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McCanns' Mother of All Lies

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McCanns' Mother of All Lies

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 28.09.17 8:53

I was just watching the Panorama documentary: 'Shannon - The Mother of all Lies' that MayMuse posted on another thread:

Obviously the McCanns 'Mother of all Lies' is much bigger than Karen Matthews.

So, I wonder if we can start to compile a list of 'tasks' that Residents/Police/Government will have undertaken whilst not suspecting the 'McCanns Mother of all Lies', to get an idea of the scale of the time and cost involved with the fake abduction/wild goose chase.

For instance, some gave their time for free whilst others were paid from taxpayers money:
Many are paid to do those tasks, so in one way it makes no dfference, but it is still just a waste of Public money, diverting officers to do stupid things when they could be doing more productive things.
Taxpayers money wasted.   full on costs are notoriously difficult, but it can be done
rather like Grange, it is 4 DCs sitting in one office, rather than in another office.  The £12m is theoretical - apart from expenses, plane fares paid from Public money etc.   The DCs would not have been sacked if Grange had closed down 5 years ago !  They would be paid anyway. But don’t tell anyone we understand that !

Others GAVE of their time - holiday time, and this was wasted, when they could have been enjoying themselves
Many gave their own money - ditto

So, to kick off:

Residents of PDL taking time off work to search for Maddie - loss of income/loss of business while employees took time off work to search
People wasting their holiday time
Loss of holiday trade to the resort because people feared a predatory paedophile was on the loose stealing kids
People who donated to a 'Fighting Fund' when they believed it was a 'Searching Fund'
Colin Shalke and his friend searching - Colin gave up his rented home and sold his possessions to raise £5,000 to search for Maddie
People making posters
People who made the wristbands
Fingerprints woman dusting the shutter
Police with dogs searching the wasteland
Police divers searching the waters
Police searching the streets and beach with dogs
Police helicopters
Radar equipment
SOCO officers
Martin Grime with dogs
Government ministers meetings
Police meetings
Civilian staff typing up reports, memos, sending emails and letters etc

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Re: McCanns' Mother of All Lies

Post by Get'emGonçalo on 28.09.17 11:04

I suppose we could add celebrities who have wasted their time on this wild goose chase.

People like JK Rowling, Wayne Rooney, David Beckham and Robbie Williams holding up posters or dressed in a Madeleine t-shirt.

The football stadium staff that took the time to do this

And other people who have wasted their time:

Police forces in various countries who took time to follow up fake sightings
Staff at UHL spending time adding Madeleine to the hospital website when they could have been doing something more productive for the hospital

Ditto for staff at Leicester Police updating their website
Ditto for the Embassy staff

The Pope and the Vatican
The Whitehouse
Court staff who have spent time on legal cases based on a faked abduction

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Re: McCanns' Mother of All Lies

Post by sharonl on 26.12.17 22:20

Does this list include lost credibility as well as wasted time & money?

If so, we have the following:

Clarence Mitchell
Gordon Brown
Tony & Cherie Blair
John Buck
Many other government officials
Missing People Charity
Ernie Allen
Catherine Meyer
Lorraine Kelly
Stephen Fry
Tracey Kandohla
Antonella Lazzerri
Neil Syson
Sonia Poulton
Martin Brunt
Chanel 4 Dispatches
Leics Police
The Met Police
Carter Ruck
Isabel Duarte
Dr David Payne
Nigel Nessling
Claire Winkleworth
Sir Clement Freud
I am sure that there are many more

We also need to distinguish between those who have been deliberately & knowingly covering up this case and those who have been dragged into it genuinely believing that there may have been an abduction.

People like Gary Hagland were employed by Brian Kennedy but not told the whole truth.

Likewise, the lower ranking officers on Operation Grange may not have been told the whole truth.

What about the authors, Summers & Swan? They have a failed book on their hands, did they know the truth?

Carter Ruck - apparently, were just working to order, they were not aware of some of the facts of the case. Obviously paid for by the fund, or taxpayer's money.

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