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Profiler Pat Brown to sue

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Profiler Pat Brown to sue

Post by Keitei on 23.04.17 15:17

Yes, I AM suing @rahnisadler and #SevenWestMedia media for intentional misrepresentation, false light, and defamation. #mccann

Those who play games do not see as clearly as those who watch. 

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Re: Profiler Pat Brown to sue

Post by pennylane on 23.04.17 15:25

These journalists have no integrity, and no interest whatsoever in truth or justice.  The McCann farce is clear proof of just how immoral journalists, PR spokespeople, and MSM are. 

I would like to wish Pat Brown every success in her lawsuit against Rahni Sadler and Seven West Media!   roses


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Re: Profiler Pat Brown to sue

Post by RosieandSam on 23.04.17 15:37

I too wish her all the best.  It is about time that someone took on the MSM - other than the McCanns, Tapas 7 and Murat.

There is far too much glibness and disregard for the truthful researcher/commentator which allows the McCann's untuthful narrative to be perpetuated.


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