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Post by Jill Havern on 10.02.17 9:29

Friday, 10 February 2017

Game changer

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1. Introduction

Over 2 years ago, back in January 2015 we said in our post “To haste or not to haste” that “the McCann ship as of Wednesday is beyond repair. It took a fatal blow to its hull” and concluded that post with “the McCann ship is beyond repair. Impossible to recover. Impossible to whitewash”.

All this because on that Wednesday January 21 2015, the 1st Instance Court let us all know what it considered were the proven and the not proven facts of the case.

Very damning to the McCanns, particularly facts #27 and #28:

“27. Are the facts that are reported by defendant Gonçalo Amaral in the book and in the aforementioned interviews, like he himself writes and said, facts that were established during the inquiry?

28. Does the documentary only contain facts that are also in the inquiry files?

(Both articles) It is proved that the facts in the book and in the documentary, concerning the investigation, are mostly facts that took place in the investigation and are documented as such.”

So much so that we considered it impossible for the decision to be anything else but in favour of Mr Amaral.

2. Not mortally wounded

As we all now know, time proved us wrong about said decision and has also, unfortunately, about that ship being mortally wounded.

Not that we were incorrect in our assessment, we just weren’t able, nor could we foresee what was to follow both in the case as in the world itself.

In terms of the case, after reading attentively what the court considered proved and not proved, nothing could have prepared us for having the judge practically set aside the factual evidence of the case – which was whether Mr Amaral caused such damages to the McCanns with his book that that they deserved to be compensated for – and preferred to focus on whether Mr Amaral could or could not write the book because of his duty of secrecy of his profession.

She concluded he couldn’t and because of that sentenced the man to pay half a million euros of indemnity to the couple.

By doing this, the judge put the proven facts on some high shelf where they would be forgotten by all. In fact, now that we are all joyous about seeing that justice has finally prevailed, we have forgotten completely how elated and optimistic we felt when we got to know the list of proven and not proven facts.

The judge, when deciding what grounds to use for her decision helped significantly – and we are not saying willingly – to repair the mortally wounded ship.

3. Maddie, the Fake News

The other reason why the McCann ship was, up till last week, almost fully recovered is the most relevant thing to have hit the world lately: fake news.

When said the ship was mortally wounded, it was based on the illusion that that fact was, well, fact.

Nowadays, we all know fact is what people want fact to be.

Truth today is something that is laboriously worked on by those who seem to be competing in some sort of TV Face Off contest, whereby it only matters what monster the model will end up looking like.

We of all people saw it coming and even tried to warn people about it but even we failed to foresee how really far the fearmongering propaganda we’ve seen lately would take us where we are today.

We say that we saw it coming because we think the Maddie case played a very important part in the way the world is shaped the way it is.

Anticipating the roll of the eye on the reader’s part, let us repeat ourselves that we owed loyalty only to the truth in the Maddie case, truth a concept that is now diluted into its fictional version.

Before the reader gives us a roll of the eyes, we are not giving this much importance to the Maddie case because we write about it. In fact we write about it because we have always seen its importance and its potential consequences in our way of life.

Many have not realised, or stopped to think about it, but Maddie is (still is) the world’s first global fake news. The first global alternative fact.

No, certainly it wasn’t the first time the media lied about something, it has done so quite frequently before.

But what happened in the Maddie case which has never happened in any other was:

- It was a lie that was spread, consolidated and perpetuated not only by the media but by states, actively involving their governments, their police and their justice systems.

- From very early on, everyone – and we really mean everyone – knew it to be a lie, yet worldwide the media, governments, police and the justice systems whenever they spoke of it, addressed it as truth;

- The truth was very quickly and ruthlessly taken hostage by the lie and the fear of persecution by the respective legal system which was very much present to anyone daring to speak of it.

No other case in the history of the civilised so-called democratic western world equals it.

A world before our very eyes where lying became saying the truth and telling the truth, lying.

A lie that was very transparent – a case of the Emperor’s New Clothes – which establishments rubbed in our faces as truth for the last 3,571 days, almost on the 10 year mark.

We were told the most abhorrent lies, we all knew they were lies, even rejected them as lies but because the establishments were set on eternalising the hoax as truth, they did what would become the current school of thought about information: it matters absolutely nothing what the public thinks.

The Maddie case showed the world how once one is able to influence, not to say control, what the media puts out, once able to control what the police has to investigate and once able to control what the justice system has to judge, then one can state anything as fact irrelevant of how evidently fake it is.

There was only one obstacle to overcome and that was the internet.

The information platform to which the public had, supposedly, direct and uncontrolled access to.

We all thought that now we had a powerful tool in our hands which would finally put an end to us being manipulated by them, whoever we thought them would or could be.

A tool we said they were unable to control.

We were totally wrong. Not only did they retain full control as they have used the internet to their full advantage.

To regain that control, they used what could be called as the ‘gold Coca-Cola bottle-top’ tactic.

I’ve always been confused throughout life with people who insist on being on the wrong side of history, absolutely convinced they were on its right side. The Inquisition, the slavery, the Nazism and the apartheid are just a few of the dark periods of humanity, yet perpetrated by people who thought they were the ones who were right and all who opposed them were completely wrong.

One day I asked my father how was South Africa able, with its apartheid – in which Nelson Mandela was sold to us all as a merciless terrorist – to resist the international embargo apparently so well and he answered me that it was because nations continued to do business with it because of the infamous South-African gold Coca-Cola bottle-top.

The reasoning was this: as South Africa had the world’s largest gold reserves, if it felt threatened it would start putting Coca-Cola bottles with gold tops and so devalue the metal in such a way that it would make it worthless and with this make the international markets crash disastrously.

I never got to know if there was any truth behind this and to be honest I only heard it from my father but the logic behind it sounded really quite sound.

And that is what the establishments did with information: they flooded the market – as in the internet – with it. Gave it by the bucket load to the people, all of us, who were unable to handle it even if we were aware of the bait we were all falling for.

That way information was devalued completely to the penniless value it has today.

Within the Maddie case, whenever a whacky theory was initiated, perpetrated and above all, entertained in the sake of fairness it was a relevant contribution to this state of affairs.

To the outsider, tired of being lied to by the official media, when looking for some information about the case found the internet filled with bigger liars than the ones he was running from.

Evidently this wasn’t done solely with the Maddie case but it this case that showed the world the immense possibilities that fake news had: reality could be set aside with the populace looking on, because officially one could lie while unofficially – on the internet – there was so much information, the majority of which bogus, that nothing could be confirmed or denied.

For 10 years, we heard about sightings and thought them ridiculous but they became the integral part of the official version. We had the burglar hiding behind the bedroom door like a suspense movie character, then we had Raymond Hewlett, and then burgundy jersey with feet wrapped in bandages, the paedophile surge in the Algarve that no one ever reported and much less heard of, the Crèche Dad wandering senselessly in the streets at a very convenient time, the Ocean Club driver and his gang made up by him, a homeless and a drug addict and now the European human trafficking gang.

We have probably missed some episodes but just wanted the reader to get the idea of all the outrageous, absurd and ridiculous lies that were shoved down the world’s throat as truths, and they did all this with a serious face.

And did all of the above with the full complicity of national governments. Not only those of the UK and Portugal but truly worldwide. Not a single nation ever attempted to go against this grain, not a single one.

All the blatantly ridiculous stories above were sold and ‘bought’ as genuine by all, in the four corners of the world.

And those who were on the internet found so many theories that if one was to believe in them one would have to question if Maddie even existed at all.

Entire planet Earth played along with what was more than evidently fake news and the entire planet being played with.

Everyone knew it to be absurdly false and privately dismissed it but underestimated the power of suggestion.

Our brains slowly got used to the idea that the media, and indeed entire countries, could sell ridiculous stories for real ones. They wrote it, our countries echoed it and we shook our heads and said to ourselves, look at this, the media cannot be trusted.

And that mistrust for the media, the official media, is the whole base stone for the current malicious plague of fake news. We trust only the information we want to trust even before we read it. The Maddie case showed the way, and the world followed it.

4. Role of the media

But with the devaluation of information please do not be led to think that the MSM have lost importance. What they have lost is only their credibility to those who see it as false because it remains absolutely intact to those who choose it as reliable. The same network is seen by some as fake news and by others as absolutely truthful.

But what is important to retain is that it’s still the right of the MSM to say what is to be taken as true. It still is the MSM that ultimately states what is a fact and what isn’t.

Nothing to do with truth. If they say something happened, then it did, if they don’t, then officially it didn’t happen.

As an example of this, many bloggers like ourselves have said for years that the McCanns had not been cleared by the archiving dispatch but only after the media started to report that it is starting to be true. The exact same media who lied to us all about Maddie.

All this is to say that all that was needed to restore the mortally wounded McCann ship was just to say, it was restored. Ignore the damning facts and continue life as if they didn’t exist.

And that was what we think the other side was doing exactly. As we will explain, the idea was to sell again the McCann ship as healthy.

5. The game

As those following us know, we have done our best to describe the game as it prepared to happen. To our new readers let us recap quickly:

Up to 2010 the Maddie lie lived comfortably under the wings of Gordon Brown’s government:

In 2010, the new government decided to end, once and for all a farce that had gone way too long after 3 years. So CEOP was asked for a report about the case and soon after Jim Gamble was convinced to leave.

David Cameron was convinced that all that was needed was to put the McCanns away, so Operation “Let’s Hunt the McCanns II” began. It started by convincing Kate McCann to write a self-incriminatory book, have her request that the UK take action about the case, which it would but only to “discover” that the culprits were the couple. Put them away, close the case. Simple.

All went according to plan and Operation Grange was launched.

Very quickly it was realised that it was impossible to pin it all on the couple. Someone would have to have helped them, and that someone had to take the fall, which was something that obviously no one was willing to do.

Operation Grange went into a true stalemate, with no one knowing exactly what to do next.

Finally, in 2013, it was decided to go for partial truth. Things were scheduled to be done quite quickly. The trial between the McCanns and Amaral was scheduled for September that year and the last session scheduled for the first week of October. Once the trial was over, start pouncing on the McCanns

UK Crimewatch, which would point all fingers in Gerry’s direction was aired in October 2013. In that same month the PJ reopened the process, which remains open to this day.

The Portuguese Justice System with their slow rhythm completely wrecked all plans. Sessions kept being postponed for various reasons. The trial dragged on.

While the trial dragged on, and it did, the McCann image was consistently eroded so as to strip away their protective cloak.

In 2016, with the trial predictably ending soon, the decisive placement of pieces was made: linking Freud to the case, publicly firing Mitchell and ‘bankrupt’ the McCanns.

It is with the pieces set this way the other side had to do its damage control and make it seem like the McCann ship was completely restored.

That’s what they did.

Now, here we must say that we don’t know if this was done with the agreement of government or as independent moves to pressure it into inaction.

In the first instance, it would mean the government would have agreed to silence or patsy, and was playing alongside and the latter that the other side was acting alone.

We cannot say because our source of information on the internet about that has remained strangely silent and as we said in our post “Square One” that makes us unable to determine if Operation Grange remained still because it didn’t know what to do or if it was told to stay put by the establishment.

The tactic played by the other side was simple and followed along the following lines:

- to counter Freud, not speak about him and count on no one would bring him back up again;

- to counter firing Mitchell, simply bring him back shamelessly as could be read in last week’s articles where he appears again as the family spokesman;

- to counter bankruptcy, find means of revenue for the couple and that was what the money allegedly offered TV interviews was about.

These were to be worked together in conjunction with the other three:

- gain popularity for the couple by having the Missing People choir sing for Britain’s Got Talent, thus associating the sympathy for missing people with the popularity these kind of shows always have;

- provide a timeline that will make it very awkward to go for the McCanns before the end of April, when the funding is supposed to end, or in other words, make Operation Grange come to its conclusion when the couple is on a high. This was achieved by both the Britain’s Got Talent participation and with announcing early in February what the anniversary celebrations are going to be.

- react with losing the process with a firm threat of libel, Carter-Ruck guns blazing.

A note about the anniversary celebrations, not even in 2011, when Kate’s book was published did we get a head’s up for this that early in the year. Also, if one is to remember, Gerry McCann said last year that the 9 yr celebrations were the last they were going to do. A rather radical change of mind on this, to say the least.

Please note that when Gerry decided to put an end to celebrations the likelihood of them losing the process was great and it was already given the money they would be spending on legal costs. Indeed, those costs were part of the McCanns being bankrupt. To allege now that the celebrations are to raise money is even further contradicting what was said a year ago.

Also, last year they were snubbed by Lorraine Kelly who is now listed as a favourite to pay a huge amount of money to interview them this year. When she did that, they were fresh out of a ruling against them by the Appeal Court so much more timely than it will be this year, when 4 months will have passed between the sentence and the potential interview. If she was not be interested last year, why is she so eager now and willing to pay significantly for it?

These 6 points above worked together, would, in case the government wanted to make a move, pressure it not to before Brexit and the fiscal year and so prolong the farce as long as it was needed until it lost the will; or if the intention was to go for an Operation Grange Fake News Conclusion, set up the best stage of alleged popularity and sympathy possible for the couple when that happened.

The airing of the Shannon Matthew story, by linking it to the Maddie case, can be taken as an indication that the establishment was not playing along with the other side.

About Shannon Matthew we would like for readers to notice the following passage from the Sun’s article of Feb 7 by John Shammas “I WAS COMPLETELY TAKEN IN”:

“JANET Street-Porter has revealed her shame at being one of Karen Matthews’ biggest supporters in 2008 when her child went missing.

Speaking on Loose Women, the panellist recalled when she wrote in defence of the mum at the time of her daughter Shannon’s kidnapping.

But it turned out that the kidnapping was a set up.

Janet said on the show today: “I completely and utterly believed Karen, I stuck up for her.

“I felt she was picked on because of her appearance and demeanour.

“So when I was wrong, I was gobsmacked.

“I’m a smart, savvy person but I was completely taken in by her.””

All the reader has to do is replace Janet Street Porter of Loose Women with whomever is applicable and Karen Matthew with Kate McCann and the reader will be looking into the future today.

We never underestimated the other side, we knew it would put up a fierce fight and that’s exactly what they did.

For that reason, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the success with which the choir would progress in Britain’s Got Talent. In a show where exceptionality is the norm, a quite normal act such as choir, with all due respect to its singers’ vocal qualities, can be made to be an extraordinary one with just the right amount of tear jerking.

An interesting coincidence that Britain’s Got Talent airs on ITV that was the same channel that brought us the daily updates from Kos about Ben Needham – forgetting to update us all on Saturday and Sunday that the toy car had been found. And that coincidence is even more interesting if one takes into account that ITV was the only media publishing and then pulling out the news about the McCanns not being cleared.

So as can be seen the other side was prepared to lose the case. Yes, Mr Amaral would be given reason, but with a well-orchestrated campaign, the right amount of shamelessness and complete disregard of what truth was, Maddie Fake News would continue, the parents with freshly raised money would continue the search now with much lower profile and visibility, or, to put it in other words, fade away into the background.

The internet would protest but as the MSM would continue to churn out the lie, life would continue exactly as it has for the last 10 years: a farce made real with all knowing what a farce it was.

6. The torpedo

But what no one counted on was the torpedo that the Supreme Justice Court launched against the McCann ship. They didn’t count on it and we didn’t either.

It was a torpedo that went through the hull, came out the other side, turned around, went through the hull again and out the other side again, turned around again and went into the hull, asked a crew member where the explosives of the ship were, looked for them and only there and then exploded.

That’s how serious the damage it caused.

We are obviously referring to the sentence of the Supreme Justice Court. Not the decision, because one favourable to Mr Amaral was expected and it was being countered, but the wording of the sentence.

Remember, we got to know Mr Amaral won on the 31st but the full text of the sentence only on the 7th. Between those 7 days the other side played the game as per expected sentence was as we described.

The expected sentence being that between the two rights in question, the freedom of speech and the right to a good name from presumption of justice, the first would prevail, and so the McCanns wouldn’t win and Mr Amaral wouldn’t lose.

To best explain what really happened, let us quote a question put to us by one of our readers yesterday

“Anonymous 9 Feb 2017, 00:02:00

Textusa, you showed very convincingly in a previous post that the dispatch report from 2009 did not clear the McCanns in any way - being in line with Amaral's thesis, if not more hurtful. What makes you think that the new sentence is such a game changer?”

First, let us correct the certainly well-intentioned reader as we are certain that the report s/he is referring to is the archiving one from 2008 and not from 2009.

There are 2 major differences between what we said and both are indeed game changers. One is technical the other in the way the game is being played.

Let’s start with the technical bit.

It was once said that if law was straightforward there would be no need for lawyers and judges would simply be clerks receiving forms as to what law was broken and looking up the table to see how much time in prison or money in fines the guilty was due.

Law is complex and subject to many interpretations, although always within the desired boundaries of logic and reason.

What we said, and have now been shown wrong, was that because the process had been archived and because no one was charged as well as it was clearly said that it could be opened at any time if new evidence should arise, the McCanns were neither guilty nor innocent.

Up to here, we continue to be right.

Where we were wrong was in saying that such a situation meant that the McCanns should enjoy the benefit of presumption of innocence.

The Supreme Justice Court has come to contradict this.

Before anyone calls us ignorant, which we are in matters of law and will always stand to be corrected, this was an argument used by the appellants when they claimed that because of the archival dispatch they were innocent and clear.

The appellants’ legal team, unlike us, are subject matter experts, and If they thought that such a conclusion could be reached from the archival dispatch, then it is because they thought it a valid argument.

The Supreme Justice Court has now said that it means no such thing, and even went as far as to say that it didn’t take into any account for their decision this alleged presumption of justice, for them it was a case of freedom of speech against the right to a good name in which the first prevailed.

Having thought about it, it makes absolute sense. First, only with the end of a trial are the declarations of innocence and/or guilt are made, reason why the Supreme Justice Court saying that “In this way, not being the alluded archival dispatch a written decision on a strict sense, nor assuming definitive aspect”.

The McCanns by trying to claim they had the right of presumption of innocence were trying to say they had been declared as innocent in a process that is not closed and that is not legally possible.

Much more so in a process which, as far as we know, is currently running its terms as an open investigation and in which there is nothing stopping the PJ from making the McCanns arguidos again, and that alone says they were never cleared.

In terms of how the game is being played let us quote ourselves on what we have said above:“The Maddie case showed the world how once one is able to influence, not to say control what the media puts out, once able to control what the police has to investigate and once able to control what the justice system has to judge, then one can state anything as fact irrelevant of how evidently fake it is”

Fake news, official Fake News like Maddie, need for the politicians, media, police and justice system to vouch for it. They all have to be in synch, singing from the same sheet of music.

Only then it cannot be questioned by the commoners. Like it has been with the Maddie case all these years.

With the proven and unproven facts list, it was ‘only’ said that the book stated what was in the official files. But those official files had been dispatched for archival without charging the McCanns and taking into account that this was before the clarification of the presumption of innocence, it could be said, as it was, that the Portuguese justice system with what Mr Amaral claimed found there was not enough evidence to charge the couple, so they should be considered innocent.

Saying this would not be lying, simply being untrue and that would be sufficient to consider the Portuguese justice system was on board.

What was the 31st January torpedo did, was that it was the fact, the undeniable fact that the Portuguese justice system broke from the needed quartet: politics, media, police and justice.

One link, an official one, has broken off the chain and that makes the lie unsustainable.

Plus the Supreme Justice Court goes as far as saying “in truth, the alluded dispatch wasn’t pronounced because the Public Ministry gained the conviction that the appellants did not commit any crime. (…) Such archival, in the case, was determined because it wasn’t possible for the Public Ministry to obtain enough legally admissible indicia of the practice of a crime by the appellants”

All there in black and white. One is even tempted to say that one gets the feeling that the spirit of the whole thing was to tell the McCanns we didn’t get you but that is far from meaning that we won’t. Please be careful and not misinterpret our words, they’re ours and only ours. What the Supreme Justice Court said was “and let it not be said, also, that the appellants were cleared by the archival dispatch of the crime-process” very clearly.

And what the Supreme Justice Court has said cannot be unsaid and most importantly cannot be unseen, or pretended to have been unseen.

The evidence that this torpedo caught all by surprise was the Correio da Manhã. On Feb 07, it had as its main story on its front page one with the title “Maddie’s parents sell accounts of pain – Exclusive interviews could earn up to half a million”

CMTV ran a piece with the very visible title on the screen “Pais falam a troco de dinheiro – Parents speak in exchange for money”. And then it had below these various subtitles all with the same theme:

Textusa: Game changer 500mil

“Exclusives could earn up to 500 thousand euros”

Textusa: Game changer 40%2Bprop

“Kate and Gerry have 40 proposals”

Textusa: Game changer Fortune

“Couple wants fortune to invest in investigation”

Textusa: Game changer Milions

“McCann couple is evaluating millionaire proposals”

The tone is very derogatory but note that the whole thing is about how the McCanns are about to make a bundle of money. As per script.

As if to report to whoever is deciding, look, we’re not doing the McCanns any favour, we are really dissing them, and so if you let them go they won’t go unscathed as their reputation continues to be shattered.

Textusa: Game changer Choir1
Textusa: Game changer Choir2

Then that same CMTV piece ends with the participation of the Missing People choir on Britain’s Got Talent in which is said every member of the choir had someone from their family missing and that that Kate would be singing sing in it, although in the images of the choir that were shown she doesn’t appear.

That Tuesday the sentence was known.

We published on that day the bombshell and the Portugal Resident did also, giving us a very nice mention which we thank very much.

The day after, Wednesday, Correio da Manhã, that had done a nice paint job for the other side even though it appeared to be otherwise, decides to break the torpedo into the MSM waters.

Note that only on Tuesday was it known that the Supreme Justice Court had broken the link. On Wednesday the Portuguese MSM started to break as well and on Thursday all hell broke loose.

The Sun began the hostilities, and then others followed, the Mirror, the Daily Mail, the Metro, the Leicester Mercury and the Telegraph.

The Leicester Mercury running the story must be McCanns worst nightmare, for papers to print this information in the local area, it will make their lives a misery.

Everyone around them won’t be able to ignore what is now being said about them. The wolves are circling!

If they stay silent then they look guilty but if they speak out they will open up a challenge to prove their innocence. Rock and a hard place is an expression that comes to mind.

Then we have this from the Portugal Resident: “Media sources in touch with the Resident warn: “The tide is turning in UK. Did you know that Panorama was in Luz last week? Tell your readers to batten down, they’re all coming”.”

After the judicial system breaking the link, the MSM is also starting to do so.

7. Status of the game

A very positive sign is that it was the Sun to first break the story in the UK.

Not only because it was the tabloid that most supported the McCanns throughout these years but because it is owned by Rupert Murdoch who the Guardian says “Rupert Murdoch accused of enjoying ‘astounding access’ to Downing Street”.

We are certain that to run this such sensitive story the Sun had to have the green light from him.

However, we would recommend that our readers not be too optimistic. The game is at its early stages and it’s natural that punches will be flying and some of which we won’t even notice happened.

If all seems to be going the way of the flood gates opening once and for all, one must pay attention to the signs that may indicate otherwise.

We had the Daily Mail changing the headline from “Portuguese court says Madeleine McCann’s parents HAVEN’T been cleared” to “Fresh anguish for Madeleine McCann's parents as Portugal's Supreme Court insists they haven't been proved innocent over their daughter's death”.

This we hesitate to say if the change is good or bad but we would lean more towards being good as the though the caps of the word haven’t got lost, the word death gets added.

Textusa: Game changer Itv
Thank you M!

We have the fact that ITV published a page with this story and then withdrew it. This clearly tells us the other side is not giving up.

By the way, they were a bit clumsy about this as they forgot to pull out the STV page with the story…

And then, most important of all, the story hasn’t echoed in the likes of the Times or the Guardian and on TV, neither Sky News nor BBC have mentioned it.

If and when they break it, then we think we can sigh in relief. The fact that it has already made it to the Telegraph is significant.

Also, lest we forget, the McCanns were roasted in August/September 2007 and then did a spectacular U-turn we all witnessed- However it must be said that then they could blame an investigation that was ongoing and no one knew, at that moment in time, what it was investigating.

This time, they can only question a Supreme Justice Court of a nation on a decision that is now known to all.

Can the result of an investigation be said that Maddie was abducted by a human trafficking gang when up creek the Portuguese Supreme Justice Court says, explicitly that the parents have never been cleared? We don’t think so, but then again we are in the land of Fake News or alternative fact, we remind our readers once again.

8. Public opinion

To note is that the comments to the online articles are not only overwhelmingly against the McCanns but rather unanimous.

I have a particular friend who knows I write about Maddie. However, among the many things we talk about, Maddie is not one of them. I don’t even remember under what circumstance I told her but as far as I can remember, the theme has only come up twice and it was her calling me.

The first time was when Mr Amaral was sentenced to pay that huge indemnity to the McCanns. The friend called me to ask if that had any implication in my life and when I said that it didn’t she asked me to be careful.

On Tuesday was the second time.

This was the mail exchange:

She: On the cm channel they were talking about Maddie

Me: I know, as you are “lay” on the issue, I would like to know your opinion.

She: I think something happened in that apartment.

It wasn’t any kidnap, nor do I believe in a sexual crime

I think, I may be wrong

It could have been, and I believe it was, that it was an accident

Or by excess of sleeping medicine

Or a fall or some more violent slap

I think the group, or some should know what happened

And I agree with what is being said, that it’s still likely that the truth will be known

I have no idea what may have happened with the body

How it disappeared like that

I always had the idea that it would be in the church, but I think it was investigated.

Yes, they should know, yes

And if they don’t speak it’s probably because they received [money] for that, for the silence

I believe one day, someone will speak

I also think that’s incredible and absolutely shameful, the fact of receiving money to give interviews.

In this case, a lot of things are strange.

I have brought this over here to show an untainted opinion of a ‘civilian’, of someone I know does not follow the case and yet, as can be seen is quite familiar with it.

The opinion of someone who is very unlikely to express an opinion either here or in a comment in an online article. That’s what makes it so genuine.

And shows what the general public thinks

9. Conclusion

The game, as expected has started and it is going at full throttle.

At this point in time we have no reason to change the conclusion to before the fiscal year, or end of April.

The torpedo launched by the Supreme Justice Court, has literally taken the rug from under the feet of the libel threat. The McCanns cannot claim innocence with documentation from Portugal and they cannot claim without it.

Even though Operation Grange’s position is unclear, we also see no reason to say that we should change the opinion that all is down to one person, Theresa May.

The other side is clearly fighting back and is fighting for survival and it should never be underestimated.

We consider ourselves part of this game, as observers of it.

We want the other players to play freely, so for that reason we will go back to our observation post and only return when we think we should.

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George Orwell, '1984': "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."
Jill Havern
Jill Havern
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Textusa: Game changer Empty Re: Textusa: Game changer

Post by Jill Havern on 10.02.17 10:25

I can't usually wade through Textusa's blogs, but I enjoyed this one - thank you!

PeterMac's FREE e-book
Gonçalo Amaral: The truth of the lie
George Orwell, '1984': "If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face - forever."
Jill Havern
Jill Havern
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Chief Faffer

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Textusa: Game changer Empty Re: Textusa: Game changer

Post by The Rooster on 10.02.17 13:45

Nicely written Ms Textusa, thank you.

F J Leghorn
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