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Highest donations to Legal Defence Fund

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Post by Jill Havern on 23.09.15 7:23

anônimo anônimo  £4,000

Anônimo Anônimo £4,000

De um grupo anónimo de funcionários de empresas e do meio legal que estão estupefactos com o que aconteceu. Portugal e a Grã-Bretanha são velhos aliados, mas os McCann e os tablóides britânicos tentaram separar-nos. Todos vemos perfeitamente aquilo que estão a tentar fazer, congelando os bens do Dr Amaral para o impedir de se defender, enquanto usam os milhões que lhes foram doados pelo público para o processar. Isto não é justiça. Isto está errado. Os McCann perderam 5 das suas 7 pretensões, mas a imprensa britânica não o reportou, nem tão-pouco reportou as palavras duras utilizadas pela juíza em relação às suas supostas 'provas'. Têm de pagar 60% das custas, mas a imprensa britânica não o reportou. Esta pequena doação destina-se a assegurar que este venenoso acto de ódio não seja bem sucedido. Acreditamos que um dia a verdade será contada, embora seja improvável que sejam os pais a fazê-lo.

Translation: by Montclair @ MCF

From a group of company workers and of the legal system who are stupefied with what has happened. Portugal and Great Britain are old allies, but the McCanns and the British tabloids have tried to separate us. We all see perfectly what they are trying to do, freezing Dr. Amaral's assets in order to keep him from defending himself, while they use the millions that were donated by the public to sue him. This is not justice. This is wrong. The McCanns lost 5 of their 7 claims, but the British press hasn't reported it, neither did they report the harsh words used by the judge in relation to their presumed "proof". They must pay 60% of the costs, but the British press has not reported it. This small donation is to ensure that this venomous act of hate will not succeed. We believe that one day the truth will be told, although it will be improbable that it will be the parents who will do it.

0 mins ago
Mr. Amaral - thank you for your dedication despite all the challenges you had to suffere! You are a true prophet of justice and truth. God bless you.

In memory of my mother, a Magistrate, who died last year. She brought me up to have proper values. At the moment this is the only way I can do the 'right thing'. Call me a Troll if you wish. When the great unwashed called Police officers PIGS they responded with "Yes. It stands for Pride, Integrity, and Guts." You, Sir, have those qualities.

MPS from an anonymous but very large group of Brit. police officers, outraged at the way in which an SIO has been treated. This strikes at the very basis of the way investigations would be conducted, “Without Fear or Favour, Malice or ill will”. The world can clearly see where the malice and ill-will are in this case.

Waren Koodside

To push this in to the next thousand n kickstart the journey to £50k. Happy belated birthday Goncalo, a fine detective and human being. Behind u always!

Lord Laffin at'em
McCann's and cohorts have lied consistintly, as have the media and some legal bodies. I'm not in jail or dead yet, so the fight goes on. I will not be told what to think !


Not being conned
However much the McCanns’ spin machine try to con the public into believing that Madeleine was “abducted” the more the public will go against them and fight, we’re all tired of their BS. The media have really plumbed the deaths of depravity with the latest spin from TM (to cover up the woeful loss of donations for MP and the fact that GA put in his in appeal on Monday). Hasn’t Portugal suffered enough with these two self centred, selfish parents not giving a damn what damage they have caused to the Portuguese tourist industry for the past 8 years now it’s the turn of Cyprus just so that the McCanns can carry on with their fairy tale “abduction”. If these idiotic stories hadn’t been printed I wouldn’t have been moved to donate this money, but I think 8 years is enough to put up with all this McCann cr*p. Good luck GA, we're all on your side.


Força para você Gonçalo

Tex Mac
For justice.


Colin Wakefield

Well done Leanne for starting this funding effort and perpetual strength to you Goncalo in your quest for the truth. Together we can make a stand against those that choose to hide behind expensive lawyers - we can never give up for Maddies's sake.

Frances Gallager
Happy Birthday Senhor Amaral from the team at Madeleine McCann Abduction or Scam, The fastest growing group in facebook . With a team dedicated in their quest for justice for Madeleine. .

Occam's Razor
Goncalo Amoral - They destroyed his family life, his finances and tried to destroy his reputation. This fund - Ignored by MSM. Brenda Leyland - No direct contact with the parents yet she was subject to the cowardly 'door stepping' of Martin Brunt. The' brave' Martin Brunt et al picked on an elderly, vulnerable woman. Ben Needham's family - Side-lined by MSM. Now blocked. What a bitter pill to swallow seeing the amount of money, contrived publicity and high level protection flowing to the parents who left a toddler to baby sit two babies. MSM - Silenced. Reporting what their puppet masters decide to report, NOT investigating and reporting facts. Frightened by the threat of law suits. There is a price involved in standing up for justice. It is fortunate, indeed, if the price we have to pay is a fiver or more. Thank goodness for people who swim against the tide - if a Troll is someone who is **Tenaciously** Relentlessly** Outing** Ludicrous**Laughable**Scenarios** you should be proud!!

John Sinclair
Glad this book was produced and so sad I gave money to the Maddie fund years ago. The truth will come out one day, hopefully very soon. Facts are never the enemy of the truth and adults should be entrusted to sift fact from fiction and no court in the land should be interfering in that in a case where people may, or may not, have duped the populace.

Ronald B
This farce needs to stop now! The British public have awakened with regards to the dreadful cover-up in this case and no amount of MSM spin will convince them otherwise. God only knows what happened but enough is enough! Good luck Goncalo, they have ruined your life but the truth will always prevail. With lies you may get ahead in the world — but you can never go back. I bet they wish they could! So very sad.

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