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A shower and a bath?  Mm11

A shower and a bath?  Regist10

A shower and a bath?

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A shower and a bath?  Empty A shower and a bath?

Post by suzyjohnson on 17.02.17 21:59

I was just rereading KM's statements to the PJ on 4 th May 2007 and 6 th Sept. 2007 ........ 

6 September 2007 

After the children's bath, already alone, she put pyjamas and nappies on the twins, gave them each a glass of milk and biscuits. Before bathing the children and because it was early, they had thought of taking them to the recreation area, but then decided against this because of tiredness. While the children were eating and looking at some books, Kate had a shower which lasted around 5 minutes. After showering, at around 6:30/6:40PM and while she was getting dry, she heard somebody knocking at the veranda door. She wrapped herself in a towel and went to see who it was. This door was closed but not locked as Gerry had left by this door. She confirmed it was David Payne, because he called out and had opened the door slightly. David's visit was to help her to take the children to the recreation area. When David returned from the beach he was with Gerry at the tennis courts, and it was Gerry who asked him to help Kate with taking the children to the recreation area, which had been arranged but did not take place. David was at the apartment for around 30 seconds, he didn't actually enter the flat, he remained at the veranda door. According to her he then left for the tennis courts where Gerry was. The time was around 6:30-6:40PM. 

Thursday May 3rd 2007

Yesterday, after the daily routine, Madeleine and the twins went to bed at around 7.30. They were in their respective beds. The interviewee and her husband stayed in their apartment to relax until 8.30pm. She took a bath, did her make-up and drank a glass of New Zealand wine with her husband. Just after 8.30pm, the interviewee and her husband, after checking on their children, joined the other adults of the group at the "TAPAS" restaurant.


IMO there are a couple of areas of concern within the above extracts ....

1) Did Kate really take a shower (4 th May statement) AND a bath (6 th September statement) within 2 hours?

Firstly, who can leave three very young children on their own, to drink milk and eat cookies, while they take a shower without anticipating 1) an accident or 2) a right mess to tidy up?

It would make much more sense to put the children to bed first before taking a shower (or a bath).  

So, supposing Kate did put them to bed first, giving them a sedative to make sure they slept for the evening? And then went to take a shower? That might be an ideal time for Madeleine to get back up and wander, drowsy around the apartment, and have an accident? 

Kate says her shower lasted just five minutes. Is that because something had happened to Madeleine in the lounge? 

2) Why would David Payne knock on the door at 6.30 pm - 6.40 pm, at Gerry's request, to see if Kate wanted some help taking the children to the recreation area when Kate and Gerry had already decided against this earlier? 

'....Before bathing the children and because it was early, they had thought of taking them to the recreation area, but then decided against this because of tiredness ...'

It is much more likely IMO that David went to 5A in response to Kate attracting his attention from the veranda. 


REPLY by Mod: 

Good points.

But... to sum up the points you've made, your observations are yet one more illustration of the 20-plus contradictions about the alleged visit of Dr Payne to the McCanns' apartment at about 6.30pm to 7.00pm on Thursday. These are so many and so glaring that there must be real duobt about whether this alleged visit ever took place. There is a thread which discusses the multiple contradictions here: 

...and further discussion would probably be better continued on that thread.

Moreover the idea that an 'accident' (or any other event) to Madeleine happened on the evening on 3 May is now rejected by many people on the forum.

Thread closed    - Mod  



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