seem to hint at a relationship with UK police though.  I google translated it ;

"What is different - for late reviews? "Everything," says Kurt Linzer, head of the local "Cold Case" department. "We have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art techniques, such as sending fragments of bone parts to specialized laboratories to determine in which areas of the world the deceased used to live."

"People change after an act"

A woman killed in Burgenland in 1993 was recently identified. "We now know that the victim came from the Dominican Republic and worked here as a prostitute." An important piece of information "that restricts the circle of offenders". With the help of profilers the case is worked up, "and of course with classical methods". With interviews in the former environment of the victim: "The factor of time is very useful to us, because when a person commits a murder, that changes something in him, in his behavior." He gets out of the lane, every year more. "

The problem of Linzer and his team: "Although there are close cooperations with Europol, we have few opportunities to exchange views with colleagues who practice the same profession as us." Only in the UK, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic are there so far "Cold Case" units. "Over the past year, however, other European countries expressed interest in building up such departments," says Andreas Holzer, Criminal Police Head of the BKA.

Austria should assist them with know-how, "an overarching cooperation is planned". And partly takes place already intensively.

Parallels in the Kampusch and Maddie cases
The fate of Londoner Maddie McCann, who was abducted from a hotel room in Portugal while vacationing with her family in 2007, is reminiscent of the Kampusch case, which was once evaluated by Linzer & Co.: "The Great Hope: Perhaps our experience will lead to that to new investigation approaches in the search for the girl. "


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Re: Austrian "expert team" will support the investigators.

Post by ChippyM on 06.02.18 18:11

Another interesting interview with Kurt Linzer;

"Chief investigator Kurt Linzer on the case of Julia Kührer.

The "Cold Case" team of the Federal Criminal Police Office around Chief Inspector Kurt Linzer reopened the case of Julia Kührer in January 2010 The investigation results were the basis for the prosecutor's charge.

KURIER: Mr. Chief Inspector Linzer, when your department took over the case, was Michael Kollitsch already in the police's sight?

Kurt Linzer: No, Kollitsch did not seem like a suspect at the time. At the time you did not even know what the crime was. Is it a kidnapping and is Juliet imprisoned somewhere like Natascha Kampusch, or has she just run away from home?

When did he become a suspect?

In May 2010, he was charged after a Cobra use of witnesses for various addiction drug offenses. At this point, he also mutated into the accused, but first because of drug offenses.

And then?

A year later, the body was found on his property. Thus, there was a suspicion of murder.  

During the trial, it has been suggested that many young people in and around Pulkau did not speak to the police because of their drug use. 

That is not true. Most of Julia's friends and acquaintances had nothing to do with drugs. They were traumatized by the events, but highly cooperative.

Is the court proceedings prosecuted as chief investigator?

Of course you follow the procedure because you invest so much time, energy and energy in such a thing.

It can not be that in the middle of Austria just a child disappears without a trace. The case involved 300 files, 200 witnesses were interviewed, and my team and I spent up to 15 hours a day trying to sort out the outstanding issues. 

And with the discovery of the corpse by a neighbor, one had the necessary little luck, right?

Of course. Meanwhile, the retaining wall has collapsed to the earthen cellar where the skeleton lay. The whole cellar vault is now collapsing.

Two suspicious blankets led to different judgments
In the murder Flora, it was the other way round: The 28-year-old Shqiponje A., called Flora, was burnt alive in 2010 near Bratislava in a field. The body was wrapped in a leopard-skin blanket that came from the woman's apartment. Her partner had (apart from the brother of 28-year-olds) as the only access. This blanket was - as in the case of Julia Kührer - in the circumstantial process the strongest indication against the 45-year-olds, but the jury pronounced him with 7: 1 votes. Michael Kollitsch (on the blanket, in which Julia was wrapped, was his DNA), however, was convicted with 7: 1 votes not legally guilty of murder.

In the case of Wastl, not only was there no cause of death, not even a dead body: 37-year-old Heidi Wastl has disappeared since 2001. However, Erich W., who was charged with murder, offered the jury an opportunity to choose the middle ground between murder and acquittal: he admitted that he had stabbed the woman in the forest, causing her to fall and be stalked by a branch, Then he ran away. The non-final judgment was "Im stabbing an injured person", conditionally one year.

In August, the professional judges in Krems suspended the verdict of the jury in a trial for attempted murder because of a mistake: A student deliberately pushed a colleague over a bridge railing, the victim scarcely survived. The lay judges decided only on negligent assault, the process must begin with new judges from scratch.Österreich-schweiz-kriminalfaelle-fahndungen-sexu-f232/mord-an-julia-kuehrer-16-fall-soll-wieder-aufgerol-t3237.html


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Re: Austrian "expert team" will support the investigators.

Post by polyenne on 06.02.18 20:04

If there are basic errors such as “Londoner Maddie McCann”, the investigation could be flawed from the get-go


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Re: Austrian "expert team" will support the investigators.

Post by sharonl on 06.02.18 22:33

The latest in a long of bogus private investigators?

Have these big boys, crack detectives or whatever Clarrie wants to call them, been inside yet?

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Re: Austrian "expert team" will support the investigators.

Post by ChippyM on 07.02.18 12:36

@polyenne wrote:If there are basic errors such as “Londoner Maddie McCann”, the investigation could be flawed from the get-go

I'm pretty sure that's the journalists mistake.

   I think due to translations it's not completely clear anyway if they are definitely advising on the case or they would like to.


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Re: Austrian "expert team" will support the investigators.

Post by suzyjohnson on 19.02.18 1:34

Brilliant. It took them 24 years to catch Fritzl.

And Natasha Kampusch rescued herself.



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