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The return to Zavial Beach. Mm11

The return to Zavial Beach. Regist10

The return to Zavial Beach.

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The return to Zavial Beach. Empty The return to Zavial Beach.

Post by NickE on 09.03.17 20:41

Ministry of National Defence
National Marine Authority
Lagos Maritime Police

Lagos Maritime Police Commander

Dear Sir

I inform you that on this date, around 16H30, whilst in the activity of searching, accompanied by sub-chief Dioniz, in the jurisdictional area of this command, namely on the beaches Zavial and Ingnna, we made various inquiries with the intent of finding missing Madeleine Beth McCann. We questioned various users of the referred to beaches: T**** F***, C***** M****, H***** W***, B***** W***, F**** M***, R****** T*****, S**** W****, W*** G**** and C****** W****. These individuals were aware of the disappearance [of the girl] but as of this date, had no indications as to the discovery of her whereabouts.

I inform you that, upon going to the Zavial Beach concession of Ernesto Joaquim Muchacho , telephone contact numbers, ******** and ******; the same stated that he recognised the parents of Madeleine McCann as clients of his restaurant and that he remembers seeing them for the last time in his establishment in the month of April (Easter holidays)(Error in translation??), accompanied by their three children. Since this date, as he exercises his function in the kitchen, he does not remember having seen them on that beach or in his restaurant.

It is relevant to note that the Zaival Beach is normally frequented by nudists, and consequently attracts some peepers/lookers on.

These are facts I wanted to bring to your attention.

Lagos, 09th of May of 2007.

Family dinner that may have led to tragedy

Sunday Express
By Matt Drake
10 August 2008

A PAEDOPHILE with orders to snatch a young girl may have targeted Madeleine McCann as she played on a naturist beach plagued by voyeurs.
Police raised serious concerns about the McCanns' day trip to the remote Praia da Zavial beach on the weekend before she vanished.
Unaware the area is a notorious nudist attraction, Gerry and Kate McCann innocently dined with their three small children at a restaurant on the beach.
It is feared this was when the abductor first laid eyes on Madeleine playing in the sand with siblings Sean and Amelie.

A report by the local naval authority shows a search team swept Praia da Zavial six days after she disappeared.
The case file highlights how the flawed Portuguese investigation ignored warnings of a sinister Englishman caught taking pictures on the beach.
Officers interviewed nine bathers and questioned the manager of the Zavial beach restaurant, Ernesto Joaquim Muchacho, who vividly recalled meeting the young family. In an inconclusive final paragraph to the report the investigator states: "It is interesting to observe that Praia da Zavial is usually frequented by naturists and that consequently attracts some voyeurs." Naval officers also combed several other beaches along the rocky Algarve coast but found no trace of Madeleine. Last night Mr Muchacho, 23, told how he
warned police about the worrying behaviour of the English voyeur. He said: "The police came here just after Madeleine vanished.

"They had had complaints from people about a man behaving strangely at this beach and others in the area.
"I told them I had seen a tall, thin Englishman in his forties taking a lot of photographs. He was weird, a strange guy.
"Madeleine came here for lunch with her parents not long before she disappeared. I don't know if this guy took a picture of Madeleine. It's impossible to say. But he took a lot of photographs.

"He came into the bar a few times. He said he was taking pictures of the birds – the flying variety – but I wasn't so sure.
"I saw him around here a few times after Madeleine went missing. The police thought he might have been a watcher, a voyeur." Several naturist websites have reviewed the secluded sandy beach 10km west of Praia da Luz.
Zavial offers privacy as it is remote from any resort and only accessible by driving up a long track.

The McCanns' spokesman Clarence Mitchell last night confirmed the family visited the beach
 but said they had no idea it was a notorious nudist beach. He said: "It is important information because we have always believed that Madeleine was targeted by an abductor who watched the family.
"Kate and Gerry were enjoying an innocent holiday and did not know that Zavial attracted nudists.
"Anyway, just because people are nudists does not mean they are perverts. We are looking into anything that is relevant to the days before Madeleine was taken and this is clearly important information.

"Sadly we have no idea what the Portuguese police did with this complaint or if they bothered to investigate it further." Last week it emerged that British police were tipped off that Madeleine had been snatched by members of an international paedophile ring who photographed her three days before she was apparently abducted.
According to an email sent by the Metropolitan Police, a child abduction ring based in Belgium placed an order for a "young girl''.
Madeleine was spotted while on holiday by someone connected to the gang who took her picture.
The photograph was sent back to Belgium, where the paedophile ring agreed that she should be abducted.
The email, sent by an intelligence officer on the Met's vice squad on March 4 this year to counterparts in the Portuguese and Leicestershire forces, is a significant development in the case.
Clarence Mitchell confirmed their visit to Zavial Beach in August 2008 and the article claims that they did "a day trip on the weekend before she vanished"

When did they have the opportunity to do this "day trip"?
Creche records shows that Madeleine was signed in on Sunday 29th: (Was the Kids club open at all on Sunday?)
AM: 9:45-12:15
PM: 14:45-17:30

AM: 9:30-12:10
PM: 15:15-15:30

Creche workers stated that the Kids club was closed on Sundays but there is a record for that day, was the record for Sunday constructed for one reason, to show that Madeleine was there but she was elsewhere?

They didn´t have a car so how did they get to Zavial beach?

No one mentions this in the statements, nor in Kate´s book.
Why are they hiding this trip?

Goncalo Amaral: "Then there's the window we found Kate's finger prints.
She said she had never touched that window and the cleaning lady assured that she had cleaned it on the previous doesn't add up"

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The return to Zavial Beach. Empty Re: The return to Zavial Beach.

Post by worriedmum on 09.03.17 22:18

Isn't this in the same area where Gerry 'overshot' his return  trip from the airport on 26th July? And the same area where there were phone pings from the mobiles of both Kate and Gerry?

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The return to Zavial Beach. Empty Re: The return to Zavial Beach.

Post by sharonl on 09.03.17 22:46

laugh  Hysterical.

Two doctors almost in their forties are so naive that they don't realise that they are on a nudist beach.

The were there in April?  That could only be the 28th, 29th or the 30th

We know that they arrived on the 28th and spent the afternoon at the play area and the evening at the Millenium restaurant before retiring for an early night.  As they claim to have been In Sagres on the 30th, that leaves Sunday 29th.
But why, on the first day of a family holiday, would anyone ignore the local beach and drive up a long unknown track to a remote beach?

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The return to Zavial Beach. Empty Re: The return to Zavial Beach.

Post by Tony Bennett on 10.03.17 0:15

I think the evidence that this alleged visit to Zavial beach ever took place is very weak indeed.

Consider these points:

1. The evidence comes from a Snr Muchacho, aged 23. He is very vague about the date when he was supposed to have seen Madeleine, even though police spoke to him within a day or two of Madeleine being reported missing.

2. The translator can't decide whether to translate when he saw her as 'April' or 'Easter holidays'.

3. Snr Muchacho makes a great deal about an English voyeur allegedly taking lots of photographs of children. As far as we know, this individual (if he ever existed) has not been identified. This reminds us of a very similar tale woven by Nuno Lourenco. We have proved on here that Lourenco lied about the alleged kidnapping of his daughter, by another man said to be taking photographs of children. The man turned out to be Wojchiech Krokowksi. We've shown that both Lourenco and Jane Tanner described Krokowski to the PJ, Tanner on 4 May and Lourenco the day after. This seriously diverted the PJ at an early stage in their investigation. Muchacho's so-called 'evidnce' could thus turn out to be yet one more fabrication in this case. His story created, in effect, one more suspicious bloke, amother would-be abductot. How very convenient. 

4. Muchacho says the McCanns and their three children came to his restaurant. Presumably around lunch-time. So when could this have been?
Saturday? - No, they were not in Praia da Luz yet.
Sunday? - No. Quite clearly, now we've analysed the Last Photo, they were having lunch in the apartment thatd ay and then sitting by the pool.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? - No, the twins were in the crehe each day and in all probablilty, something serious may have happened to Madeleine by Monday morning. 

5. OK, so Clarence Mitchell said this happened and said the abductor might have desired Madeleine and planned to abduct her.  Do we believe Clarence Mitchell?

6. It seems the McCanns had no car on Sunday. So how did they get to Zavial beach?

7. There is no account of this alleged visit in Kate's book. The only evidence we have is Muchacho's claims - and one reference to it from Clarence Mictchell. I suggest Mitchehll just went along with it when speaking to the Express because the story helped along the abduction narrative once more. 

That's seven reasons for doubt - and so far I've not seen a good reason on this thread for believing it.

I believe Muchacho was either mistaken or, rather more likely, making it up.


Dr Martin Roberts: "The evidence is that these are the pjyamas Madeleine wore on holiday in Praia da Luz. They were photographed and the photo handed to a press agency, who released it on 8 May, as the search for Madeleine continued. The McCanns held up these same pyjamas at two press conferences on 5 & 7June 2007. How could Madeleine have been abducted?"

Amelie Mcann (aged 2): "Maddie's jammies!".  

Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett

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The return to Zavial Beach. Empty Re: The return to Zavial Beach.

Post by Verdi on 10.03.17 0:57

Snipped from Lagos Maritime Police Commander report

.... stated that he recognised the parents of Madeleine McCann as clients of his restaurant and that he remembers seeing them for the last time in his establishment in the month of April (Easter holidays)(Error in translation??), accompanied by their three children. Since this date, as he exercises his function in the kitchen, he does not remember having seen them on that beach or in his restaurant....

This witness implies that the McCanns and their three children had visited his establishment on more than one occasion - the last being in the month of April.

Is the reader expected to believe this man was able to identify the McCanns by recollection after hearing of Madeleine's disappearance and informally interviewed on 9th May 2007?

I don't believe that any more than I believe the Sunday Express report.


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The return to Zavial Beach. Empty Re: The return to Zavial Beach.

Post by nglfi on 10.03.17 7:37

I've started reading over the Truth of the Lie again and I'm pretty sure Sr Amaral doesn't mention this trip either.
P.s the normal clue to somewhere being a nudist beach is that the people on it are naked.

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The return to Zavial Beach. Empty Re: The return to Zavial Beach.

Post by tiki on 19.06.18 23:36

This is very likely a complete fabrication by none other than Clarence Mitchell to support the abduction theory. Nice try Clarrie but we're not buying it.


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